4 Things to look For When Buying Expensive Jewelry Online

There’s not a single woman in the world who doesn’t like jewelry. Even those who don’t wear it all the time, have a couple of pieces in their box, received as a gift and worn on special occasions. Those who say they do not like jewelry simply failed to meet the perfect ensemble that suits their personality.

It’s no secret that women enjoy feeling pretty, which is the reason why they pick the jewelry from www.adinaeden.com that draws attention, makes certain parts of the body stand out, but also covers imperfections. Wearing it, women state their personality and style, but also mood. There are many other reasons why women and people generally chose to wear jewelry, and power and status are one of them.

Just like everything else, jewelry can also be bought online, especially if you’re searching for a specific kind of quality not available near you. The offer is so rich, that searching for a suitable piece can take a whole day, depending on the occasion we need it for.
Those who buy necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other pieces in online stores, prefer to buy from trusted suppliers, from whom they have already bought in the past or received a recommendation from a friend. But buying online carries a certain risk with it, one of them being buying fake jewelry. That’s why if you want to purchase a quality and expensive piece of jewelry online, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. Read our useful advice in the text below.


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First and foremost, when buying anything expensive see is there a warranty behind it.
Every time you shop, value your money. Know that you will always have to pay for quality and that you can’t expect much from a cheap product. Don’t be ashamed to ask who the jewelry manufacturer is, because today the market is overcrowded with cheap imported jewelry that is of rather poor quality and it is almost impossible to repair it. It is best to buy jewelry from the manufacturer or a certified seller such as bitluxuria.com, because it is also a guarantee that there will be no problems with the repair. Before you pay, always check who is doing the jewelry service and repair. Be careful when you receive the answer that someone else is doing it for them because in that case the costs of repairs will most likely be borne by you.

That’s why when shopping online you should pay special attention to whether there is a guarantee of satisfaction. This allows you to return if you don’t like it, or have your broken piece fixed, without any problems. When buying jewelry from some more expensive brand online, you need to be careful not to buy counterfeits. Pay special attention when shopping in online stores from abroad.

Choose sellers with a good reputation

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This is a hard one to know since there so many sellers available online. It was a bit easier before because you were able to conclude what kind of a seller it is by looking at their website. Today, all websites are done so well, that you would always think it has to be worth your money. Only when the piece arrives, you notice it’s fake. Never, ever, buy-in online shops that do not have brand links stated on their page, because this is a guarantee they officially collaborate. When purchasing jewelry online, you should pay attention to jewelry photography. Having such photos shows a great deal of trust. Check out this website to learn how to create high-quality ring photography.

People often read the description and get persuaded the jewelry is of good quality, but most fall for the price. No one is immune to discounts, but if a certain shop is promoting discounts on jewelry all the time, there must be something fishy about it.

What was also found as a common online fraud, when it comes to expensive jewelry is the seal a piece is carrying. In most cases, it can be of gold or silver, but it’s not a guarantee of quality. Such sellers often sell gold plated, or silver plated, with the correct seal. You find this out after a couple of months wearing the piece. It starts to go dark in color. This brings us to the next point.

Trusted sellers like Watchlink.com offer seasonal discounts.

Be aware of the “hollow” jewelry

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The seal we mentioned in the previous point is often found either on plated jewelry or hollow one. Even some of the expensive pieces made of genuine metal can be hollow. Avoid buying “hollow” jewelry. Such jewelry looks much richer however it is of low quality and easily worn out. It is better to buy a thin “full” chain than a thick one that is “hollow”. This first one will last much longer and you will surely be satisfied with it. Besides, there are some models where quality is sacrificed for the sake of beautiful design.

For example, rigid necklaces with which you have to be extremely careful because they are sensitive to bending, and it is impossible to fix them without noticing it. How can you make sure you avoid all this? It’s a challenge when buying online, so make sure you do a little bit of googling before and see what others have to say about it.
Pay attention to silver

Silver is the favorite among many but carries special risk because it goes dark with time and can lose its shine. This is the reason manufacturers cover it by using the process of galvanization. In that case, the silver is covered with a very thin layer of rhodium, and then it no longer darkens, it has a high gloss and the color of white gold. However, since rhodium is extremely expensive (much more expensive than gold), nickel, which is poisonous, is usually used for galvanizing silver. It’s the reason an allergy reaction can happen. Therefore, since you already plan to spend money, ask for the piece covered in rhodium.

All these things can help you make a purchase of a quality piece you’ll love and wear for years to come. Just, keep all of them in mind.