10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos for Corporate Training

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Worker training in any business is really important. Training your employees means you will have workers prepared for any tasks, with the latest knowledge and tech applications ready to be utilized for the benefit of the business and your way forward in the market.

Now, most of you probably know several ways of training your workers but you don’t know which of these ways is the most effective one?! As you can see today we will be talking about creating videos for corporate training and we will explain why they are the most effective route if you want to develop your team. Now before we start with the pros of this type of corporate training we want to direct your attention to FlashBack PRO as an awesome tool you can use in this process that can help you out with the Free screen recording feature.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about corporate training videos and why are they so important and good. This article will tell you about the pros of video training and those pros will include things like cost efficiency, the ability to hold attention, better retention, more interaction and similar things. Not wanting to keep you on your toes for long let’s dive right in.

1. Cost efficiency

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When you take classic teaching and classic training that include a room, teacher and some aids, depending on the course, branch, job, company and so on you will need to pay for each of those separately. If there are levels you will need to pay each level for each group of workers. This is what raises the cost of training for your corporate employees. What you need to do is invest in video training that is a one-time deal and you can use that for any group of employees and any amount of time you want or need.

One important thing to note here is that certain things do change and as technology and new finding emerge almost daily you need to know that all of these video courses need to be up to date. This means you will have a one-time investment for a certain period and then you will need to adapt it or add to it that is up to you. So when it comes to finding teachers, aids, and places for training you are better off paying for a corporate training video and having your employees use one of your facilities for educational purposes.

2. Engagement

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When it comes to training via video tutorials and explanations it is everything about engagement. If you make these training videos appealing it is more likely to increase interest and overall engagement. A study has shown that 75% of people are more likely to watch a video and learn from there rather than read it. It all has to do with one’s ability to form an image in their mind of what they have just read.

This is why giving them that image already done on a training video is a sure way to increase success and overall engagement. Another piece of advice here is to make these videos as entertaining as possible. That can be sometimes difficult depending on what the training is for but you always need to squeeze something they can relate to keep them interested. The more they like it the better they accept it.

3. Retention

Another aspect that you need to know and incorporate in your training videos is retention. Pairing relevant visuals with learning help you increase retention levels to nearly 65%. What makes this not difficult to do and a good reason to use corporate training videos is the fact that human beings tend to remember around 15-25% of what they read.

All of this has something to do with the lack of visualization when reading and the tendency to learn things just for the sake of passing. What is more interesting is that nearly 75-85% of our learning comes from visual stimuli and thanks to us seeing what and how we need to do our brain remembers better.

4. Interaction

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Another thing that adds more to the learning capabilities is videos that let you participate. Interactive videos are all the rage now where you are not only watching and learning but interacting and learning. Watching something and doing it again immediately or while learning makes that task stick to your memory better.

5. Simplification

We all know that there are difficult things to swallow in any training but what is the best here is the fact that video training tutorials can help you break up difficult-to-understand parts, make them interactive and simpler and in just one training period, or two, you have a worker that understands the previously complicated task and know how and what to do.

6. Accessibility

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Probably the most important thing about corporate training videos, or any other training videos for that matter is the fact that they are accessible to anyone. You can watch them once, you can watch them 100 times and another great thing is that you can watch them on anything capable of reproducing an audio/video file.

Sitting behind the desk and your PC, sitting with your smartphone/ tablet on your sofa, you can access these and see them again and again. This last thing and that cost-effective one at the top are probably the ones you would want to focus on if you are looking into creating a corporate training video for your employees. You will not make a mistake that is for sure.

So now that you know all about the importance and the reasons that say you should make a corporate training video, what are you still waiting for?! Go make one for your employees as well and see how much they improve, how fast they take in the knowledge and how little that costs you.

All of this will be quickly visible and you will regret that you didn’t do this even sooner. If we helped we are really glad, and we wish you all the best of luck. Keep your employees up to date with everything and you shall always be on your business course.