The 6 Best PC Farm Games to Experience The Authentic Farming Life


Our urban lives in the big city have made the appeal of a slower-paced life much more desirable to many people or even to start your own farming. The allure of living in the countryside, surrounded by animals and nature is now one of the most attractive solutions to taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This is one of the reasons why the farming genre of games has also become one of the most sought-after free PC games in recent years. With farm games available on almost every platform, you could be forgiven for not knowing where to find the best ones to play on your PC, this is where we come to the rescue! Take a look at our list of the 6 best farm games at Gametop so you can experience the authentic farming life that you fantasize about!

1. Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm create your dream farm for free in this award-winning farm game, Goodgame Big Farm. As a farmer, you’ll need to go through many different tasks including growing crops, harvesting crops, and caring for your farm animals. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, this free farming simulator online game is the perfect way to kick off your farming adventure!

Bring the overgrown barnyard back to life and turn your business into a flourishing business. Grow crops, harvest, and look after your fields and all your farm animals. Show how entrepreneurial you are by selling your homegrown products at the organic market. Make your farm a paradise for animals, and adorn your fields, stables, and buildings with beautiful decorations. Pour your profits into expanding your farm until you become the greatest farmer in all the land!

The harvesting year is full of events. Join the quest for the villagers and write the story of your farm. Help the villagers organize a fairy tale festival, expose the secrets of UFO sightings, and get into the Christmas spirit! Are you ready to build the farm of your dreams?

If you enjoy playing Stardew Valley or Mobile Harvest and managing and growing farms at a relaxed pace, Goodgame Big Farm may be the perfect simulation game you are looking for!

2. Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop

In Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop, experience an interesting mixture of hidden objects and time management in this beautiful and engaging game! Enjoy the full farming process as you help Kaylee in managing Dahlia’s farm. This winter farming experience is beyond what you normally experience in other games. You will get to plant, harvest crops covered in snow, and sell your harvest to the marketplace. Expect multiple hidden object puzzles and mini-games that add variety to this farming game. Are you ready for a fun winter farming experience?

3. Exotic Farm

Harvest exotic fruits, manage free-roaming animals, and operate handmade machines in Exotic Farm! Jill’s dream has finally come true! She has her very own farm on her very own island. What could be better than living on a remote and beautiful island tucked away in the middle of the ocean?

Join Jill on her own, newly acquired farming island. Brimming with local fruits and vegetables this is one of the most stunning islands in the ocean! While on the island you will need to help Jill grow and look after exotic fruits and help rear free-roaming animals which populate the island.

She will also need help to run all that farm machinery in Exotic Farm. Use your fabulous time management skill to deliver targets so you can buy new machines. This is one hard-working farm, and you will need all your farming skills to assist Jill in making it the best in the game!

4. Jack of All Tribes

Help Jack rule primitive tribes after his time travel to the past in this marvelous mix of adventure and time management! The gamer playing this game will get to make Jack a big little farmer, rear diverse crops and cute farm animals, and develop the farm story into something larger than life!

Jack was at the fun park having the time of his life, but little did he know that the next ride would thrust him into the adventure of a lifetime. Through some strange occurrence, he was sent back in time and landed on a primal isle where the natives declared him their leader. Now he must help them build shelters, forage for food, turn back enemies, and mix drinks! Join Jack on this island that time forgot and help him lead the natives while searching for a way back.

Guide the tribe to construct useful buildings, collect needed resources, and decorate the landscape. They will then reward you with tributes and helpful items to make it through. Introduce new technologies, play fun mini-games, and earn fantastic rewards!

5. Flying Islands Chronicles

Flying Islands Chronicles is a fun time and resource management game where you will help a group of farmers!

The farmers on Flying Islands Chronicles used to have robots taking care of their crops, but the machines have gone mad. Everything is destroyed and you will have to figure out what happened and repair everything in this fun time management farming game. Recruit soldiers and engineers to take care of the lands and achieve awards for collecting food, removing obstacles and many more. Help the farmers on Flying Islands Chronicles to take back their lands and crops!

6. Farm Mania: Hot Vacation

Farm Mania: Hot Vacation invites you to a thrilling farm tour around the world. Rear animals and take part in exciting farming competitions! In Farm Mania: Hot Vacation, help Anna and her family manage the different farms around the world. Time management becomes crucial with increasing tasks. From rearing animals to the showering of plants and building maintenance, every single day will be fruitful. Take part in the various farming competitions and make these farms the best farm around the world today!

Farm Games and Their General Benefits

Did you know that farm games for PC can grant you a myriad of skills that not many other genres are able to? With these games, there are a few core skills that you will be required to have, and they will also be developed progressively as you play. Firstly, your resource and time management skills will be the main focus as you will be tasked with managing many farm animals and the tasks associated with their upkeep and health.

Next, your business and time management skills will play a big part in ensuring that important tasks are prioritized over the more menial ones so that you can achieve the best results in modes that have limited time. Finally, you can also develop your own personal knowledge of farm animal fun facts, details about fruits and vegetables, and also the tips and tricks that farmers in real life use to manage their farms! So, what are you waiting for?