Must Have Tactical Gear


Tactical gear is a versatile piece of equipment designed to protect you in potentially life-threatening situations. These are clothing and equipment that offer you and your body maximum protection against any threat.

One of the most important users of tactical equipment is the military, law enforcement, and emergency personnel.

However, the modern reality is that more and more civilians are thinking about the need to have equipment in their arsenal that can help them survive in the event of a natural disaster or military unrest.

We decided to compile a guide on the main types of tactical equipment that both a police officer and an ordinary citizen will need.

Tactical Gear Essentials

If you want to be ready for the unexpected that real life can bring, then getting a minimum of tactical gear is a pretty good idea. Specialists of a large supplier of law enforcement gear brand Galls note that in recent years, the interest of civilians in buying police equipment and equipment has grown significantly. Here are some positions that professionals advise to purchase.

1. Tactical Clothing

Unlike conventional clothing, which does not include a long-term wear resource, tactical clothing has high-performance characteristics. Such clothes:

  • manufactured using advanced technology;
  • has a functional design;
  • possesses high protective properties.

In addition, tactical clothing allows the wearer to be constantly mobile due to its balance between lightweight and weather protection. Uniforms available at the police store, such as outerwear, hats, raincoats, and overalls, are indispensable for long hikes in extreme conditions.

2. Tactical Boots

In critical situations, your feet need protection not only from the weather vicissitudes but also from injuries. Tactical boots are specifically designed to support the foot, wick away moisture, and minimize exposure to dangerous liquids. Comfort and durability are the main reasons why you should get this piece of tactical equipment.

3. Tactical Backpack


An equally important piece of equipment worth investing in is a durable tactical backpack that can hold your essential tactical gear and easily organize your belongings. Depending on the nature of your hikes or the conditions in which you are going to them, this may be:

  • а lightweight backpack;
  • a hydration backpack;
  • а backpack for short or long trips.

Any of these backpacks will be equipped with special pockets and organizers to conveniently store your gear and accessories, so you can be sure that the essentials packed in it will always be easily accessible.

4. Tactical Knife

Tactical knives are useful not only for security but also for any difficult situation. They are light, do not attract too much attention, are made from the most durable materials, and have an appropriate security lock so as not to accidentally cause harm during transport and wearing.

5. Tactical Flashlight

Often difficult situations involve a lack of electricity, and then a tactical flashlight will be one of the most important pieces of equipment. Choose a light that is small but durable and powerful, with long battery life, and good batteries so you can always light your way or send out a distress call. Ideally, such a flashlight should have a clip so you can attach it to your backpack or belt for easy access.

6. Additional Tactical Equipment


In addition to basic tactical gear, it’s also a good idea to have navigation and communications equipment so you can communicate and get where you need to go. It can be a satellite phone with navigation functions, radar, and GPS equipment. And for their smooth operation, choose an external battery that can charge your main tactical gear. It will also not be superfluous to have a tactical medical kit, which contains such essential items as a tourniquet, dressings, and first aid medical supplies.

Primary Tactical Gear for Officers

For police officers list of essential gear is the same, but supplemented with protective equipment and weapons, depending on the nature of the tasks they perform. The most important items of law enforcement gear are:

  • the tactical belt with the places for essentials;
  • tactical gloves with pressure-point padding;
  • one in your gun;
  • intermediate weapons (Baton, Mace, or CED);
  • handcuffs of different types;
  • soft Kevlar tactical vest or hard body armor;
  • backup firearm and extra ammunition;
  • multi-tool for minor repairs.

All other tactical gear that you may need on missions is best kept in the trunk of a car so as not to weigh down your equipment. Remember that sometimes it is better to forego a certain piece of tactical gear and have greater mobility and responsiveness.

If you need special items for crime prevention and control, special operations, or emergency medical management, you can always find them in some brand store.

Tactical Equipment Features


Unlike everyday civilian clothing, tactical equipment is designed for specific tactical tasks and must have the following characteristics:

  1. Due to extreme loads, it must be as resistant to wear as possible, have increased strength, and be versatile for various climatic conditions and environments.
  2. It must necessarily provide a concept so as not to attract undue attention and merge with the environment as much as possible. For this, usually used great for masking colors.
  3. Tactical clothing should not only have the necessary spaces for placing weapons, but also hide them. Some models, for example, contain concealed pistol holsters in tactical trousers or sheaths in tactical boots.
  4. Ammunition must provide mobility and a wide range of motion so that your ability to operate is not compromised. The design of tactical backpacks, clothing, and attachments provide balance, flexibility, and the ability to perform fine motor actions without lingering on equipment.
  5. To keep the officers focused on the task they are assigned to do, tactical gear must be comfortable to wear, have temperature-regulating properties, and be resistant to moisture and dirt.

Today, the choice of tactical clothing and equipment is limitless, so when choosing your equipment, focus on quality instead of quantity. Invest in the right brands and don’t overlook the little things.