9 Ways Technology Is Improving The Hospitality Industry

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Technology is getting advanced day by day in almost every sector or industry. We all have a habit of using various gadgets in our daily life including mobile phones, refrigerators, watches, etc. The invention of new devices is never going to stop. In this article, we have shared different ways in which technology is getting improved in the hospitality industry.

1. Digital keys

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Today, an ever-increasing number of hotels prefer using mobile applications over outdated plastic keycards that will slowly become forgotten. Furthermore, plastic keycards are prone to get damaged, demagnetized or even lost easily. That is the reason why various famous hotel chains like Hilton, Accor, Marriott, and others have already started utilizing digital keys to maintain the privacy and safety of the guests. Digital keys guarantee more safe options for entry and exit for your visitors. Each digital key is one of its kind and is non-reusable.

2. Energy management

Hotels burn massive amounts of money on energy management, be it air conditioning or heating systems. Climate control is one of the main parts of the hospitality business. Due to advancements in technologies, we are able to use various devices that can help us bring down energy consumption. These innovations include occupancy sensors, smart thermostats, machine learning algorithms, etc.

3. Service automation

Service automation includes various things, ranging from automatic check-in via mobile applications, opening rooms with facial acknowledgment, giving amenities depending upon the preferences during booking, and so forth. Hotel staff can provide a personalized experience to their guests with the help of service automation. Artificial intelligence is the key to service automation.

Artificial intelligence technologies, for example, Machine Learning can go about as an attendant service to learn about the preferences of the guests, food ordering, services availed by them, and so on. This information can be used during future stays of the visitor, giving them more motivation to settle on an inn or hospitality location. The hotels should also check Book4Time to get different ideas on how they can include unique automated services to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Social media

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The modern client is the most educated client that you will come across or encounter in front of your reception desk. Prior to visiting a hotel, the greater part of them would have proactively looked at the rooms, taken criticism from past visitors, have looked at the food services and different things that make their stay comfortable. How could this happen? The solution lies in social media networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Without making a tenable social presence, no hospitality business can expect to succeed.

5. Contactless payments

Contactless payments offer various benefits for resorts, hotels, cafes, bars, and bistros, which is the reason this has been among the primary innovation trends within the hotels recently. It helps in speeding up the payment process and also improves customer satisfaction. It is a great method of paying at the hotels especially when the customer has misplaced their credit or debit cards and also doesn’t have their wallets with them. Contactless payments reduce human-to-human contact, which is a good initiative toward the prevention of Covid-19.

6. Infrared sensors

Are your guests constantly complaining about the disturbances created by the housekeeping staff? The conventional strategy of knocking on the door and announcing the appearance of the staff has become obsolete. Infrared sensors permit you to be familiar with environmental factors by identifying and transmitting infrared radiation. The LED light informs you at whatever point an item is close to the sensor via automatically returning to the light sensor.

Assuming that you’re hoping to introduce infrared sensors in your hospitality business, think no further. It can also detect body heat, which is great for informing you whether the room is occupied or not. Rather than having ‘Don’t Disturb’ entryway cards or disturbing the tired visitors, infrared sensors assist your staff with knowledge that they need to visit the room later to clean it.

7. Virtual concierge services

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Modern technology has spoiled people. Whenever a guest visits your hotel, he expects you to provide 24/7 service. They do not like waiting for long to get the answer to their queries. Say thanks to the AI-powered solutions that helped the hospitality industry to enhance the overall stay experience of the guests.

Every modern hotel must have a virtual concierge service these days. This helps the guests to get conversational assistance whenever they require it. They will be able to get replies from the staff all day and night. It has made it easy for the hotels to handle their visitor’s requests online.

8. Chatbots

Chatbot innovation has seen an exponential rise in its growth in recent years and the importance of this technology is developing, particularly as guests expect you to answer their queries with quick responses all day. Cafes and hotels frequently get inquiries from individuals from different time zones, so it is not possible to have staff members to answer them all the time.

A decent chatbot will address the most well-known inquiries without the requirement for any human inclusion. In further developed cases, the chatbot can get data from the client and afterward send the query to a human staff at the earliest, while also furnishing them with information regarding what the guest has said.

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9. Voice search and voice control

Amazon and Google have been intensely putting resources into voice-based innovation. As of now today Google permits individuals to book and oversee hotels and flights using voice.

This rising tech trend in the hospitality industry is a higher priority than you might suspect.

Many individuals use voice search to look for hotels and close-by bistros, so find opportunities to appropriately capitalize on this. Voice control is also expanding these days. The installation of smart speakers in the hotel rooms will empower visitors to control the systems and gadgets available in the room.

To Sum Up

Technology has undoubtedly made our lives so much better and easier. Every sector or industry is using the latest innovations to improve their business and the same goes for the hospitality industry. Contactless payments, chatbots, voice search, service automation, and infrared sensors are among those technologies that have helped hotels to enhance the customer satisfaction.