How Online Casino Laws in Delaware Compare with the Rest of the World


When taking a look at the US and gambling laws, the general thought is that gambling is illegal. The reality is that this is not strictly true. What you will find in the US is that each state is able to govern its own laws. While the majority allow gambling, in one form or another, there are certainly plenty of regulations that surround it.

There is a real mixed bag when looking across the country as a whole. Of the 50 states, you will find somewhere gambling is outright illegal. Other states see it explicitly allowed. Then there are the confusing states where gambling is legal but there are plenty of caveats that are open to interpretation.

Looking across the US in its entirety, the most common forms of gambling include the likes of horse racing, attending tribal casinos, and enjoying online casinos. It is online casinos that have proved a real sticking point in the US. While there is clearly a desire from gambling fans, the lawmakers have been somewhat reluctant to follow the liberal approach that other countries seem to have adopted. That being said, Delaware is an exception here. You can legally play on

Let’s explore these further and see how they compare elsewhere.

How Delaware has led the charge


There is only one way that you can consider Delaware when it comes to online casinos in the US. This is a state that is nothing short of a trailblazer. It was back in 2012 that it became the first state to venture into legalizing online casinos and offering the whole selection of online casino games. There were two other states that were hotly on Delaware’s heels – New Jersey and Nevada. Read more on

What was experienced in Delaware was the passing of legislation that meant that betting websites could offer a whole range of casino games. These games included the likes of:

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Keno

As well as offering the standard random number generator (RNG) versions of these games, players were also treated to the online live casino experience. This saw players being able to enjoy all that is offered by a land-based casino without the need to even leave their homes.

Delaware’s online casino journey

The legislation in place in Delaware has evolved over time. There wasn’t an instant rush to open an all singling and all-dancing online casino where real money could be won. Instead, there was a gradual approach. It was 2013 that saw the state open its first three online casinos. These offered a whole range of games that were all free to play. Free play meant that no real money could be won.

These free-play games allowed operators to master their operations and it also gave players a taste of things to come. It was a year later, in 2104 when Delaware saw its first full-blown online casino. At this stage, all of the best games were present and that could all be played for real money. Online casinos in Delaware continued to offer free games as these could be enjoyed by players no matter where they were. The real money games were strictly for those within the borders of the state.

You can learn more about state laws at:

Delaware vs the rest of the US


Given the great freedoms that the US offers its citizens, it is perhaps a little surprising when you look at how much the world of online casinos is controlled. The restrictions in place are certainly authoritarian and seem to go against how this free country would usually be viewed. As we have said before, each state is able to stipulate its own laws where gambling is concerned. The laws in Delaware are amongst some of the most liberal.

Delaware isn’t alone in its liberal approach to online casinos though. There are other states, such as Michigan and New Jersey, where the same freedoms can be enjoyed. Then you can find states such as Colorado. Here you will find that players have access to slots, poker, and sports betting too, but it is heavily regulated and controlled. The hope is that, in that not-too-distant future, other states will realize the benefits brought by loosening their grip and allowing online casinos to become the norm with even cryptocurrencies possibly entering the fray in the not too distant future.

How does the UK compare?

What exists in the UK is on par with the laws governing online casinos in Delaware. This is a country that is relatively liberal in its approach to gambling as a whole and it has long allowed the enjoyment of online casinos. That’s not to say that operators have free rein. There is still regulation and rules to be followed. These are overseen, and enforced by, the UK Gambling Commission.

The role of the UK Gambling Commission is to act in the best interest of players. It follows the principles of the 2005 Gambling Act and seeks to:

  • Ensure that gambling is not linked to any forms of crime or disorder
  • Make sure that gambling activities are fair to those who play them
  • Ensure that there are protections in place for the young, and anyone else who may be vulnerable

How do Delaware laws stand up against those in the EU?


While there are 27 countries making up the EU, the European Union itself does not provide any specific laws or regulations when it comes to online casinos. Instead, the EU allows its members to take an autonomous approach to gamble and online casinos.

The majority of these countries embrace all those online casinos have to offer. They see that great enjoyment is brought to players, but they also see and reap, the economic benefits that are offered. This sees the countries that make up the EU being very similar to Delaware in terms of their approach. The main difference is that online casinos are still a relatively new entity in Delaware. As this state proves its success, perhaps others will follow.