6 Best Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas – 2024 Guide

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Birthdays remain special events, even in a world struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, you shouldn’t let this situation ruin your special day. Indeed, you need to make the most out of it. These special events are arguably even more important in a time when we need to feel connected and need reasons for happiness. As such, a quarantine may limit your birthday options but shouldn’t shut them down. Thankfully, it can be said that there are a couple of things you can do to handle these occurrences better.

You can take time to design your own shirts to commemorate the occasion, plan remote activities, and more to make a quarantine birthday party something fun and memorable for everybody involved. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a couple of ideas you can implement to make your quarantine birthday to be one of the best yet. We are pretty sure it sounds silly to some readers. However, they should remember that any kind of mood enhancement will lead them a long way, especially during the long and tiring quarantine days. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these.

1. Creating Your Own Apparel

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One great way to make a positive impact when planning a birthday party is to design custom clothing that people can wear to celebrate the event. Surely, that would make the people who will visit the party to be way more engaged in the whole process. With a good discount on bulk orders from Freshlybaked Tees, you can produce many t-shirts and hooded sweaters in advance of the party, then distribute them to everybody who wishes to be involved. Be sure to take a look at some of them and check if you need them. They are of the highest possible quality; you can be sure of that.

Just think about it, you are creating a setting that you can call your own. Plus, it needs to be said that this setting needs to be interesting enough to make all other participants well-entertained. That way, you will be able to create a whole new experience for them. Not only that, it can provide some psychological benefits to all of them. This means that, even if people joining the party are doing so remotely, they have a common link that gives a better sense of a physical presence. Moreover, having custom clothing provides everybody with a memento, allowing them to remember the time they shared for years to come.

2. A Birthday Parade

Social distancing restrictions keep people from enjoying close contact during a birthday party, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make their presence known. In the simplest form of this concept, you can place a balloon and a sign outside your home requesting that passing car honk to celebrate the person who is having a birthday. What does it do, you ask? Well, you will be able to create a parade that will make the whole experience much better than it really is. However, you will need to be aware of some things you need to be fully aware of.

If you don’t mind a bit more logistical work, you can put together a veritable birthday parade, having a procession of cars gather at a spot and then driving by the site of the birthday party, honking horns and wishing well as you go by. With a bit of planning, you can make sure that this procession happens while the person being celebrated is outside to receive these warm greetings. Without any doubt, you can see that we are talking about an idea, which is easily the most interesting concept you should try out in this case.

3. Outdoor Movies

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If the weather permits, an outdoor gathering that is properly distanced can be safe and enjoyable. Unfortunately, staying two meters away from one another can make normal socializing a little awkward. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan an outdoor activity, though. When we’re talking about your backyard, it needs to be said that the homeowner is not obliged to consider these limitations. So, it can be said that there are no barriers to what you can do to make the perfect outdoor/backyard party. These are pretty similar to the ones we’ve had before the global pandemic of coronavirus. So, it wouldn’t hurt us to remind about the time before it.

One great idea is to set up a movie projector outside as night falls and project your favorite film onto the side of your home or another building. This allows people in the neighborhood to watch along and can even permit some guests to attend at a safe level of distancing. To make this idea work, you will need a projector and a good set of speakers, both of which are affordable if you look in the right places. Thankfully, you will be able to take a look at a plethora of different easily-accessible options in this regard. Be sure to take a look at all of them before you are ready to make the ultimate decision.

4. Virtual Karaoke

Since the start of the pandemic, people around the world have become experts at using videoconferencing technology to communicate with one another. Whether for work or to stay in touch with friends, almost every household has at least some way to use a computer or mobile device to allow them to see others. So, now we are talking about a perfect moment for us to use all these skills we’ve been able to obtain during the last couple of years. We are no talking just about technology.

You can take advantage of this trend by setting up virtual activities. Karaoke is an excellent option for a birthday party. Set up a web meeting, and the host chooses the playlist. Everybody can take turns singing along to their favorite tunes, having great fun, and sharing music with each other even though they are not all in the same room together. The thing that can add a whole new layer of fun is that sometimes the participants will not be able to hear others. So, these confusions can be pretty funny sometimes. Not only that you will laugh, but also there will be a new story to tell.

5. Meal Drop-offs

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Do you love a birthday potluck? If so, you don’t have to give it up! Talk to people who would normally bring meals or snacks to a party and see if they would be interested in dropping those dishes off at the party. It’s not quite the same as sharing their cuisine with friends and family, but it still lets them show that they care. You can even plan a swap, giving food in return to those who participate in making this birthday a special one.

Everybody will likely experience at least one quarantine birthday due to the conditions imposed in 2024 and 2024. This is unfortunate, but it doesn’t need to ruin the fun of a birthday party. Use these ideas as a base from which to work and make sure that your party planning still includes some pizzazz.

6. Just for laughs

Here us out, this is a very unusual way to celebrate a birthday but if you won’t be able to celebrate it with friends and loved ones, maybe give it a try downloading prank applications like Ownage Pranks to do some birthday prank call. It will probably leave you laughing on the floor for minutes when your friends are trying to figure out who’s who. This will also be a great excuse for them not to be mad at you because you have a birthday pass.

In Conclusion

We completely understand why people are so anxious because of the current situation. Thankfully, we’ve found a couple of ways you can make your special day in a similar way as you’ve done it every year. We hope you will find it useful.