5 Ways You Can Reduce your Double Chin

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Having a double chin is a huge confidence-killer and unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from it. Although each one of us is striving to become more open-minded as the years go by, we still cannot deny the feeling of disappointment when we look into our mirror and see something we don’t like.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is something regarding our appearance that is either inherited or we simply cannot change them without a serious medical procedure. However, having a double chin is strictly a product of our lack of dedication and not being serious when it comes to food and other healthy-eating habits.

People shouldn’t judge you by their looks, and neither should you, but give a man the ability to choose between looking good and looking bad, and it’s pretty obvious what they’ll end up choosing. In case you are someone who has to deal with the reflection of a double chin whenever you look into the mirror, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll help you get rid of it, so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

A healthy diet with no empty calories

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Healthy dieting should be a priority for every alive person. It’s not something we should do because of looks. And, you don’t have to be strict as a bodybuilder before a competition to remove that double chin from your face once and for all. Simply eliminate sodas, gummy bears, and anything that doesn’t have a meaning behind it and you’re eating it simply because you’re bored. Or, the simplest way is to start measuring your daily kcal intake and eat less than what your maintenance calorie number is. You can easily find out how much you need to eat to be at maintenance by taking an online test about daily calorie intake.

If you want a one-day solution, BeautyFixmedspa is a website where you can find out more.

Exercising to burn fat and drop extra weight

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If you think that exercising only your chin is silly, and you also don’t feel satisfied with how the rest of your body looks, you can just do regular exercises and reduce your overall body weight. This will ensure that you lower the amount of body fat percentage you have and your chin will naturally look better.

You don’t have to “hit the weights” hard if fixing your chin is the only goal. Simply do cardio and eventually, your entire body will look better. Running is one of the best things you can do in terms of cardiovascular fitness, but if for some reason you can’t or simply don’t like doing it, other alternatives work fine as well. Stair climbing or cycling are a few.

Remember that if you are unable to exercise, proper dieting will take you a long way. You have to start somewhere so if you have an upcoming wedding or something similar it’s time to prepare now.

Chin exercises for better face shape

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It may sound silly but there are many face exercises a person can do to make their face appear “tighter” and toned. The best thing about these exercises is that you can do them anywhere and you don’t require any equipment. However, avoid doing it in public because you’ll just look strange, especially if you’re looking at someone while exercising the chin, although with masks being a part of fashion nowadays it can go on unnoticed.

All jokes aside, chin exercises are a big deal for models and others who make an entire living out of their appearance. Google a routine and you’ll be able to begin in no-time.

A few common exercises we know of are straight jaw juts, pucker ups, tongue stretches, and neck stretches. How you can combine these in a routine is quite a personal thing, but the more you do them the better your progress will be.

Cosmetic surgery for a permanent “fix”

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If you don’t like exercising, or you simply dislike the amount of effort you need to put in to naturally fix your double chin, you can consider surgery. There’s nothing wrong with relying on technology to improve your quality of life. After all, that’s the main point of technology in the first place.

Anyway, there are many different types of surgeries you can order for this. Some directly re-shape that part of your face while others use fat-suction methods to reduce the overall body fat percentage and “naturally” eliminate the double chin. What you’ll choose is up to you but do research on the prices beforehand.

If you need a temporary solution learn to pose properly for a photo

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If you need a really quick temporary solution for an upcoming photoshoot or something similar, learn to pose in ways where your double chin won’t be exposed at all. Thankfully, professional photographers already thought about this in the past so you can easily find many different ways to pose if you do a simple Google search on the internet.

If you happen to be taking all the photos by yourself and you don’t have the assistance of a professional photographer, remember to take multiple shots and try different poses as well. Then, you can end up choosing the ones where your double chin is exposed the least.


There are ways to reduce your double chin and you shouldn’t panic in case you have an upcoming photo shoot or an important video call because we’re here to help you. In today’s article, we made sure to list all the useful methods of reducing this unwanted thing in our appearance, and most of them don’t cost any money. All you need to do is commit to a healthy diet or a training program and you’ll be on a great way to look brand-new in a really short period. As always, remember that appearance is not everything in a person, so don’t feel bad if you are discouraged by your looks. You can always improve everything on you appearance-wise if you have the will to do so.