Misconceptions People Have About Elon Musk and Bitcoin

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Investing in the cryptocurrency market is one of the most profitable decisions you can make in this day and age. The market is vast, it offers you numerous investment possibilities, and you have several ways you can invest in these. Naturally, you will need to study the market carefully before you make any decision.

As we’ve said, this is a huge market. Therefore, you will need to invest a significant amount of time and effort before you can understand all the relevant elements. The first decision you need to make is to choose the right trading platform. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to pay a visit to thebitqtapp.com.

Another important aspect that requires your attention is monitoring the trends in the market. They can influence the value of the crypto. A good example is the relationship Elon Musk has had with Bitcoin. Some of his statements about digital currency made a lot of changes in the market.

Today, we want to discuss some of these to provide readers with a clearer picture.

Does He Own BTC?

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One of the stories that have been circulating about BTC and Elon Musk is that he doesn’t own BTC. He addressed these questions several times in his interviews. Sometimes he said that he never invested in any cryptocurrency, including BTC, and in some other cases, he said that he owns more than one of these.

Since we are talking about a popular person, whose interviews are widely invented out of nothing, we need to be careful when it comes to drawing any sort of conclusions. The truth is that he does own BTC and that his company, Tesla, has made it a legal method of payment when it comes to their products.

It wasn’t always like that. There were moments when the company decided not to accept digital currencies anymore. Those who have monitored the market closed at the time know that it resulted in a massive decline in the value, not just in the case of BTC. When the company decided they want to accept them again, the value skyrocketed.

Sustainable Energy

We’ve mentioned that there was a time when Tesla simply discarded BTC as a method of payment, which resulted in a market crash. Why did this happen? Well, according to Mr. Musk himself, the company perceived the main weaknesses of the currency. What he said was a surprise for many people out there.

He stated that the mining process uses too many resources, especially those fossil fuels. Spending too much on these resources causes pollution and increases significant emissions of fuel. He also stated that this concept has a lot of potentials that can be explored in the future, but that moment was not the right one.

Also, he stated the company is open to accepting the crypto again after the procedure has been updated to use less than fuel. Later, the company found a compromise with BTC. They offered to provide help to the developers of the digital currency to help them make the mining process much more eco-friendlier.

Collaboration with BTC and ETH

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The next thing we want to discuss is closely connected to the last sentence of the previous entry. Mr. Musk stated that he and his company will help BTC to consume much less energy during the mining procedure. That collaboration was established and it is still going on, even after Bitcoin suffered a massive drop in value in 2024.

But this is not the only digital currency Elon Musk wants to establish a collaboration with. We can see that he frequently communicates with the developer of ETH Vitaly Buterin. The duo has agreed that they will collaborate on making ETH 2.0 much more efficient than the first version of the crypto.

Still, we want to say that this collaboration wasn’t promising at the beginning. In fact, Mr. Buterin was one of the people who have publicly said that they want to protect their digital currencies from outside influences, like the statements of Elon Musk regarding Bitcoin. Thankfully, these differences were overcome.

Elon Musk’s Influence on the Market

The statements Elon Musk has made over the years had a significant impact on the market as a whole. Many make the mistake that it was only addressing Bitcoin. When you dig a little deeper, you will see that other digital currencies, like Ethereum and Dogecoin were also heavily affected, both positively and negatively.

Some of his statements changed the value of a Bitcoin several times. We have mentioned only a couple of examples that occurred in the past couple of years. Many people have been accusing him of investing in BTC heavily and then manipulating the market through the statements he makes through his social media accounts.

Even though Mr. Musk didn’t deny that he finds his influence on the market to be a compliment for him, he rejected these claims. Instead, he said that he wants to improve all the main digital currencies and make them much more efficient and less energy-consuming, which will be a significant thing in the future.

He Never Told People to Invest

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The latest misconception we want to say is that many accused him of supporting certain digital currencies by inviting people to invest in them. In one of the latest interviews he gave, he stated that he never did such a thing. Then he explained that he was only expressing his opinion without forcing it on others.

Also, he stated that the biggest problem he has with these statements is regarding Dogecoin. He quoted some of his Tweets, and he has shown that he never invited anyone to invest in this one. Instead, he was simply sympathetic to the idea behind this one. He also stated that he didn’t encourage anyone to invest in BTC.


The relationship between Bitcoin and Elon Musk is a strange one. Numerous aspects have remained unclear to the highest percentage of the public. Here, we’ve disclosed the most important ones and provided our readers with what was said. We’re sure you will find these insights interesting.