Where Do Fashion Designers Get Their Fabric?

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If you want to get into creating clothes or fashion accessories or you simply want to learn how professionals do it you must start by asking real questions. The initial question you need to ask when seeing a piece of clothing is what material is it made of. The second one is of course, where the creator of the piece sources its material.

This is how you will get to the bottom of things. There are two essential questions, and they will get you to where you want to be in this department. Are you interested in the origin of designer clothes? Of course, you are, that’s why you’re reading this article.

Don’t worry, we’re not reading into history books here, and speak about the ancient way of getting your hands on quality fabric. We’re about to tell a tale about contemporary designers.

The ones in question are the ones you’re interested in, right? We bet you, are. If that’s the case, don’t worry any more, we have you covered. While it’s possible not to know the proper answer to the inquiry on where fashion designers get their fabric, we can find the answers for you. You’ll find them below in the article too. So, all you need to do is to continue reading.

You will be surprised by our findings. The world of the fashion industry appears to be a vast one where only the big fish swims. You are inclined to believe that all of the world’s fabric comes from the same place and that if you dream about being a fashion designer you probably won be able to afford it. But, that’s not the case. You’re not even close to the truth. As we said, put some time aside, and scroll through our article. It’s not that complicated.

On The Web, Of Course

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While you might think that fashion designers are people above us mere mortals online shopping for clothes, they’re not. They are regular people, but with a high sense of fashion. When we talk about fashion designers the first names you’ll think of are Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, or Giorgio Armani. But, they’re high-end designers. You have hundreds of designers who are good at what they do but are still in the process of making a name for themselves. So, while they strive to reach the heights of some of the names from above, there’s no better way of getting quality fabric from online shops.

These days, you can find everything on the net. During the coronavirus pandemic, this was the only way to buy anything to tell you the truth. You are aware of this fact too. So, if you want to get some quality fabric from the web you just need to Google a bit. In no time you’ll find outlets such as jrsfabrics.com who are cooperating with Kennard and Kennard and is one of the best fabric suppliers in the world and not only in Australia. So, before you start overthinking, make sure you don’t skip the first logical step – the internet.

Designated Shops

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The first step should always be to think globally. Explore the world. This is best done by using the internet. The second step, if the first one fails you is to think locally. Sometimes the best products can be found nearby. When you seek to find high-quality fabric maybe you shouldn’t look further than your local store. Some local stores, that you might find old-fashioned or traditional might be just what you’ll look for, offering natural fabric for any type of design.

Never underestimate local products. You might be surprised at what you’ll find. Good fabric is always valued and sells fast, so you might even find the most modern and up-to-date collections at the simplest of stores. It’s not like we’re revealing a big secret, but the simplest of truths is often overlooked. Do not miss the treasure in front of you by trying to see the bigger picture.


Now, this is the way to go. Sourcing a product from the source itself is the best thing you can do for yourself if you want a high quality product. In case you develop a good relationship with your local weaver, and you become a regular customer, the chances are that you’ll be on the receiving end of some of the best products they have to offer. This will be the case if you have big orders.

When they sell their merchandise in bulk they ought to respect the buyer. The best part is that once you become a customer at weavers you will remain one forever, as they will source you with quality products, and it’s even possible that you’ll grow together if you start making a name for yourself in the fashion industry. Even if you only want the fabric recreationally it’s never a bad idea to make connections with a weaver.

Fabric Fairs

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Selling fabric is no small industry. They exist in every part of the world and every region. Sometimes you’ll encounter a fair dedicated to fabric. In some places even large expos occur dedicated to the fabric manufacturers. Yes, it’s not science, but fairs are held where you can find local manufacturers displaying their goods.

This is an ideal way to find well-priced fabric that suits your needs and your financial ability. The best part is that you’ll have plenty of samples to try out. This way you’ll not only be getting the best possible material, but you’ll be able to receive it at a fair price while also connecting with your potential future partners.

Final Thoughts

Yes, there could be other ways to source fabric for your fashion endeavor but we’ll leave that up to you. As far as we’re concerned these are all easy and legitimate ways t get your hands on fabric used by fashion designers. If you don’t find our advice adequate you’re free to fill us in the comment section. But, we bet you are satisfied with our findings.