Dispelling Myths: Why Is CBD So Popular than Alcohol?

Alcohol to forget about all the problems? Alcohol to relieve pain? Such statements were common before, while now, more and more people prefer to go for CBD products that are believed to help one with many health conditions, and wellness issues. Still, there are many myths around CBD and alcohol, and CBD efficacy and safety itself. Let’s dispel them all, and decide on the winner.

CBD and Alcohol Matter

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Let’s start with notorious alcohol. Alcohol is most well-known as a liquid that produces relaxation, and sedation when taken in low to moderate doses. Besides, alcohol is a depressant that may bear many negative health outcomes at high doses. It may alter the functionality of the brain, and then affect coordination, alertness, and thinking ability.

When speaking of more serious consequences when abusing it, one may come across stroke, irregular heartbeat, cirrhosis, pancreas, fatty liver, as well as cancer. In case of serious overdose, one may end up being dead. Also, it is worth mentioning that alcohol when abused may lead to criminal or domestic violence caused by aggression or a sincere desire to help an abuser by a family.

On the other side, when thinking of its benefits strange it may sound, it may somehow provide relief for pain conditions and mental health conditions. Still, a person who starts experiencing that relief won’t limit himself to one-shot or one glass of wine but will go for a bottle and bottle, and bottle. It results in addiction and requires medical assistance.

What about CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp plant. It is known to have many health benefits. It works by affecting the functionality of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoids found in our bodies which are responsible for memory, pain response, overall well being among others. It just increases the functionality of the receptor and then helps us combat our bothering symptoms faster.

By now, you may see that CBD and Alcohol are not the same, and CBD gains the lead. Still, let’s check their myths.

Popular Myths Of CBD and Alcohol

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When overlooking the Internet pages where people discuss their experience with alcohol consumption and cannabidiol intake, there is both negative and positive feedback. They coincide in one thing – people do not have a full idea of CBD efficacy. Take a look at some myths:

  • CBD is harmful. No, CBD is just one compound from the hemp plant, and it has nothing to do with the high effects known with THC or smoking marijuana. CBD products contain no or less than 0.3% of THC, which is a legal content in all the products established by the FDA;
  • Overdosing with CBD and Alcohol. Yes, you may easily overdose with alcohol if you abuse it and drink into oblivion. CBD does not cause abuse or dependence, and you may take it without any risks of withdrawal symptoms as well;
  • CBD requires a prescription. No, you may buy CBD products without any prescription;
  • CBD and alcohol do not interact. It is a doubtful statement, as it is generally not recommended to interact with them both, as they may alter the efficacy of each other or cause side effects;
  • Alcohol and CBD can cure. Both substances cannot cure but help one alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, however, alcohol is not intended for any treatment at all times;
  • CBD does not help, while alcohol works immediately. To experience noticeable effects from CBD, one should give it at least one month, and it will be rewarded. Alcohol works immediately, of course, because it immediately affects your brain, and slows down your coordination, alertness, and memory;
  • CBD does not have any proof of efficacy. It is partially true, as there is little research existing confirming the efficacy of CBD products. But, all the scientific findings report its benefits and safety profile;
  • CBD oil and Alcohol do not have severe side effects. CBD is not linked to severe side effects, while alcohol when abused may cause even overdose.

Finally, one more myth concerns the affordability of CBD. Some people truly believe it is an expensive supplement that one should throw money down the drain on. With your CBD store, on edocbd.com you access gummies, capsules, pills, treats for pets at $20-$50 on average, while your booze may make you spend hundreds of dollars to satisfy your cravings. Beyond that, their products are vegan-friendly, and gluten-free which cannot be said about alcohol. Finally, with your CBD store, you may always get a refund while alcohol won’t be refunded. So, what is worth your attention more?

Why CBD?

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Now, when you have a visible understanding of why alcohol will always lag behind CBD, let’s conclude why CBD should be always considered over it.

Cannabidiol products are fully legal in all 50 states. Of course, you should be of full legal age to buy it. CBD passes numerous third-party lab tests that confirm its efficacy and safety profile, which, in turn, allow you to understand that you won’t be exposed to any risks like with alcohol. In particular, it concerns the absence of addiction, abuse, or dependence as well as side effects or overdose events. It does not produce high effects similar to smoking marijuana.

CBD helps to combat anxiety, depression symptoms, pain resulting from arthritis, and cancer pain, treat skin issues like acne or irritations. CBD is available in many forms like pills, capsules, soft gels, vaping liquid, oil, tinctures, gummies. Your pets may be treated with designated guilty-pleasures as well.

Finally, CBD fits athletes and those people who regularly pass drug urine tests. CBD is non-detectable but if it is, the major world organizations overlooking doping excluded this compound from the list of prohibited substances. So, choose a trustworthy CBD store, order the formula that is the most appealing to you, and start boosting your health and wellness without any risks to your wellbeing. Alcohol is no longer a panacea to your pain and mental health conditions.