7 Most Popular Strains Of Kratom

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If you’ve stumbled upon this article, then chances are you’ve heard about Kratom. But much like any other leaf that’s used in alternative medicine, different strains are more or less popular.

Exploring the world of kratom will leave you questioning at the end. That’s because the leaf of which kratom is made has been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years.

It originates in Southeast Asia and is very popular with that part of the world. Different types of originating from different countries and some are even exclusive to them.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the 7 most popular strains of kratom. Don’t go anywhere as this article will cover everything regarding each type.

1. Premium Maeng Da

Maeng Da is the most popular kratom strain and one that’s probably known worldwide. With Maeng Da, you have a normal and a premium version. The premium version is more expensive than the normal one, but it does a better job when it comes to the benefits.

With that said, there isn’t a better quality strain out there than Maeng Da. But what’s so special about it? Well, there are two types of Maeng Da; white and green.

The premium version of this strain is a combination of both, which allows you to reap the benefits of both green and white Maeng Da. What the premium Maeng Da offers is a solution to your stress and chronic pain issues. and more information you can find at kratommate.

2. Green Bali

Originating from Bali, the Green Bali kratom is a very popular strain that doesn’t compromise quality. This strain is so popular that you can find it literary in every kratom shop across the world.

Indonesia is a major exporter of the Green Bali leaf, and it all has to do with the apparent benefits. This particular strain is excellent as an energizer and is very popular with athletes.

3. U.E.I. Kratom

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U.E.I. is an acronym for ultra enhanced Indo kratom, and many considered it as the benchmark of kratom strains. That’s because this particular type is a combination of certain Bali and Indo kratom strains for an added effect.

With that said, U.E.I. is the most powerful strain that has ever been made. While U.E.I. doesn’t naturally appear in nature, it is perfectly safe. U.E.I. is made by mixing two strains usually the Green Bali and other Indonesian types.

Because of that, you get to reap the benefits of every kratom type involved in the process. For example, your cognitive functions, mood, and pain relief are enhanced thanks tofk Green Bali.

We won’t get too much into what U.E.I. offers each user, but we will say that there is no better strain out there that packs a powerful punch.

4. Red Horn

When it comes to red kratom types, the Red Horn is the clear and obvious winner in the popularity contest. Red Horn is the most popular red strain of kratom that exists.

The particular type is very powerful and used for a variety of things. First off, the effects of the Red Horn are somewhat of a coin toss since they’ll either last for a long time or much longer than that.

Also, the Red Horn is very powerful and you don’t need to take a huge dosage. The unpredictability is exactly what people love the most when it comes to Red Horn.

Most people use the Red Horn as an analgesic to relieve chronic pain. It is also used for mood enhancement and relaxation. This all combined with the unpredictability factor is exactly why people love it, says Kumoils.

5. Green Maeng Da

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We talked about the premium version of the Maeng Da, now it’s time to talk about the green one.

Green Maeng Da is very important for the success of kratom as it is believed it was the strain that popularized kratom in the United States.

Originating from Thailand, the United States is the biggest exporter of Green Maeng Da from the Southeast Asian country. Americans that have tried Green Maeng Da will tell you all about the benefits.

Relaxation, the ability to clear your mind, and pain relief are some of the benefits that you get when using it. Some are even using it as a way to get a confidence boost, but this hasn’t been proved yet.

6. Red Maeng Da

We mentioned the green version and we know what happens when used with the white version. But what about the Red Maeng Da? What is so special about it that we’ve ranked it on number 6?

Well, the Red Maeng Da is hugely popular in Asia because of its potency and a long list of benefits. Also, this particular strain is very easily accessible in the United States, as with any other strain of Maeng Da.

But the red one is particularly good because it is used as an energizer. In addition to its pain relief properties, Red Maeng Da is awesome when you need a solution to your joint pain.

Many people use it as a way to improve their mood and to enhance cognitive abilities.

7. Green Malay

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Originating from Malaysia, the Green Malay strain is yet another very popular type of kratom that provides numerous benefits to the user. Some of the benefits that Green Malay provides its users is the ability to lessen chronic pain, osteoporosis, backache, migraines, and tons of other types of pain.

It is very effective when used as an enhancement supplement for increasing focus levels and brain performance since this is one of the primary roles every green strain offers.

In addition to that, it offers the users numerous physical benefits such as an increase in energy levels. This makes Green Malay an effective energizer.

Green Malay is very marketable since the particular strain is highly resistant to moisture and impurities. It has a long shelf life that won’t easily be compromised by anything.

The United States imports a lot of Green Malay, making it the world’s largest importer of the particular strain.