7 Things To Do In India

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India is a country with great traditions and wonderful people. Indians always know what to do and approach all activities with a special desire and enthusiasm. But in a separate aspect, it stands out that Indians should also pay attention to entertainment and leisure. The list of what they can do at their leisure in India can stretch for hundreds of items. In this article, we will consider a specific industry, which, of course, is familiar to everyone and can satisfy true lovers of good rest.

Online betting and gambling in India is now extremely popular and is the main area of ​​active leisure activities. This is especially true for online casinos, looking at quarantine restrictions when people are sitting at home and they need to do something fun. This is a serious question, therefore Indian gamblers approach it with all care and accuracy. On the one hand, finding interesting and safe sites for your favorite games and casino entertainment is not difficult, but you need to highlight important points for yourself so as not to fall into the trap and get an unrealistically cool gaming experience. Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular 7 online casino platforms in India that are good contenders to ease the quarantine routine of Indians.

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  • 4rabet
  • LeoVegas
  • Royal Panda
  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • 22Bet
  • Casumo

When looking for a platform, Indians are usually interested in such important points as how large and varied the selection of various casino games is, the availability of pleasant and profitable bonuses, acceptable options for depositing and withdrawing funds. All in all, there is an extensive list of criteria to ensure a good online casino game that the best platforms really need to be in order to provide a convenient and complete gaming experience to Indians.

Let’s define the top 7 items of the most important criteria.

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  • The wild variety of casino games. The best sites are required to offer their players a variety of games, ideally in the thousands. The number of categories should also cover as many options as possible, ranging from blackjack and baccarat to slots and keno.
  •  Security. This point has always worried Indian gamblers and the question is still open to many gamblers. Most online casino sites in India have decent encrypted software to protect users’ privacy, personal data, and funds. In addition, the availability of licenses and positive reviews is crucial.
  •  Bonus offers. Bonuses always attract players looking for a decent gaming experience. Therefore, many platforms make offer appropriate and profitable. The welcome offer and special casino promotions are especially good for experienced gamblers.
  • Decent deposit and withdrawal methods. A sufficient number of methods for depositing Indian rupees as the accepted currency is the perfect mix that those resources that offer their services to Indians should have. Deposit and withdrawal of funds should be as fast as possible, and this can only be ensured by proven methods such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency.
  • Playing with live dealers. Live versions are especially attractive to Indians, as they are able to give a special atmosphere of a land-based casino, which many may miss. Live dealers, live chat, live casino music can make your vacation even more attractive at home.
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  • Customer support. The customer service team should be available for 24/7 contact by phone, email, and live chat. If all the methods or part of them are carried out in the native language of the Hindi Indians, then this will be even more weighty positive arguments in favor of the platform.
  • Mobile applications. With the help of such applications, online casinos are getting closer to ordinary gamblers. Technological progress only contributes to the development of various types of mobile applications, including those specialized for online casinos. Many platforms have already done their best for convenient gambling with the help of applications available for Android, iOS, iPhone, and Windows Phone users.

Taking into account all of the above criteria, each player can independently choose the best gambling site in India. In this aspect, it is worth noting that the 4rabet platform attracts with an ideal combination of characteristics and criteria, as well as affordable amenities. This resource offers all the familiar online casino games. In particular, the selection of games is quite large, including slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and bingo. 4rabet has arguably the best online roulette options in India. With a huge welcome bonus and reliability, this platform is one of the leading online casino sites in India.

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And now let’s move on to the very top 7 entertainment, which is the main topic of our article. These are the 7 varieties of casino games that are the most popular in India. These 7 things to do are really capable of bringing Indians an unrealistically engaging experience of play, leisure, and benefits.


One of the most addicting entertainment options for Indian gambling fans is online roulette. Experienced gamblers and novice gamblers can try playing roulette for real money, or start for free. In this aspect, the main thing is to feel comfortable and confident in terms of security and legality.

Since roulette is one of the most popular online casino games not only in India but all over the world, it is not limited to one version. Therefore, there are many different types of roulette that can satisfy the gambling appetites of different people. The classic version may not be enough, so the options for roulettes with two wheels, two balls, live dealers, faster gameplay, and unique additional features can be interesting and exciting. The main versions of the game are European, American, and French roulette. They are slightly different from each other and therefore worthy of more detailed consideration.

European roulette

Many Indians consider European roulette tables on online casino sites to be the most attractive options. This variety has gained such popularity and amazing coverage not by accident. European Roulette offers players the best odds and the easiest types of bets among the competition. The main feature of European roulette and the basic rule is that players need to place a bet on the color, number or combination of numbers where the ball should stop. There are 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, ranging from 0 to 36. The winning number is determined by the roulette ball thrown onto the roulette wheel. When the ball hits the numbered hole on the roulette wheel, it determines the gambler’s fate.
Real money betting makes the European version of roulette popular among players in India.

It is really convenient and the most interesting from the side of emotions. There are opportunities to place different bets on European roulette. If they are placed directly on one or more numbers of the wheel, then these are types of inside bets. There are five different types of such bets in European roulette. These are Straight-Up (one number from 0 to 36), Split (a line between two numbers), Street (all three numbers in a row), Corner (an angle of four connecting numbers), Line (two adjacent rows of numbers). Outside bets are conventionally groups of numbers that make up the bets.

There are five different types of outside bets. These are Column (one of three columns, each containing 12 numbers), Dozen (four adjacent rows, 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36), Color (all red or all black numbers), Odd / Even (all odd or all even numbers), Low / High (all numbers from 1 to 18 or all numbers from 19 to 36). It is worth noting that outside bet types offer a higher probability of winning, so they also have a much lower payout than inside bets.

French roulette

French roulette has the same number of numbers as the European table. Despite the similarity in many things to the European version, the French one is more varied in terms of the number of bets and more specific with the true charm of France. The uniqueness of the bets is confirmed by the fact that some bet names have certain French names such as En Prison, La Partage, Voisins du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre and Orphelins.

The goals of the French roulette game are similar to the European one. The French roulette table also has 37 slots with numbers 1-36 (red and black) and zero (green). Unlike other variations (American or European roulette), when it comes to French roulette, you will not necessarily lose your money outside of the bet if it drops to 0 due to two features. This is the transfer of the bet to the next spin, the so-called “En Prison”, and if 0 falls out again, you will lose. It is also possible to return half of your money, codenamed “La Partage”. In general, the main types of bets in French roulette are similar to the European type.

American Roulette

American Roulette is considered the least popular table among Indian players. Not all online casino roulette sites offer American version options due to the fact that players do not want to follow its rules and simply refuse to play, bypassing the side. One of the reasons is the fact that this game has a lower RTP than previous types of roulette. This factor arises due to the fact that there is one additional number on this table, the so-called double zero, resulting in the total amount of numbers reaching 38. This means that American roulette offers lower chances of winning.

American roulette rules are simple, although they are famous for certain inconveniences. There are 38 cells on the American roulette table (1-36 are reserved for red and black cells plus two separate zero green slots). Players can bet on which pocket the ball will land in and where it will stop deciding whether the player wins the bet.

As far as American roulette is concerned, there is no secret recipe for success or strategy that is guaranteed to make a gambler win this roulette game. But in this aspect, there is a way to increase the chances of success, but in any case, the house edge is always 5.3% in American Roulette. Indians must accept this as a fact. But in any case, if in doubt, players have the opportunity to try playing American roulette online for free, before playing for real money and risking their funds.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in India. Many online casino sites have made this game a fun option for Indian players. The secret to blackjack’s success is that this game of chance is an amazing combination of skill and luck that a player must-have. In order to win and increase their chances of success, all players need to learn strategies and apply them in gaming sessions. It is noteworthy that there are opportunities to test your skills and technologies of tactics and strategies in free games.
The blackjack industry has the potential to delight fans of variety. Classic blackjack is the most popular table option for playing.

This version can be available with a live dealer and in a variation with an RNG. Any decent online casino in India offering to gamble must have at least one classic blackjack table in order to provide a proper experience for gamblers. Blackjack with free bets, which has already been mentioned earlier, allows you to try playing without spending money and with comfortable conditions.
Infinite Blackjack can simultaneously serve an unlimited number of players, for which it received its name.

Fast Blackjack is suitable for players who require more action and a faster pace of play. Each hand is played much faster than usual, which means that players have less time to make decisions. Live casino Blackjack is a separate topic for fans of this exciting game. Playing blackjack in a live casino is a real experience and an unusual way to spend time with positive emotions. In live blackjack, the dealer is an integral part of the game. The dealer is broadcast to the players via a webcam, and he can communicate with the participants using a microphone.


Baccarat is one of the very good games featured on Indian online casino platforms. Every player should learn to play online baccarat by taking the time to learn the rules and intricacies of the game. It is important to mention that the goal of the game is to bet on the outcome of the round of cards between you and the dealer in which the highest hand wins. Each card means a certain number of points.

In general, baccarat consists of four main stages: Place a Bet – Deal – Instant Win – Third Card Rule. It is worth noting that there are several varieties of live baccarat. The Live Speed ​​Baccarat table is indispensable for players who want to quickly enjoy the game. Players may also be interested in commission-free baccarat. The Lightning Baccarat version is a spreadsheet that combines real-time with an RNG and adds multipliers to randomly selected cards.

Apart from the many varieties of live baccarat with live dealers, there are different varieties of online baccarat in more traditional formations. Punto Banco or Nevada Baccarat is a game with the usual rules. Chemin de Fer Baccarat is another popular baccarat variety. It consists of six shuffled decks of cards. One player becomes a banker and the rest become “players”. Super 6 is a variety of baccarat in which the bet wins when the banker’s hand wins with a value of 6. The EZ Baccarat type rewards players who bet on the banker’s hand to win with a 7 or 8 after drawing the third card.

Slot Machine


Slot machines occupy an honorable place in the popularity rating among players living in India. The local Indian market has a really large, decent, and lucrative selection of slot machines for players. Each slot machine consists of several reels. The player’s goal is to spin these reels and try to line up the same symbols in horizontal lines. The slot machine is usually controlled by a spin button. The player will receive a payout if 3 or more symbols line up in a horizontal row.

The following types of slots are most common among Indian players: Slots with the ability to win, Payline slots, Cluster pay slots, Megways ™ slots. Payline slots are by far the most popular of the other types. Here wins must match a predefined line or pattern.
Mega Moolah is perhaps the most widespread slot machine among Indian gamblers. There is nothing particularly difficult in this game, so gamers are happy to be passionate about this entertainment. Another popular slot machine that you will find at online casinos is Retro Vegas. This is a 5-reel video slot. The game features dynamism, attractive graphics, and many classic casino-themed symbols. These games are very easy to play, players just need to check the instructions and enjoy the moment of winning.


Playing bingo is really an easy option even for beginners, so the success of the game is evident among gamblers in India. The bingo rules are definitely clear. In this game, each player has a set of bingo cards with numbers, which he must mark the numbers. Numbers with numbers from 1 to 99 randomly drop out of the bank. To start the process of playing bingo, the player must purchase special bingo cards.

They are usually quite cheap, ranging from tens to hundreds of rupees for a bingo card. Indian gamblers should be happy not only with the rupee game and the relative cheapness but also with the potential winnings. Monetary benefits can reach impressive amounts and well-deserved prizes.

Online bingo game is popular in India, so the variety is not limited to a couple of options. Some of the common types of bingo among Indian players are Classic Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo 90 Ball Bingo, Free Bingo, and Live Bingo in real-time.


Keno is one of the most popular real money online casino games. Indian gamblers love this lottery game where they pick a number or numbers and then see if the choice comes up. An eye-catching variation of the online keno lottery game is simple and fast-paced gameplay. The quick change of keno rounds only adds interest, which keeps the players in a constant tone.

Keno usually involves selecting a set of numbers from a table with numbers from 1 to 80. The player’s possible win depends on how many of these numbers he picks best. This game of luck has several varieties such as Circus Keno, Golden Hits, Balloon Keno, Redneck Keno, Super Spot Keno, and others.

Video Poker

There are more than enough reasons for Indian players to love video poker. One of the most important options that players attract is what can be won by sitting at home on the couch in a comfortable environment. Each player can play video poker at a fast pace and with characteristics where bluffing is no longer an important factor, and the players only need to know the game of poker and want to win. This is why more and more major casino game developers are creating exciting new video poker game releases.
Video poker follows the same rules as five-card poker.

Previous knowledge of poker is not so valuable here, so beginners can feel free to start playing. When the video poker game starts, gamblers are given a combination of 5 cards. The main task of the player is to keep the best cards in order to get the most profitable combination as a result. The better the player’s hand, the more he will win. A mediocre hand will make a small cash profit, and a perfect hand like Royal Flush can increase the income significantly.


So, 7 great things to do in India can be summarized as 7 great casino game options. This experience can help Indians spend time that benefits their emotional spirit and material wealth.