How Learning to Play Music Can Improve Your Life?

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Music is often considered as the language of the universe. Being a physics student and all we came across the resonance effect during our studies. It is deeply rooted in the fact that all existing matter in the universe has its own frequency, so even when a thing appears stationary to our eyes, they are all secretly humming their own tunes. Music is perhaps humanity’s best creation as it is creativity in its purest form, and it plays various aspects of our lives.

Many time-defying melodies have connected races and cultures across borders throughout history, and our love for more brings us all together. For some, it offers an escape, others use it for therapy, and for many, it has been pivotal in changing lives and offering relentless inspiration to so many of us. In this post, we would like to offer you some advice as to how learning music or having private music lessons in your home can bring about fascinating improvements in your lives. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

A Freedom of Expression

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Music is unbound by culture, tradition, and other barriers. While some may disagree with us, we believe that it offers many young and frustrated individuals to express their feelings freely without causing any harm to their surroundings. You can delve deep into music and address your most profound emotions as well as underlying thoughts. Music allows you to reflect on traumas and overcome them by transforming your hurt into words and melodies. All of this process can even foster without uttering a single word, and every tune that you create can hold a much deeper and secret meaning that is private to you.

We find music stimulating for our minds because unknowingly it is able to spark up those emotions that we have kept hidden from people all around us. However, your brain instantly recognizes it and makes you sway with the flow as a lot of music speaks to your soul, and that can be quite intimate at times.

Aids in the Learning Process

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Knowledge is power, and it’s everywhere. What we have discovered is no doubt commendable, but a lot of things are still hidden from us. Therefore we should all have a learning mindset in our lives contrary to a fixed mindset. Learning never stops, and with music, it only gets better. Melodies and tunes have the unique ability to help us memorize things and retain information. It goes with the fact that whatever your mind enjoys and can relate to has more of a probability to be preserved in your memory.

That’s another reason why many of us could learn a song instantly, however, find it difficult to retain concepts taught to us during our school days and whatever was included in our syllabuses. According to, many young children have often taught poems during their primary class, and no wonder a lot of may have forgotten the exact words but are able to retrieve the tune even after hearing after several years have passed.

Health Benefits

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Famous American musician, Billy Joel once said that music was self-healing and these words couldn’t be more accurate. Researchers across the globe have investigated for ling the therapeutic potential of music and found out some truly amazing findings. The American Music Therapy Association as such finds that music can be hardwired into our minds and bodies. The rhythm, the beats, and melodies can evidently be echoed in our being as well as our overall functioning and physiology.

Furthermore, Lancet Psychiatry proclaims that hip-hop music from artists such as Kendrick Lamar can also help individuals to understand mental health disorders. Many health experts are also calling out for music therapy to be more widely considered as a prominent form of healing that should be incorporated in healthcare settings. Bob Marley was once reported saying that the good thing about music is that when it hits you, it causes no pain. A study led by Brunel University in the UK suggested that listening to music can help people feel a reduction in their pain and anxiety for those patients who have undergone surgery.

Bringing Society Together

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It is quite unfortunate and deeply harrowing to know that even to this day and age, we have instances where hate crimes and social injustice plague our societies. Racism in all forms is abhorrent and has destroyed many homes and families. We all are humans; we all feel pain and joy; nothing should have ever divided us. This message is also what music holds for us. For centuries music has played an important role in our societies and considered the fabric that binds us all together.

Music can be listened to when you are alone and also when you are in a group. There is no place, time, or space restriction for music. It accompanies us during work and play, both. This omnipresence of music is what makes it all the more fascinating. It breaks barriers, shatters the ice, and brings us closer. It is unrestricted, unbound by language barriers, and it connects to your soul.

A Wide Range & Variety for Everyone

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Musical genres are numerous, to say the least. There is a form of music for all of us that can meet our preferences and match them perfectly. However there no question about the fact that even a rock musician would love to hear some jazz music sometime. While a master of the Blues would like to skip on a beat of a pop song, these differences are purely intellectual, and deep down inside we all know the immeasurable value which music holds for us.

We hope this post was able to offer some jubilant insights to spark your further interest in learning music. There is music inside all of us, and we should take every opportunity to let it be heard. Perhaps one of the most defiant of all examples is of none other than Beethoven. His work to this day inspires a lot of musicians, and his classical numbers are undying legends. Let the spirit of Beethoven guide you! For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.