Don’t Forget About Windows! 5 Tips for Window Treatment Selection


Windows are an important part of building structures like residential houses, office buildings, shopping complexes, etc. It is also important for these windows to be cleaned and maintained properly so that they stay shiny and in considerably good condition for a longer period of time.

Along with this, there are various ways in which the aesthetics of the windows can be improved. This can be done by the inclusion of blinds and drapes and other types of decorative pieces. Such treatment is extremely sought after especially in places where people care about aesthetics.

It is also important to ensure that the window treatment one is getting for their window is suited to their requirements with regard to both practicality and aesthetics. There are different things that one can look at and different styles one can make by combining a variety of blinds, shades, curtains, and window panels that one can buy from online platforms like Some of the important tips that can help people in deciding the right treatment are as follows:

1. Go For Good Quality Materials


One of the most important things that people need to focus on to get the perfect window treatment for themselves is to look for good quality materials which tend to last longer. Going for sustainable materials is always better than going for cheap materials that can rip apart or damage easily. A house or a building is a longtime investment and hence the treatment used should also be one that can last for a longer period of time.

Although good quality materials are pricier as compared to cheap quality fabrics and panels, they can actually be more beneficial in the long run as they would not have to be changed as often and if proper care is taken of them, they can last for a long period of time in amazing condition. Using pricier and good quality materials also gives the whole room a more luxurious feel that can feel very rewarding.

2. Choose The Window Treatment Based On Desired Aesthetic

Different people look for different aesthetics that they would like to assign to the interior of their buildings or house. To choose the perfect window treatment that would go well with one’s desired aesthetic, one should shop for treatment while keeping the aesthetic in mind. This way, whatever is being bought fits into the aesthetic and style one is aiming for their room. It will also prevent the buying of any unnecessary piece of fabric, panel or tiles that do not necessarily fit the aesthetic one is aiming for.

For people who are not sure about the aesthetic, they want to go for or do not want to stick with a single way of styling the room, it is recommended to try different types and colors of window treatment materials and see what fits best in the room.

3. Try To Match The Samples


Before buying the whole curtain or set of tiles, it is always recommended to first match the sample of the said curtain, shades, blinds, or tile with the existing room decor and the wall color. This is important because it is not always easy to distinguish between different designs and patterns and choose the one most suited to the room.

This is why before placing an order for a set of tiles or fabric, one must ask for samples pieces that they can bring home and place against their walls and windows to see how exactly the pattern and color look and blend in with the theme and how it looks in that particular setting and lighting as a whole.

4. Don’t Forget Practicality

While focusing on the aesthetic and quality of the materials being used for window treatments, one must also not forget the functionality of the treatment they are choosing. This is because different types of window treatments are suitable for different types of rooms in a house. It can depend upon various factors like the amount of natural light or privacy that might be needed in that room, what the room is going to be used for, how often would one close and open the drapes, etc.

Besides this, there are also specific rooms where certain types of window treatments might not be suited. For example, one might not necessarily require very heavy drapes in the kitchen as they can block the window from getting access to the outside air and natural light. Thick drapes may also lead to the locking of certain scents that one might not want in a kitchen.

5. Go According To The Room Size


The size and chosen window treatment should also be based on the size of the room as well as the window. For example, heavy and layered drapes may not be suitable for a smaller window and smaller room since they would make the room feel smaller and more cluttered. On the other hand, in a larger room or a hall, layered curtains can really add an element of luxury without making the room feel extra small.


Window treatments play an important role in determining the aesthetic of a room and also give the room a whole lot of personality. This is why the part of choosing the perfect treatment for a set of windows should not be taken very lightly and there are certain ways to make the whole process a lot easier and less taxing.

The first is deciding the desired aesthetic of one’s room and matching up samples with the room to determine which sample fits the vibe of the room the most, it is also recommended to go for fabrics and tiles that are high quality to make them long-lasting and make the room feel more luxurious overall.

Besides this, any treatment should only be chosen after taking into consideration the use of the room as well as the size of the room and the windows. These tips can help one in choosing the best window treatment.