A Quick Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

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If you have solar panels in your home, then you need to do what you can to care for them. Here is a quick and informative guide to solar panel maintenance.

Did you know there were about 2.7 million residential solar panels in 2020 alone? Solar panels can save money on your electricity bill, increase your home’s value, and help you fight climate change.

Solar panels require little to no maintenance aside from the occasional washing to remain fully functional. But to keep your energy savings high and your return on investment worthwhile, ensure your panels are working at total capacity.

Keep reading to learn the best solar panel maintenance tips to keep your home energy-efficient today.

The Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance

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Solar panel maintenance is integral to taking advantage of all the benefits of solar energy. With the correct type of maintenance, solar panels can remain reliable and efficient for long periods.

Make sure to keep them clean and free of dirt and debris and provide necessary repairs and periodic inspections. Additionally, periodically replacing the solar panel wires is vital to ensure they are appropriately connected to the system.

How Do You Maintain Your Solar Panels?

Going solar can be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. To ensure your residential solar panel system is operational and producing optimal energy, make sure to do these tips.

Setting Performance Maintenance Schedules

Inspect solar panels for breaks, leaks, and damage at least once a year. Once a month, solar panel angles should be adjusted to maximize solar energy intake throughout the seasons.

Battery banks should be checked for water levels every six months and replaced when necessary. Annual inspections for corrosion and necessary repairs should be completed. Homeowners can maintain their solar energy system and produce optimal power levels.

Regular Cleaning Checks

They must be maintained and free of debris and dirt to ensure they operate at their best. Inspect and clean them regularly, at least once a month, for best results.

Inspect the mounting hardware to ensure the solar panels are securely attached and check the electrical connection points for corrosion; these should be replaced or repaired as necessary. Failure to properly maintain the panels will reduce their performance and may lead to costly repairs or replacements. Take the time to check and clean them regularly to ensure they work properly and provide the maximum amount of electricity they were designed to produce.

Identifying & Reducing Panel Obstructions

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Solar panel maintenance includes identifying and reducing panel obstructions. The most common example of this is tree growth. Trees can obscure the sun’s rays and reduce solar energy collection as they grow.

To start maintenance, visually inspect them, mapping the tree lines around them. If trees are beginning to get too close, trim and prune them to reduce shade and increase energy collection.

Additionally, clean them regularly to ensure that no dirt, leaves, or other debris can obstruct the panels. If any panels are damaged, then be sure to repair or replace them as quickly as possible. A properly maintained set of solar panels will work more optimally and increase the efficiency of your solar energy setup.

Evaluating Your Solar System’s Performance

Solar panel performance is dependent on regular maintenance. Evaluating your solar system’s performance is a crucial indicator of whether your system is running efficiently and to its capacity.

The goal is to ensure that your system works as intended and is healthy and reliable.

At least once annually, schedule and conduct a visual inspection. Start by checking your solar panel’s alignment and condition.

Next, ensure the wiring and other connectors are secured. Some parts are built to be weatherproof, but make sure to check them too.

Monitor your system’s output. Regularly track the data to measure whether your system provides the expected electricity.

When to Call a Professional for Maintenance

Solar energy is an excellent option for homeowners who want to reduce their energy costs and environmental footprints. However, solar energy requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s functioning correctly and guaranteeing the most efficient performance.

If your solar panel system is starting to malfunction, it’s best to call a professional for advice and assistance. Problems such as cracked or broken panels, exposed wiring, or changes in system output indicate a need for professional service.

Additionally, if the system is more than five years old, it’s likely time for a checkup. These issues can cause long-term damage or reduce the system’s efficiency if left unattended.

An experienced solar panel professional can assess the issue and suggest strategies for repair or replacement. The technician may also be able to recommend a maintenance plan or schedule to ensure your system is in top condition.

Make sure to learn more information about the best solar panel installation companies in your area. Feel free to research and ask critical questions to keep your unit at its best.

What to Buy or Keep In Hand When Maintaining Your Solar Panels

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It is crucial to have high-quality cleaners or scrub brushes explicitly used for solar panels so they are not scratched. You should also keep soft cloth wipes on hand to help with the cleaning process. A slight slant to the panel helps with water draining.

With larger panels, an adjustable tilt mount helps to keep a uniform angle. You should keep any necessary screws and rails to ensure a secure mount and level surface. Ground fault protection should be kept in case of a complete power outage. Lastly, a voltage meter is helpful to determine if the solar panel is properly functioning.

Keep Your Home Energy-Efficient With Proper Solar Panel Maintenance Today

It is critical to ensure that they are working correctly and efficiently to maximize the energy generated. By conducting regular inspections and adequately caring for their solar panel system, homeowners can enjoy the many benefits of clean, renewable energy for years to come. You should consult your solar installer today if you have more questions about solar panel maintenance.