8 Things You Need To Avoid When Writing an Essay – 2024 Guide

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Creative writing is a reflection of the soul, say writers. People practice their creative writing from the very beginning of their development, i.e. from the earliest age while they are learning the letters. Teachers who teach them mother tongue and literature encourage their creative thinking from an early age and guide them to go in the right direction.

The way they do this is usually through reading and analyzing books, reading poems, short stories, creating songs and short stories, and when students grow up with written assignments and writing essays that require detailed preparation.

Essays are especially popular in later years of education. They are written on different topics. Essays can be found in a number of subjects such as history, geography, some of the foreign languages, and of course in the mother tongue.

According to the-Essays.com, this method is the best way to stimulate thinking in people and the best way to stimulate creativity, imagination, and a better flow of thoughts. In addition to its constant use, this discipline prescribes its own rules that need to be followed when writing, and which are constantly warned by literature professors before writing an essay on a specific topic that will be given.

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The rules are very easy and simple and students must pay attention to them. Why is it necessary to pay attention to these rules? It is necessary to be careful first of all from an aesthetic point of view so that the reading looks beautiful and attractive to the eyes, further to be properly composed because if it is not properly composed and if it is not beautiful for the eyes that reading will not be read at all, and even someone reading it will not be noticed as it should be noticed.

What things do I need to pay attention to when writing an essay? If this is the question you often ask yourself when writing your creative reading then we think we have an answer that will meet your needs for answering the question. It is up to you to follow us to the end of this article, to write down the rules that you should pay attention to, and of course to apply them the next time you write your creative reading.

1. Pay attention to the limitation in terms of the number of words

The first and most important rule when giving a topic on which to express your opinion, your creativity or to take a stand is the rule for the number of words that the essay should be composed of. This is usually a limit of 1000 to about 1500 words. According to the writers, this is the ideal limit of words that should be respected for an essay to cover the whole topic.

2. Stick to the topic you are given

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Always pay attention to the topic you are writing about. This is something that people often know to do wrong. Always before you start writing if you feel some uncertainty or you do not know exactly what topic to write about, consult your professor or the person who has given you that topic. You do this check to make it easier for yourself when writing, but also to not write on the wrong topic or in the wrong direction.

3. Always focus on having a start, main and final part

It is very important to keep the construction of the text. For an essay to be beautiful in appearance and easy to read, it is important to have its own beginning, main and final part. In the initial part, the idea of a topic is usually talked about, in the main part, the topic is usually elaborated and the opinion is given, and at the very end, a conclusion is given about what knowledge or lesson was learned from the topic itself. Always stick to this order.

4. In the final part, bring a conclusion about the topic on which they were written and analyzed

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The final part always serves as a lesson, ie a conclusion that we came to while expressing our opinion and thinking in the text. With the final part, we express the cause, the consequence, the lesson, the idea, and the message that carries the topic on which we have created and created a reading. Always try to keep that part short and strong, even stronger than the main part.

5. Do not copy from already published sources

You can use existing sources to get an idea of what you are going to smoke, but you should never download whole sections of readings that are already publicly available to everyone. By doing so, you will show your unpreparedness and your uncreativity, and we are sure that you want to prove the exact opposite and win the heart of the reader.

6. Do not analyze too much

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Do not focus on making detailed analyzes, but focus on making your review of what is being marketed as a writing topic. Excessive focus on analysis can only destroy the idea of the topic, and we are sure that you do not want your essay to look like an analytical review, but that you want it to be a wonderful creative reading that will express your creativity and emotion.

7. Make sure you have an easy flow of thought while writing

Always make sure you have an easy flow of thought. It is necessary to prepare well before you start writing the essay so that you will be rested, you will have sufficiently researched and read on the topic, you will make a plan according to which you would write, and you can even write your test texts with which to test the flow of your thoughts.

8. Write the essay with a proper flow of events and thoughts

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Let your text have a proper flow of events and thoughts. Do not go from thought to thought, do not go from event to event, focus on starting from one point and reaching another point in chronological order so that you can finally conclude what you have said through the whole text.

You are now ready for your next essay. Now you know the things you need to pay attention to and the rules you need to follow to create a text that will be easy and interesting to read. You are on the move, show your creativity.