Get a Car Lawyer Today – Here are The Reasons as to Why


Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Did the person at fault take the responsibility? Well if you have ever been in such a situation or know someone who has been through such then you have an idea of how painful and stressful it is. Car injuries can be fatal due to high-speed impacts or the size of the cars that come into collision. This automatically leads to expensive medical bills, physical pain, and sometimes a permanent disability.

At times, it is the fault of a driver that leads to an accident that injures a non-negligence person. When this happens the driver at fault is held accountable and is expected to pay for the damage caused. Negligent behavior while driving includes; texting while driving, Driving while being intoxicated, breaking traffic laws e.g. ignoring traffic lights and overlapping, Speeding. Sometimes the faulty driver might not be willing to sort the issue amicably nor the insurance. This can be settled in court and you will need a lawyer from law firms like Kania Law that is experienced to help you get the settlement you deserve If your injury is “serious” and falls on the following list then you can get higher compensation than the insurance may offer. These serious injuries include:

  • Loss of limb
  • Miscarriage
  • Loss of organ or loss of bodily function
  • Significant trauma to an internal organ eg brain
  • Injuries that interfere with your daily activities for more than 90days from the day which the accident occurred
  • Death

In Queens the rate of car accidents is high and it’s advisable to get a lawyer for such cases. That’s why at they are determined to see you get compensated adequately and faster.

Common injuries caused by car crash


1. Whiplash

This happens when there is an abrupt change of speed or a violent impact that causes shearing and tearing of tissues and muscles. It causes the victim’s head to snap in a back and forth motion which is painful and can also lead to damage of soft tissue and muscles.

2. Traumatic brain injury

The brain is the central nervous system of the body, which controls all the activities of the body from breathing to digestion even when walking and when it is damaged it won’t function properly, this can be life-changing. Injuries to the brain can cause confusion, severe headache, uncoordinated speech or language, motor control problems, loss of concentration, and disability at times. Treating brain injury is very expensive and delay in treatment can cause serious health problems.

3. Broken limbs or bones

When severe accidents occur, they may lead to the breaking of bones which may take months and at times years to heal. This will affect how your body normally works and your life in general.

People often ask, is it worth contacting a lawyer in case of a minor accident? The answer is yes. Accidents that occur at a lower speed and result in minimal damage to the vehicle can cause whiplash injuries. They’re still expensive to treat and the victim needs compensation for that. It is advisable to file a claim within three years when the date of an accident occurs.

Now that you know the benefits of having a car accident attorney, then you will probably be looking for a car accident attorney.

However, there are certain factors that you would need to put into perspective before selecting a car accident attorney.

These factors include

1. Communication

Any relationship between a client and an attorney requires there to be an open communication between the two.

It is no different when it comes to a car accident attorney and their client. There should be an open communication between the two.

This would not only allow an easier progression of the case but also the client would remain informed of how the case is fairing.

As you select an attorney ensure that they can provide you with adequate information on how best to handle your case.

2. Involvement

For your case to be a success it requires not only your participation but also that of your attorney.

Therefore, it is important for you to get a car attorney who is ready to provide their undivided attention and interest in your case.

If the attorney happens to provide minimal involvement, you might end up with a dismal amount of settlement than you actually deserve.

3. The availability of reference


Any person who has a profession is supposed to allow their future clients to have referrals.

These references provide future clients with a clear picture of the attorney’s reputation. One of the ways to get these references is through contacting the past clients.

In addition to that, there is a certain confidence that is gained from acquiring such contact information.

You should take caution as an attorney that is not willing to share this information is probably not a good choice for you.

4. Organization

Believe it or not the organization of your office space says a lot about how well you can perform a task.

Therefore, you should look at how organized your potential car accident attorney’s office is. This organization could go a long way in saving time.

If a firm is struggling to pick calls and handle their files, it is a clear indication that they are not equipped to handle your case.

5. Cost

This is a very crucial factor as it will determine whether you take up the services of a certain attorney.

Before securing the assistance of a certain attorney ensure that their budget is compatible with yours.

In addition to that, you should keep in mind that quality services will not be cheap.

6. Flexibility


Things don’t always go as planned even in our everyday lives. Therefore, a car accident attorney should be prepared to handle any issue that may arise during your case.

One way of ensuring that your potential car accident attorney is flexible is by studying their previous cases. This will provide an overview of how the cases were handled.

Once you have confirmed that the attorney would handle whatever issue arises then you can go ahead and take up their services.

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