5 Social Benefits of Online Gaming – 2024 Guide

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Even though it is tough to explain to your parents that your online gaming has benefits and helps you improve different skills. There was extensive research by the scientist in order to put an end to the discussion once and for all. It is essential to state that the research has shown that there are social benefits of being active in the online gaming community. Stay tuned to see which skills you have been improving.

1. Connection to their families

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Even though your parents would probably disagree, it has been shown that many players have better relationships with their families when compared to non-players of the same age. That’s why it is recommended for parents to buy video games on in shops or online by scanning through the internet on websites such as theoldschoolgamevault.com for those that do not have this device yet. This is due to many reasons, and one of them is pretty simple, while teenagers of their age are going out, and spend time outside, the ones that are playing will rather stay home. By being home, they are pointed towards their families and they will spend more time with them; this can be a meal that they all share, or a movie night or any activity of choice.

In addition to this, many will have closer relationships with the members of the household since they will be in close proximity and will have interaction with them. Some will even show the game to their family members and might pay with them, making them alliances in both the online and offline world. This makes the relationships between them even stronger.

2. Awareness during activities

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Since playing games increase alertness, it is widespread for the ones that enjoy this activity to have increased levels of alertness; this is due to the fact that that their brain is being trained to sport details and process them faster. By playing games, the number of synapses in the brain in charge of spotting details are increasing and becoming stronger. The ones in charge of quick responses are on the rise as well.

One of the first researches in regards to gaming and online gaming that was conducted was in the field of the brain and the effects of the activity on it. It has shown that there is an increase in the speed of reflexes and response to the stimuli. In addition, it seems like there is an increase in the speed by which information is processed and responded to them properly.

3. Engagement in school-related activities

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Since teens that are playing games have increased awareness, they are seen as the ones that are more prone to be engaged in school-related activities and they are more likely to stay focused for a longer period of time. This is due to the fact that playing online games requires high levels of concentration and focus on the given task, so their people are well trained to get into the focus mode and finish the task with fewer breaks.

Of course, gaming can get in the way of school obligations, but it seems like there is a positive correlation between playing and performing in school, especially in task-related activities. The brain recognizes the tasks and steps right on it using a lot of resources in order to solve problems and wrap it up in the shortest period of time. This efficiency is being practiced during online play since there is no way for them to pause it and have to be at the top of the task all the time.

4. Improved mental health

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Even though the ones that are playing games online are less social at first glance, but we do tend to underestimate the levels of socialization these people have. When it comes to them they do have a lot of online friends that they are regularly in contact with.

They tend to be less anxious and depressed when compared to the ones of their age, and this is very important, especially in the teenage age, when the brain is developing hence it is more prone to having some difficulties in comprehending the severity of the neurotransmitter misbalance

In addition to this and on the contrary from the popular misconception, we have seen less aggressiveness and better management control in the teenagers that are involved in playing video games. The very important part is learning to stay focus, and control the emotions since they can affect the game and the outcome, this is why their people learn to be in more control when it comes to expressing strong emotions and has better coping mechanisms.

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5. Fewer chances of substance abuse

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Due to the things mentioned, being in a better relationship with their family members and spending more time at home there is a reduced chance of getting in contact with different substances. In addition to this, they are very in control of their emotions and in general very happy, since they do the things they love, making the brain release significant amounts of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, making them feel satisfied and accomplished.

This is a very good thing since with natural stimuli and feelings of happiness it is less likely for them to want to use the substances. Even if they do try them, the likelihood of further usage is reduced when compared to the ones that are not playing video games. Video games are extremely popular especially in this pandemic time, and retro video games are especially popular. If you are one of them just visit theoldschoolgamevault.com and discover more.


As presented, there are many social and developmental benefits of playing online video games. This is of course if there is moderation in playing and this does not interfere with daily activities and obligations. The ones that are into video games and play them online, we can notice positive effects on their brains including the amounts of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.

With faster processing and reaction time they are better in stressful situations, especially since playing games has prepared them spouting them into timely tasks. Since they have learned how to focus and stay in this state for a longer period of time, everyday tasks, and work and school obligations. With better mental health in general, they are less prone to reach for different substances and abuse them.