3Ways to Properly Store and Preserve Your Vape Juice

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Vaping juice is the most important part of the vaping process. This is no secret, as having the perfect mixture is what’s essential for many. People who spend a lot of time and money on getting their favorite blend can confirm this. Once someone gets a hold of a mix, they just don’t want to change; they even start making supplies and stock up. Having enough vape juice that you simply won’t run out of is all good and well, but it needs to be stored accordingly. We’re sad to tell you that this is not something everyone knows. Luckily, we’re here to educate them.

If you buy a lot of supplies in order to make your stock last long and get your favorite mixture, it translates to money saved. But, you won’t save much if it all goes to waste or if the taste changes because you didn’t store it as you should. What you should know is that vape juice can remain dormant for up to two years. But, most experts recommend that you spend it within a year. But, you don’t have to worry about dates if you store it correctly and according to what we’re about to advise you. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about three ways to keep and preserve your vape juice properly.

Good Storage Spot

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Above all other things, you want your vape juice fresh; we can all agree on this. Freshness is its trait that can hardly be replaced. This is what matters when it comes to consumption. Same as with food, it would be best to keep it in a cold place, derived from sunlight, such as a refrigerator. If you are not in a possibility to store it in a fridge, any other dark and dry place that’s sufficiently cold. We’re talking about boxes, shelves, drawers, and similar places. What’s important is that you know where it is at all times, so that someone else wouldn’t move it, or that you wouldn’t forget about it. Two years is a long time, but if something slips your mind, they’ll pass in a second. We are sure you don’t want to waste a perfect vape juice.

Storage spaces that are at the reach of your hand are always the best option. You’ll want to vape daily, or even if your sessions are rarer, you don’t want it too far out of reach. Another thing to focus on is the lack of light, air, and heat. You don’t want your vape juice anywhere near these three elements. You could even call them the vape juice enemies. One of the imaginative choices could be the shoebox that you certainly have under your bed. It’s there within hand’s reach, dark, cold, and cozy. This is if you’re going to use it within six months. If you really want to store it in the long run, the best way to go is to put it in a freezer.

Aim For Glass Containers, Not Plastic Ones

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Once again, we repeat, it’s not the same if you store it short term or in the long run. If the latter one is what you want to do, then going with glass is what you must do. Short term solutions can be done with plastic. For the long haul, you’ll need glass, as plastic is suitable only for a couple of months. The reason is simple chemistry. Plastic can interact with vape juice, especially if you don’t pay attention, and it gets exposed to light and heat. If this happens, the flavor of your juice could change, and this is the last thing you want to happen. Another reason is that plastic containers can allow for air to come in, and this can also can affect your substance. Yes, we know, glass is pricier, but it’s traits are what it counts, and they’re worth every penny.

Seal Your Vape Juice Bottle

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As we mentioned in the passage above, look out for air. We need it to breathe and live, but your vape juice could do without it. To be sure that it has no way of entering your V-Juice container, you need to seal it tightly. Air can quickly degrade your vape juice, so even when you are taking some from the bottle for usage, always be sure that air has little access to it. When deciding on the package, make sure that you have bot big ones and small ones. The big one should be the one stored away from the best it could possibly be, while the small ones should serve you for everyday use. In both cases, you need to make sure that they’re tightly sealed and kept the way we explained to you above.

As you can guess, all of these tips we shared with you have the goal to help you with the proper storage of your vape juice while also saving you money in the process. Bot of these things can be achieved easily just by staying loyal to what we wrote above. That said, if you don’t have any more doubts, feel free to head over to the following link to get high-quality products to combine with the best practices for preservation: https://thevapehouse.co.uk/collections/chefs-vapour-shortfill-e-liquid.

Final Thoughts

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Vape juice can be considered a chemical mixture, but even as such, it needs to be treated the same way we treat our food. If we don’t do this, it can get corrupted and unusable. This is why it’s essential to follow our word on adequately storing it. Your goal needs to be to prolong the lifespan of your vape juice in order to keep it as clean as possible and not to lose any of the flavors you attained through your mixture. If you are one of those people who buy their favorite blend from companies such as vaporsolo, there’s even more reason to preserve that super quality product you purchased. The vape juice you’re about to store needs to be treated as an investment, and thus it needs good care on your side. Follow our basic guidelines, and there won’t be any worries regarding your juice.