How to Use a Fire Blanket on a Person?


It is designed to successfully extinguish small fires such as a kitchen fire. It is made of fire-resistant woven material. It is stored in a wall mounted container, and can withstand very high temperatures. Many people wonder how it actually works and how it is used. Its application function is to extinguish flames, starve them of oxygen and therefore put the fire under control.

It helps keep usually Class F flames under control in such difficult situations, and is mostly used in educational, residential and industrial environments. It is very simple and safe to use, but you must first be familiar with the instructions on the container beforehand or otherwise you are risking major problems if though you have fire blanket near you. If you want to learn how to use it, read more about it below.

How to use fire blanket?


We must note that there are different techniques used in firefighting. They mostly depend on its nature, but also on the type of fabric used to produced specific fire blanket. Specialized manufacturers like ADL Insulflex produce at least 5 different types of fabric for different heat environments. To use fire blanket, you need to turn off the heat source. This is the first thing you need to do to be safe and to be able to continue the process. The next step would be to pull the strap that will release the device from the box. Once you’ve done that, hold the device as if holding a shield. It is best to wrap it around your arm to protect yourself as much as possible. You can now put out the fire, and when you are sure you have done so, let it cool completely. Make sure there is no possibility of fire restarting since that is not rare occurrence. Many think that they put fire away and then in a matter of minutes there is fire again, in some cases even much more dangerous. Of course, if you notice that the flame is bigger than the blanket itself, don’t do it yourself. Leave the room and call for help because that is only way to save yourself.

How to use it on a person?

Fire blanket is not only used for extinguishing kitchen elements and similar things caught on fire. Unfortunately, it often happens that a person’s clothes start to burn. Then it is necessary to take the fire blanket as soon as possible, activate it and start using it to save person from major injuries. To completely protect the person you are rescuing, you need to place him or her on the ground and wrap him or her in a blanket. In that case, the oxygen is turned off, and the flames are significantly reduced. Another advantage of this procedure is the horizontal position that will prevent the flame from reaching the face and hair of the person whose clothes are burning. Since damage to the face is very dangerous and if hair starts to burn, than that is life threatening situation. That is why this is the best alternative for firefighting when it comes to people.

How not to use a fire blanket?


It is very important to talk about the potential mistakes you can make, especially when you are exposed to great nervousness and stress that is normal thing when we see uncontrolled fire. However, try to stay calm and don’t make hasty decisions. Once you learn what you can and can’t do, we are sure you will approach it effectively in a situation like this.

So, don’t try to suffocate a flame that is much bigger than a blanket. You won’t achieve anything, but only prolonged calling for help which can lead to disastrous situation. So if the fire is bigger than a blanket, don’t try anything but call the fire department instead from the safe position. Another thing you should not do is leave the heat source on, because fire blanket will be useless if heat source is still on. Also, do not throw fire blanket over a burning pan. For example, you may miss, and you will not have another chance. The most important thing is not to forget to protect yourself before approaching the flames. Make sure your hands are covered before you take action and do not expose any part of your body to open flames.

Fire blanket maintenance

The mistake that many people make is that once they buy a fire blanket, first aid and many similar things they never check them and do the necessary maintenance. Every thing starts to deteriorate after a while, even if it is not used and that is why maintenance is necessary.

Remember that you have to maintain a fire blanket, otherwise there may come a time when you need it and count on it, just to find out that it is not functional. You have to check the fire blanket inspection checklist, which you can do yourself if you have the knowledge or call in professionals who can check the other fire-fighting equipment you have. This is a recommended option as you will get a detailed test report and you will also know which one passed and which one failed. Also, that way you will never forget when it is time for maintenance and testing, because they will remind you.



You must be wondering if it is possible to reuse a fire blanket. In most cases, fire blankets are not reusable, but are intended for single use, although there are exceptions. Once you remove them from the source of fire, all you can do is throw it away. So if you used a fire blanket, be sure to buy a new one as soon as possible.


Having a fire blanket can be a life-saving thing for both you and someone else. That is why it is important to get one, and also to keep it in an easily accessible place and to maintain and test it, and after you have used it, to buy a new one.