Perfect Survival Guide for College Students

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College is a frustrating yet exciting time of your life. It is a foreign place surrounded by people you’ve never met but expected to spend the next four years of your life with. It comes with responsibilities like taking care of yourself while also maintaining a thriving social life with scoring sky-high grades. It all can seem too much and needless to say, as overwhelming as it gets. If you want to have an exciting time at college without compromising on your studies and subsequently, your GPA here is a perfect survival guide for you!

1. Understand your major

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Everyone wants to make it big after college but not everyone does. The key is to understand your major and be mindful of why you opted for it. Research intensively before you opt for one and if you’re a tad bit confused, go for a general degree and choose your specialization once you make up your mind.

Further, to ace your classes you must do the following:


Prioritizing is the golden rule you must hold on to. There’s too much going on around you and in your life which is why you must plan and conquer. With that said, try to invest in a planner or just get your iPhone calendar in order and plan things on a day to day basis. You must jot down what you wish to achieve during and day and might I add, realistically so that you are aware of what to expect each day and give up on procrastinating too much and for too long.

Prioritizing provides you a direction each day. This will enable you to set your day in motion from the very beginning, every day. Further, it will also let you be mindful of what is more important and resultantly, you will not dwell on social media or rather useless things for too long. As experts from said: prioritizing is the golden rule you must hold on to

Get to know your professors

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Professors are professionals in what they do. It is imperative that you know them not only in the limited capacity of your lecture times. Knowing them will make you more comfortable in classes with respect to asking questions and learn effectively in less time. With that, since you’ll be on their good books, you’re more prone to getting those extra class participation points than otherwise. Further, in times when you feel lost both academically and in your personal life, they’re great resources to turn back to get amazing advice which will provide you with a great perspective of things.

Establish a study group

It is important to befriend your classmates. Try to go out of your way to form groups for class projects with peers you’re not friends with as this will not only land you new friends but will also help you survive the long, sporadic hours of lectures every other day. In addition to that, it is also pertinent to form study groups with these friends. Study groups will help you stay on top of each class which ultimately means, no breakdowns and cramping before the finals.

Find places on campus to study at

College is another world, altogether. It has everything and anything that will distract you from important things. From parties to extracurricular activities, you name it, the college has it! With that said, it is important you find your spot to study.

Staying back in your room and studying is not for everyone which is why you must explore studying spots on campus. It can be anything from the library to a sweet spot under the tree on campus. Having this spot will not only help you study productively but will also put your mind in the right, studying space which, let’s face it, we all struggle a lot with!

2. Socialize

College is far more than just getting tremendous grades and being a book worm. It’s about meeting new people and most importantly, exploring and understanding your own self. Coming all the way to a new place from your hometown where not only was your family around but so were the friends you literally, shared diapers with,  making new friends at a new place can be extremely daunting. To meet new people you must step out of your comfort zone and socialize.

Socializing is basically putting yourself out there. Try small. Begin with spending time with your roommate and eventually your hall mates. They’re the easiest to befriend as they’re basically going through the same situation while living with you. Plan small but fun activities to do with them which can be anything from cooking nights to watching 90’s romantic comedies to working out every other day. These activities will bring you all closer which are what a homesick student wants.

Further, get involved in the extra-curricular activities that are out there for you to explore. Try to become a member of a society which you really care about. This, again will help you meet people who have the same interests as you and hence, will strike instant connection. Now, you might ask as to how you can squeeze these activities in your already packed schedule? Well, the answer is simple – work smart instead of hard. For assignments and course works you’re not too invested in, you must turn to the help that is available online.

Many students turn to websites such as PaperHelp for help with their writing tasks and tight deadlines. A large majority of students are overwhelmed with work and they cannot achieve it all on time. Writing isn’t something a lot of people are interested in and even though the benefits of writing are obvious as it helps you organize your thoughts and rationally discuss certain issues, business or finance majors would not have enough time to focus on it. Writing is time-consuming and therefore, it comes to no surprise that many students seek online help.

Hopefully, this guide will calm your mind and help you survive this turbulent time of your life!