Looking For A Realtor In Austin? Ask Them These 4 Questions To Narrow Down Your Selection

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Austin is an excellent place to move to when you want to take your career, quality of life, and entertainment to a new level. However, going online and looking for houses isn’t the best way to find them when you move to a new area. Instead, you should hire a real estate agent. They have extensive knowledge that you will not have if you have never been in the business. In addition to this, they will have an inside scoop on the area you want to move to. The education they will have from being in the business so long will help you find the home of your dreams, stay within budget, and offer success. Before you hire an agent, however, ask them these questions.

1. How Long Have Has The Agent Been Licensed And In Business

When you want to ensure that you have chosen a good agent instead of a flop, you will need to ensure that they have the right qualifications and that they are, in fact, an agent. It may shock you, but some scammers like to pretend to be their agents and walk away with every cent you have saved for a house. After seeing a legitimate license that proves that they are genuinely who they say they are, you can begin asking other vital questions such as how long the agent has been in business and notice the level of success they have had.

Most agents won’t mind this question and will understand it wholeheartedly. If they get offended after you have explained, you did not mean it offensively. Successful agents won’t manage questions and will welcome them, knowing it sets you at ease. However, if they are offended, it can be a sign of them wanting to hide something or having a confidence level that rivals arrogance. Either of these options isn’t great because if an agent is hiding things from you, you need to move on, and if you have an arrogant agent, you could get bullied into buying a house you don’t love. Instead of fielding these issues, find a more tolerant agent.

2. How Many Clients Is Realtor Austin Handling?

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When considering a realtor in Austin like Bramlett Residential, you should ask how many clients they are currently handling. While you may not know this, the stats on either end of this question can be detrimental. You may wonder how having many clients can be harmful, but think about it like this. If Stacey, your agent, has seven other clients, and you need her attention, you’re competing with seven other people trying to do the same thing. Another issue? If each client is looking at the same area you are in, chances are, they are looking at identical houses. Many agents believe in a first-come, first, serve. As such, if you are client number eight, you see what is left. Not the best of the best.

The flip side has too few clients. That could mean they take their time to ensure each client is satisfied. Or it could mean that they don’t have enough experience to gain clients. When you are buying a house, you don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t wish to or not end up with a home because your agent doesn’t have the proper experience. If you see an agent with only one or two clients all year, it means you need to find someone who can help you a bit more.

3. Is Your Agent Part Of A-Team?

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If your agent is operating as part of a team, chances are, you won’t get the help you need because your agent is passing you from person to person. You establish no connection and have no desire to repeat information that should already be on file. This happens in busier agencies, and it is believed to be an excellent opportunity to establish teamwork and understanding. That is great for the company. Not so great for you. It causes unneeded frustration, miscommunication, and misunderstandings that can make buying a house a great experience to a bad one.

In addition to this, you may have a personality clash. Many people love the person they initially talked to and hired. They may despise the person who is on the team that they have to deal with. That is why it’s easier to have one point of contact instead of three.

Another issue is money. Many agencies believe that more people equals faster cash and can get frustrated if you need more time. Imagine a husband and wife are buying their first home. They hired Julie but have spent more time talking to Ted and Ryan. They are getting frustrated. The agency is getting irritated as well. They expected a quick payout, and now this couple is costing them time. Following the example of other agencies, guess which couple is moving to the bottom of the agency’s attention span? That story is the sad but true event that happens to many people looking for a house because the agency wants the money as quickly as possible. The longer you take, the more you get bounced around, which is unprofessional and unfair.

4. How Do They Get Paid?

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An uncomfortable question for some, but vital. We have already explained that many agencies are out for number one. As such, find out if they split the fee from the seller to the broker or if you are expected to help with the payment. Many agencies will explain that you are not supposed to pay a fee. Others will have you pay up to fifteen percent. As that can cost you much more than you think, find out right away.

Find An Agent That Cares

When looking for a home, find an agent who cares about you, not the bottom line. You are the one that has to live in the house, and you want to be happy. Don’t settle for one that will not care if you get a terrible home or are stuck with fees that you shouldn’t be paying. Instead, follow these tips and ask vital questions.