Sports Betting Parties: 5 for a Sports Bettor


Did you know that close to 50 percent of adults in the United States of America have at least a basic level of interest in betting on sports? One of the joys of sports betting is getting together with your friends that also have bets on the big game. Each sports bettor knows that they live and die with each play that unfolds.

Hosting a sports party at your home is one of the best ways to bring all of your betting friends together, whether it’s to root for a particular sports team or to hope that prop bets hit. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect article to learn all about hosting the best sports party possible for your friends and family.

Keep reading this article for five great ideas today!

1. Set Up Super Bowl Squares


One of the most popular things that you should have at your sports betting party is the opportunity for guests to play Super Bowl Squares. It’s a classic betting game that grants you the chance to make more money from the big sporting event that you’re hosting.

This is a great game to have if you plan on having sports bettors attend your party. It’s easy to learn and you don’t need a ton of supplies in order to make it happen. A poster board, a marker, and some low-level math skills will get the job done if you want to play Super Bowl Squares at your big party.

If you don’t trust your math skills then it’s a good idea to get at least two poster boards. You don’t want to compute something wrong only to discover that it’s too late.

2. Printable Prop Bet Sheet


Another great option to include at your sports betting party is a printable prop bet sheet. The best part of including this as part of your party is that there are no limits to the things that you can place bets on, especially for massive sporting events like the Super Bowl.

You’ll need to come up with all of the prop bets before the big game starts. Anyone that wants to participate will need to buy into the game. It’s up to you to decide if you want a multiple-choice format or a fill-in-the-blank format for this game.

Seek to include things related to the game, such as the result of the opening coin toss and the player to score the first touchdown in the game. It’s also fun to include things that are unrelated to the game, like which brand will get the opening commercial slot for the Super Bowl and whether or not someone will streak across the field. You can check here to learn about making prop bets for March Madness as well!

If you have a bigger crowd then you should try to mix things up between entertainment, commercials, player bets, and the game itself. Everyone will have a blast if you stick to this format for your sports party.

3. Prop Bankroll Contest


You should also look at including a prop bankroll contest as part of your sports betting party. This game is best if you have a number of experienced sports bettors coming to the party. It’s even possible to set up this fun game for you and one other person that enjoys watching or betting on sports.

You’ll need to look over the prop bet options with different bookies ahead of time. Pick any ten prop bets that interest you from that particular bookie. As the game goes on, the person with the largest remaining bankroll wins the pot. It’s a nice mix of strategy and sports knowledge, making it perfect for your sports party.

4. Pass the Cup


No sports party is complete without a game to pass the cup. This game requires a cup, some money, and some friends to get it started. You’ll need to draw names to determine who starts with the cup.

That person then puts some money into the cup, and the cap will change hands with each change of possession in the game. It’s up to you to determine how people can win. A great setup is to have the people that are holding the cup at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters take a small amount of money, while holders of the cup at halftime and the end of the game take out larger amounts.

5. Hat Draw


If you’re getting together for a big sporting event then you’ll definitely want to consider having a hat draw competition. This works best when you’re looking to predict the MVP or the Man of the Match for the big game.

You’ll want to write down the names of players on small pieces of paper, and then place those pieces of paper into the hat for the drawing. If the player whose name you draw ends up winning the MVP or Man of the Match award then you’ll win the pot for this fun game.

A good rule of thumb is to have each person draw at least two or three names, especially if you have a small group of people that like betting on sports at your party. That way, someone will end up with the right player name for the MVP hat draw.

This also helps you cover your bases in the event that there are two players that are named MVP of the game. It’s a fun and exciting game that will keep everyone invested until the final whistle blows.

Host the Perfect Party for Your Sports Bettor Friends


The typical sports bettor looks at the Super Bowl and views it as the Holy Grail for making player bets and betting on some of their favorite sports teams. Make sure that you have a poster board set up for Super Bowl Squares if you want your sports betting party to be a hit with friends. You should also allow for player bets and prop bet games, along with an MVP hat drawing.