5 Tips on Having the Best Fashion

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Fashion nowadays is getting more and more engaging not only to the corporate world but also, and more importantly to the youth. Cheap or expensive, many people still want the best for themselves, making them stand out among the crowd.

Because of the fast fashion that has gone spontaneously eminent, big companies like Zara and H&M are putting out the best of trends every week, to the point where the market and sales have exponentially grown. Every day, every week, and every month, people still can’t get enough with what they wear.

Getting in the competition is not a challenge anymore, but the resilience of the fashion industry had been influential to most of us. So, here are five tips on how to become the best version of yourself through clothing:

1. Know your style first

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Do you want to look popping when you go down the streets? Or, do you just like being fashionable yet subtle? There are various ways on how to tell what your style is, and it is much effective when you ask people about it.

Being offended about asking your style from others is normal. But hey, as long as you know what you look in their eyes, you will surely know how to step up your game and have them compliment you. 

2. Know the latest trends

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Once you already know your style, check out what’s in for today’s fashion. You can look up to many Instagram accounts and fashion sites that tell which is in and which is out. Also, there are multitudes of styles that you can see on the internet, and you might be lucky if you are already doing what is outside.

If you have already found out these trends, you might want to ask yourself if you want to change the way you dress or the clothing that you buy. Nonetheless, it will still be your decision, but make sure that you want yourself to be happy than sensing what others think about you.

3. Invest in a high-quality brand

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High-quality clothing does not mean high-end buying. You can just look up to the best brands in a mall near your town, or just simply look online for what you will need. The keyword in investing these materials is “quality”, and you will probably spend less money once you have bought some. 

There are merchants that sell the best quality and goes into the latest trends. May it be an analog watch or a leather belt, as long as you keep up a standard that gives a basis on quality rather than price value, you will be good to go. Check out some options on watchshopping.com regarding the watch.

4. Collect essentials

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Shirt, trousers, shoes – these are the most basic clothing pieces that are being manufactured by fashion-inclined brands. If you want to make a long stretch of time with your pieces being timeless, you can go for looks that are simple yet not repetitive to look at, even if you wear them every day. 

What this means is that making the best out of your wardrobe can lead you into moments that are not exhausting for you to go through. If you have been buying printed shirts and wear them all the time, your friends might notice that maybe you don’t have enough clothes. 

That’s okay, but what if these prints come off in time and you don’t want to wear them anymore? Stick with basics and everything else will follow. 

5. Style and comfort go hand in hand

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They say that there are times when comfort is compromised for style. For the most part, it is not true. See, having to wear clothes is more of a need, and style just comes after. If you want your wardrobe to be quirky, go ahead and invest in pieces that make you look beautiful or handsome, but also invest in items that can’t make you sweat even more. 

As this section goes, style and comfort really go hand in hand. Some designers have revolutionized fashion not only in making sustainable clothes for the future, but some are also relentless in terms of aesthetics and comfort, and these brands are what you should go after. Having more cause in wearing than “flexing” by sacrificing comfort is just not helping you at all.


Getting the best style in town can be amazing as being famous – not because of attention, but because of being yourself and showing to the crowd who you are. There are multifarious ways on how to adjust to the modern trend, but it does not necessarily mean that you need to abide by it. The more you feel yourself, the better.

But if you want to invest in clothing, there are emerging brands that dedicate their time to fashion and practicality. Balancing comfort and style with fabrics like denim, cotton, wool, leather and the likes can be now found in almost any market that liberally focuses on modern apparel. You might want to try them out and capitalize a little to make out of your current wardrobe.