5 Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer When Injured Or Knocked Unconscious From Car Accident

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Hitting the road for a road trip with your loved ones, whether for leisure or for necessity, is always exciting. Couple that with road safety measures to put to mind and everything’s set. However, time and again, accidents. In fact, there are over 33,000 fatal crashes that occur within the continental U.S. alone each year, while over 4 million were injured in non-fatal incidences.

If you have not encountered any accident yet, you might not be lucky every time or you might be. Irrespective of the seriousness of the accident, you will have to get ready to face legal matters.

Therefore, you need to have an attorney in contact. For instance, you have encountered an accident and need to get medical assistance, the attorney can help you. He will deal with the other party to get your medical expenses and will also contact the insurance company.

Although we do not want to anticipate it, it is best to be ready for the repercussions of such mishaps. We have collated 5 reasons from Fleming Law, P.C. of why having a car accident lawyer will be to your and your family’s benefit.

Why Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

1. Legal Advice

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You can handle the aftermath of a car accident but that’s not enough. In addition to the formalities, you have legal rights and get some sort of compensation from the other party. But you do not know everything. Even if you do know about these things, it is very likely that you will forget about them during the accidental situation.
Thus, when you are planning to get a complete extent of your damages the lawyer will help you. Furthermore, through an insurance claim, you will get the necessary compensation. In addition to this, the attorney will also help you to file the lawsuit in regards to personal injury.

Therefore, there is no better office nor professional who has better experience regarding the legal matters which revolve around car accidents than a car accident lawyer. This, and their knowledge behind the laws which are meant to protect victims of such tragedies, regardless of whether they are fatal or not, is why seeking their aid is a must.

Even if there are collected pieces of evidence to back your car accident claim, it is possible for the respondent to ignore the responsibility for compensation. If they have their own legal representatives in the matter, be prepared to do the same.

2. Proper Communication With The Correct Parties

There are a few “rules” which are not engraved in stone yet are crucial steps to follow as you pursue your case. Some of these include not divulging any information to the respondent, nor to anyone else other than your lawyer.

These times of distress often cause car accident victims to put their guard down and forget that they are in a legal battle. Claims adjusters take advantage of these situations to have you unwittingly agree with their “adjustments”, even to the point of signing a binding contract for lower compensation than what is needed. Such phishing tactics can be avoided with the help of an experienced attorney.

3. Case Direction

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In the event that the driver who caused the accident, or said driver’s insurer is not amenable to the compensation or the amount and/or duration of the compensation to be given, your lawyer can aid you as a mediator.
Through the statutes of the law regarding car accident claims, your legal representative can warrant their cooperation. Otherwise, a case escalation will be in the offing. And if they remain adamant at relinquishing all responsibility for compensation, they will be held accountable for such actions.

4. Investigation And Documentation

There are regulations and technicalities that are to be followed strictly when it comes to car accident cases. Having a legal representative to support you in the matter will make these tedious tasks that much more efficient.

Have you thought about the consequences if you go alone for a claim? You might get late for filing the lawsuit. Furthermore, you might not address the right defendant. All of these will result in your loss. In addition to all this, you might present all the information in the wrong way and will still lose. Thus, as a result, you will not only lose the lawsuit but you might also have to pay monetary losses.

But wait, what if you have a professional by your side?

Your lawyer and his or her team will handle them for you and ascertain that you will have what you need to push your claim forward.

5. Negotiating Your Claim

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If you and the respondent are willing to settle matters without bringing the claim to the court, all the better. Negotiations can be conducted with your best interest in mind and your attorney will see to it that the necessary points of the settlement are met.
Furthermore, if you have to deal with the insurance companies, the matter becomes trickier. The insurance companies have a complete team of lawyers and attorneys to deal with the cases.

Therefore, they are always at the upper hand when you deal with them. That is why the need to have an attorney on your side is the best choice. Attorneys are habitual in dealing with such things. Moreover, they are also aware of the tricks that the insurance companies can play. Thus, with professional help, you will be able to win the claim.
In addition to this, a professional knows better what information is useful. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to contact your lawyer. He will then determine a proper plan for you. Thus, you can win your claim. Furthermore, you might also get some monetary settlement from the insurance company to prevent any lawsuit. So if you think that you are right, never settle for less and fight for your rights.