4 Best Movies About Queen Elizabeth II Worth Seeing

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No matter if you are a history enthusiast or not, we all must agree that history in all its mystery and uncertainty is pretty fun. Even though we are all familiar with the saying that “History is always written by the winners,” that doesn’t mean that our interest in history will stop anytime soon, as it only adds to the intrigue, which many people simply adore. The life of monarchs has always been the topic people want to know more about, especially English monarchs and Queen Elizabeth II, which makes her great for a grand movie or a series, such as the acclaimed show The Crown. And since the British monarchy has been gripping the public’s attention for years, there have been plenty of such productions. Yet, not every documentary about Queen Elizabeth II is as compelling as a feature film, and because of that, it is necessary to learn more about the ones that will show you the life of Queen in a proper way.

If you are looking for something like that, check https://trueroyalty.tv/queen-elizabeth-ii/ and dive into the royalty life, and if that is not enough, continue reading, and you will find out more about the best movies about Queen Elisabeth II.

1. Princess Elizabeth celebrates the end of the war

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The Queen’s longevity makes it rare to revisit the years of her youth, yet it was a troubled and dynamic time, full of mystery and bold choices. While she was still a Princess, Elizabeth witnessed the making of history and gained life experiences. However, no documentary about Elizabeth II gives access to the feelings she may have had in her youth, and that is something that all of us will like to know, as that personal angle on some topic is what makes us binge the whole TV shows in just one night. But let’s head back to the topic at hand, and that gap about her feelings going through so much in her young life is filled by A Royal Night Out, a film set in 1945 and directed by Julian Jarrold. The 19-year-old Princess Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and her sister Margaret (BelPowley) plead with their parents to celebrate Victory Day. They are allowed to leave the palace and join the crowds rejoicing at the end of the war. Being used to the rigid customs of court etiquette, the princesses feel as if they have entered a different world, experiencing a wonderful night of excitement. That is something that they are not used to, and being with ordinary people is something that they could only imagine until that day.

2. Even a sovereign has feelings

The Queen Elizabeth II documentary could depict these events, but it wouldn’t go beyond bare facts, the fact that many people cherish. Instead, Jarrold’s film captures the feelings and emotions surrounding the clash of social groups. The princesses are not sure what to expect, but once they meet regular people, they find a common language with them, and that is a big surprise for them, and the people too. Such productions make a difference among others because they not only improve the image of the British monarchy but, on the other side, help people to get a better grasp and understand what their lives were about and help them to get an insight into how certain decisions and actions influenced Royalty’s lives and also them as persons. Documentaries about Queen Elizabeth II only recount various stories and make them closer to the viewers, and most of them depend on who paid for the movie to be filmed in the first place. That’s how they differ from feature films, which try to answer questions about what the person making the history might be thinking and feeling.

3. Queen Elizabeth II going through a difficult time

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While A Royal Night Out is a cheerful and uplifting film, The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears, does not avoid these complex themes. Elizabeth II (Hellen Mirren) is a dignified lady who has to face one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the British monarchy, the death of Princess Diana. This topic still causes many people to flinch as, for some, everything that happened that day is a mystery, but nonetheless, this show didn’t make any assumptions and solely relied on the facts, which may be another reason for the movie success. At every turn, the title character needs to decide whether to act to protect her own family or for the good of Great Britain, and that is not an easy decision. Many documentaries about Queen Elizabeth II have explored these events, but Frears’ movie adds an engaging narrative, which makes the movie much closer to the audience. That makes it easier to grasp the characters’ motives, behavior, and decisions and learn more about them. On top of that, Helen Mirren’s portrayal of the Queen is first-class acting. She allows us to feel for the Queen and understand her better. Many people will agree that this role is one of her best and that she was the best choice to portray the Queen.

4. Her Majesty and her secret agent

It was a remarkable event, both in the world of film and sport, when Elizabeth II participated in the opening of the Olympic Games in 2012. A spectacular promotional spot was created for this purpose, featuring the Queen herself and… Daniel Craig as James Bond. The agent picks up Her Majesty and escorts her to a helicopter that waited for them. The two of them fly over London passing, its most recognizable landmarks and sights. Finally, Elizabeth II and the agent parachute into the Olympic Stadium. They are announced by the event host and greeted by loud applause.

Not only is taking part in such a spot a successful way to promote the event itself, but it also shows the court’s attitude towards the media. Almost every documentary about Queen Elizabeth II mentions that the monarchy is bound by strict etiquette. That makes it all the more interesting to see that there are exceptions to this and that one of the exceptions is a sport.

Queen Elizabeth is a character that can be talked about endlessly because of Her interesting life and the many decisions that She needed to make. No wonder that so many documentaries about Queen’s life have been created and made because the audience of this type of video content is still growing. Many people are interested in the Royalty lifestyle and want to learn more about their habits and the everyday decision that they need to make. By watching these movies, people feel much closer to Royalty, and they have the possibility to understand them better.