How To Win Any Online Competition You Enter

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If you’re anything like me, you like to win. To be fair, who doesn’t. Life is a constant battle and competition and all of us like to emerge victoriously. Now, there are some things that you win easily and some that are hard to win. Online contests and sweepstakes easily fall into the latter category if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you enter regularly, or even occasionally and you are yet to win an online competition, we’d suggest that you switch up your strategy a little bit.

It may be hard to believe, but trust us – it’s not that hard to win an online contest. It seems like it is, but it really isn’t. How do we know? Well, there are people that easily win over half the competitions they enter. You and I both know that the chances to win these aren’t over 50%. It’s not a one on one battle, it’s you against the world. Or at least you versus a lot of people.

Now, if you’re interested in winning more and becoming one of those people that do it more often than not, then maybe you should stick around for a moment or two. you’re just a few paragraphs away from having a delivery truck in front of your house at least once a week. We’ve created a guide that consists of several proven and tested tactics that guarantee to exponentially increase your chances to win. If you’re still interested, stick around for a few more moments because we’re about to dive right in.

1. Know-How Long It Takes To Win And Receives Prizes

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At first glance, this doesn’t really look like a strategy or a tip on how to win, but nevertheless, it’s an integral part of the whole online contest process. One thing to remember right away – not every contest is an instant-win. That means you might not ‘win’ it for quite some time. Remember this, contests take time. Why is that? Well, first of all, you have to verify all the entries, check for something suspicious, then draw the winner(s) and after all, that verify that the winner is who he or she says he or she is. Another great thing, you’re going to love this. Even if you don’t win, you just might. How so? Well, sometimes the winner gives up or turns down their rewards so the prizes are re-drawn.

2. Have A Separate Email Address

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This comes in handy more than you might initially think. First of all, having a dedicated sweepstakes email address means that all of your mail concerning this will be in one place. You won’t have to sort through all the mail in your other account. Also, this way it’ll be a lot easier to distinguish which emails are spam and which are actually true because you know what you’ve signed up for. Don’t just open any mail that claims you’ve won. They could potentially carry harmful malware that will infect your computer.

3. Carefully Read The Rules

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Do you want to know the easiest way to lose? Get disqualified. It’s easy to get disqualified if you break the rules. It won’t matter whether you’ve done it intentionally or not, if you break them – you’re out. imagine wasting your time filling up forms and all that other stuff just to realize there isn’t a chance you’re going to win. That would be a shame. Check up on all the restrictions, if you live in Europe, you might not be eligible for some US contest or vice versa. Let us repeat this once again, read the rules thoroughly and carefully. We can safely assume you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to use if possible, right?

4. Find An App That’ll Fill The Forms And Applications Instead Of You

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How will this help you might wonder? Well, the most annoying and time-consuming thing about online sweepstakes is filling out forms. Your greatest strength when it comes to online contests is time. the more time you have, the more contests you can apply for. When you waste your time filling out forms – you lower your chances of winning. You have to be as efficient as possible. That way, you’ll increase your odds and skip the boring part. However, make sure you read the rules first, some contests can recognize that you’ve used external form-filling software and you could get disqualified.

5. Prioritize

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If you’re a seasoned veteran, you know that you don’t always have the time to enter the giveaways and competitions. In that case, you also know that prioritizing and using your time wisely is of utmost importance if you want to win. As you know, there are two kinds of online competitions – a single entry and the daily entry ones. The difference is obvious – in the first case you only get to enter once, while in the second one you get to enter each day the competition lasts. With this in mind, if you don’t have the time on your hands, focus on the single entry sweepstakes. You don’t want to lower your chances if you cannot cast your entry each day.

6. Stay Up To Date

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The best way to win is to take every chance you get. There are new contests each day. That means a new chance, every day, to win something new. Now, to stay on top of things, you need to read daily listings any chance you get. If you stay up to date with the current or upcoming contests, you’re sure to boost your chances to win.

7. Enter Monthly Contests Early

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The most important thing when it comes to monthly contests, even weekly ones, is to enter early. Try and enter within the first few days of the month, preferably the first day. That way, you’ll stay on top, get more daily entries in and avoid missing a good contest.

As you can see, there is no such thing as a guaranteed win. However, these are the strategies that will help you increase your chances exponentially. It’s all about changing your approach. Hopefully, these will help you win some great prizes. Take care.