Pasadena Museum of California Art – New Purpose of the Museum after the closure


A philanthropist from Santa Barbara will give a second purpose to ex Pasadena Museum of California Art after the closed sale this month.

Pasadena Museum of California Art was on the market for $8.8 million, after the sad end for the museum this October. This was said by Bill Ukropina, the broker who represents the building owners in the sale.

Bill Ukropina, the broker for the building owners did not want to say for how much money the building was sold and the name of the woman who bought it. The only information that is known is that Christina Tran, the broker, represented the buyer at the market.


“I think her interests are to house ministers and people studying to be ministers, to host events for philanthropy and for the community and also to do a lot of work with youth”, was the explanation of the Ukropina.

The building is located across the Fuller Theological Seminary, but the Seminary is moving east to Pomona in 2024. the people on the head of the former Pasadena Museum of California Art did not explain last year why they all voted for the closing of the history and culturally important place in California. The situation was even worse after the closing because the PMCA Board faced the awkward moment because the founders of the museum Arlene and Bob Oltman lived above the museum for the 16 years. The famous philanthropists, the couple Oltman hired Johson Favaro to build the museum. The beautiful building was finished in 2002, at a cost of $3.5 million.

This is a type of the museum without his own collection of art, instead of that, PMCA was offering all kinds of specific traveling exhibitions dedicated to art from the Golden State.


The upper level of this museum was transformed into the best roof-terrace in downtown Pasadena, where many of the Californians got married. The terrace earned a reputation of the Pasadena social hotspot.

“There have been probably 50 philanthropic organizations that have been able to use that third floor for events because of Bob and Arlene Oltman”, Ukropina added.

Many Pasadena artists showed up on the museum rooftop last week to paint a gorgeous view of City Hall and the San Gabriel Mountains.