Topper Mortimer Net Worth 2024 – Early Life, Education and Career


Topper Mortimer is a celebrity who enjoys leading his life under the radar. Not only does he like to keep things private, but he also rarely appears on events. However, due to his marriage and divorce from Tinsley Mortimer, his popularity increased so some details about his personal life made it to the media. If you are interested in reading about everything we know so far about Mortimer, including his bio, career and net worth, take a look at the following text.

Topper Mortimer – Early Life, Education and Career


He was born in 1977. Topper’s family is famous for successful business regarding oil industry. Further, his great-grandfather was Henry Morgan Tilford, who was the president of Standard Oil. Topper’s mother is an editor at Elle Décor and House Beautiful. However, his parents are not the only ones in the family who are successful. His siblings do quite well too. In that sense, his sister, Minnie, is a fashion designer, while his brother Peter Davis is the editorial director of Express.


When it comes to Topper’s education, he went at the elite boarding school Lawrencevillle Prep in New Jersey. After graduation, he enrolled in New York University in order to get higher education.


Today he works in finance. His career is rather successful because not only is he involved with the massive oil company he inherited, but he is also the employee of the investment firm Focus Point Private Capital Group.

Topper Mortimer – Personal Life


Even though he comes from a famous family, Mortimer likes to keep things private. The first time he got to the covers of magazines was thanks to his marriage and divorce from Tinsley Mortimer, the famous reality star. The couple first got married when they were 18. However, due to the pressure by Topper’s family, the marriage was annulled. In 2002, they remarried, but soon after that it was announced that they were getting a divorce.
Today, Topper is married to Tabitha Simmons, with whom he has a daughter Violet.

Topper Mortimer – Net Worth


Even though nobody really knows his exact net worth, it is estimated that it is around 35 million dollars. The majority of his income comes from his employment in the finance sector. Furthermore, he is the heir to the huge oil company, which is considered to be the absolute giant and leader in the field.


To sum up, information about Topper Mortimer’s life are not that familiar. The reason behind the unknown details is related to the fact that he doesn’t want to be publically exposed, and he likes his privacy. Nevertheless, the media managed to dig up some details about his life. Hopefully, this article was helpful and you got to learn more about Mortimer.