The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico


It’s hard to argue that worldwide Puerto Rico is associated with amazing beaches, Spanish Caribbean heritage, and its tasty rum. Despite the small area, the island has many places scattered throughout its territory to surprise you.

From waterfalls and pristine jungles to historic forts. We recommend you consider Alamo car rentals, as the transport system has very limited routes. Read on to learn about the most popular and wonderful destinations to check out!

1. El Morro


The well-preserved Spanish 6-level fortress built in the 16th century beckons tourists with its greatness. It gained a reputation as an unconquerable right after its completion, being capable of resisting the impact of cannonballs. Castillo San Felipe del Morro (its full name) was the gateway to the Spanish empire.

Notice how stunning the fort looks while getting closer and closer. You’d have not only amazing views from the top of the construction but an opportunity to get closer to history. You also may find a lot of iguanas crawling around the fort and even catch them in the frame. Be ready to climb many stairs as the castle has no elevators.

2. Castillo San Cristóbal

After horrible English and Dutch attacks on Spanish people, they decided to erect one more fortification system, which now holds the title of the largest fortress in both North and South America. For this, they made the San Juan walls longer, built the gatehouse(“garita”), and a platform for the artillery. The whole process took more than 150 years!

Nowadays, you can take delight in the scenery from 2 observation posts on the coast which were added during WW2 by American soldiers, as well as a bunker, where a Visitor Center is set up. Search for reasonably priced rental cars.

3. El Yunque National Forest


This magnificent forest is truly unique. It’s the only rainforest in the U.S. possessions. El Yunque National Forest is considered to be the primary tropical one. Being not so big, at 28,500 acres, it’s yet one of the most environmentally varied areas of the USA. Hit its numerous trails to enjoy the stunning landscape, untouched mountain rivers, and year-round outdoor activities.

You could feel its lushness and vividness with many species of trees, which are able to tell you their own history. However, this place has more than just trees, it has the native frogs (coqui) that you will hear at night there and anywhere and the sweetest hummingbirds.

You can also meet Small Indian Mongoose and different species of rats and bats. Great for hiking, though it’s hard because of escalation, it’s really worth it. You can just drive through and enjoy the views from your car. The waterfalls here are amazing for pictures. Rent a car in Puerto Rico to surely reach all the destinations you’ve planned!

4. Old San Juan

The historic district, also known as Viejo San Juan, you can’t miss. It charms you from the first moment and makes you want to see every corner. This area is considered to be the oldest settlement in all of Puerto Rico. Not for nothing, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. In every sense, Old San Juan is unique, with its rich history, forts, which stand 5 centuries already, romantic setting, Old World elegance, great foods, and joyful atmosphere.

Witness the 16th century La Fortaleza which is a residence of the government nowadays. Tour Casa de los Ponce de León, the oldest residence in the region, but still in use. Feel the gorgeousness of the Old San Juan Gate while walking through it.

5. Puerto Mosquito

Come here to experience the brightest bioluminescent effect. The charming blue shine thrills! This light in Mosquito Bay is created by tiny organisms called dinoflagellates. The Bay is named after “El Mosquito,” a little ship possessed by the Robin Hood-like Pirata Roberto Cofres. Although swimming isn’t allowed here, we think you still wouldn’t be disappointed.

Besides witnessing this unbelievable phenomenon, you may go kayaking under the stars in La Parguera bay. In this place, the bands of the Milky Way are readily visible. Come prepared to get wet as there is some water at the bottom of the boats.

6. The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico


With a gorgeous sculpture outside the garden, 25 galleries, a restaurant, a gift shop, and even a craft workshop area for children – this museum obviously has much to offer.

The MAPR is proud of its dynamic, cutting-edge permanent and temporary presentations, which provide visitors the chance to examine pieces from a wide range of artists, historical eras, and subjects while also keeping themselves up to date on advancements in regional and global art.

They have a Project for the blind community and a small selection of films and documentaries from Viguié Films. Seeing all the exhibitions without rushing takes several hours.

7. Cueva del Indio


Discovered in the last century, this is a spectacular cave encircled by breathtaking rocks that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. As soon as it was found out that Cueva del Indio existed since pre-Columbian times it was included in the National Register of Historic Places. There is a natural pool inside the cave, which you can reach by climbing down rocks.

That is really challenging as the ladder leading there was cut. Natural steps will lead you down to the flat area where the cave opening is. Some natural indents in the wall will allow you to get into the cave opening but the opening is very slim, wear tennis shoes and be prepared to go in slowly. Beware of extremely large and potentially dangerous holes in the rocks.

8. Toroverde Adventure Park

Finally, the icing on the cake, especially if you travel with kids! Coming here gives you access to multiple attractions, for both children and adults. So if you doubted whether it could increase your adrenaline level, it’s better to try immediately.

Ziplines, climbing towers, and educational tours. You can even ride a bike while going down on a zipline. A specially adapted bike, of course. Toroverde Adventure Park features the longest zipline in the whole of America – 2530 m. Keep in mind, closed shoes are required.