How Thick Should an Exterior Door Be – 2024 Guide


A building or redesigning a home is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. You have a chance to create your own oasis that will suit your taste to the fullest. This means that you are going to select paint colors, building materials, designs, and styles for every little piece of thing in your home. As the outcome, your house is actually going to be a reflection of your own personality. One of the things that require a high level of attention and selection should be your exterior door. This is the first thing that all of your visitors are going to see when they come to your home.

Finding the right exterior door for the house can be a difficult task, however, it does not have to be overwhelming if you consider upfront some of the crucial factors in the terms of the purchasing process. Moreover, if you have all information on your plate, this can be a fun process for you and your family. The exterior door is the beginning of the adventure through your house. Therefore, an entry door should emphasize the character of the house. For all types of homes, old or new ones, the exterior door is a key focal point.

Exterior Door Measurements


One of the crucial and most common things that bother people is how thick should an exterior door be for their house. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the measurements of your entryway, so you can purchase the perfect front exterior door for your house. There is a specific guideline for measuring your doorway. Primarily, you need to ensure that you are standing right in front of the door and that the door is open away from you. After that, you can conduct the following measurements.

When it comes to the width of the exterior door, you need to measure the width of your door’s opening on the three sides, at the top, middle and bottom. The widest measurement is the one that you should take in order to determine your door’s width.

In the terms of the door height, you need to measure the height of the inside of the door frame. This means that you should go from the bottom to the top of the rough opening. Additionally, you are going to need to repeat this measurement on the other side of the door as well and take the highest number in order to determine the height of your door.

Finally, you should also know the measures of depth. In other words, you are going to measure the thickness of the door and the width of the rough opening in the frame of your door. In general, these numbers should be identical, however, if they are not, use the higher one when recording the required measure.

What is the standard exterior door size?


In general, there is a standard entry door size that is suitable for almost every house. The measures of the standard doors are 80″ x 36″. However, in some houses, doors can be tall as 109″ and wide as 42″. This refers mostly to very luxury-designed houses. When it comes to double door measures, they are narrower at a width of 30″ or 32″. As the last, the standard thickness is 1 3/4″.

The guide for purchasing the exterior door


Now, after we finished with the measured parts, you surely want to find out more about the exterior door purchasing process itself. There are some tips that can be very helpful for you on that path. Let’s get to the point and see which things you should consider while making the purchase.

Take advantage of the Internet

By this, we mean that you should be free to go on the Internet and start researching exterior doors. In that way, you will know what types of doors are available on the market and you are going to create a clear picture of the door that you want to have. It does not matter whether you want to buy the exterior door at a store or online, this process will surely save you a lot of time. By doing the research online, you are going to see different manufacturer sites where you gather more information about the materials, designs, and styles of the doors.

Additionally, you are going to pass different door catalogs and see which types of doors are trendy now. This will truly help you to narrow your choice. Even if you do not see the exact exterior door model you want, some similar models will give you an idea of construction and give you guidelines on what you should focus your research on. If you are interested to see a wide range of different trendy models, you can visit PuertasEuroBlock high-quality exterior door selection.

Installation Process


Exterior doors are considered door systems because they are coming pre-hung in a frame and they are pre-drilled for a knob as well as the deadbolt. Therefore, if you do not want to replace the door just because it is a part of a large remodeling project, you should rather choose the exterior door that is going to be the same size as your previous one. If you choose a larger door or you add sidelights, you need to be prepared for redoing the whole door framing around your new door. This job will require a contractor.

Energy Efficiency

One more thing that you should know before you choose the door is something about the material of the door. For instance, it is important to know that steel and fiberglass materials are going to have more insulating value for your door than wood doors would have. Models of doors that are qualified as energy efficient will not save you as much as you think, since doors are a very small part of the surface area of the house which means that they will not allow a very high amount of warm air to escape.