10 Best Museums in Philadelphia 2024

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23Philadelphia is one of the best-known cities in the United States. It has a long and rich history, which makes its citizens proud. Probably, this is the city from which you can learn about the American revolution. However, it can offer you much more than that, due to a plethora of museums that the city offers. Let us present you with 10 best museums you can visit while going through Philadelphia in 2019.

1. Barnes Foundation

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Barnes Foundation is home to one of the biggest collections of paintings in the world. You can find anything there, from early modernists, post-impressionist, and impressionist artists. Doctor Albert Barnes accumulated more than 3,000 items, but he wasn’t only a collector. Also, he was an inventor. Some of his works could be found in the museum as well.

2. National Historic Park

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Philadelphia is the only city from the United States in UNESCO’s World Heritage City list. This reason for this is the buildings that can give the visitor an insight into how was at the time of American revolution. One of these places is Independence National Historic Park. Besides that, you can take a look at elements displayed in Benjamin Franklin’s museum.

3. Science History Institute

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Maybe it is not the best-known science museum in Philadelphia, but Science History Institute is considered to be a favorite one for many of its visitors. The main objective of this museum is paying homage to discoveries that changed the lives of all the people on earth and the actual practice of science. It is located in the downtown of Philadelphia.

4. Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum

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Within the college of physician’s visitors can take a look at things displayed at Mütter museum. The origins of this museum can be traced back to 1858 when famous Thomas Mütter donated his specimens and medical models to the college. This collection is very big, it has around 25000 items, which are spread between two floors.

5. American Revolution Museum

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Located just across from Independence Park, Museum of the American revolution is one of the most beautiful museums you can see in the whole United States. Like its name is saying, the main theme in this museum is the American revolution. However, you need to be prepared, because the exhibitions are slightly different than a traditional narrative. Plus, it is rawer and more honest than a traditional narrative.

6. Museum of Art

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Philadelphia’s museum of art was founded back in 1876. Since 1928, it became an independent, and get its own home at Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This museum is an icon of Philadelphia. It has a collection of 225,000 items. The number itself can tell you what you can find in this one. Simply, you can find almost anything, from masterpieces from the Renaissance to the Japanese palace hall.

7. Rodin Museum

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Rodin Museum takes the top spot on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It was built in 1929 by Jules Mastbaum, a philanthropist. Rodin Museum is the largest collection of famous sculptors outside France. There are more than 150 of them. Gates of Hell, a painting located in Rodin museum is one of the most famous places for taking wedding photos.

8. Museum of American Jewish History

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Being founded by the Mikveh Israel congregation’s members, in the mid-seventies, this museum is best-known as the synagogue of the revolution. In this museum, you can see more than 30 thousand Jewish/American objects. It is located on Independence Mall represents one of the biggest values of the United States, religious freedom.

9. Powel House

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Among all historical sites, Powel House is a stand-out spot. Why’s that? Well, the building itself originates from 1765 and represents one of the best examples of preserved colonial revival architecture. It’s home to Samuel Powel, and his wife Elizabeth Willing Powel. In this house, you can see one of a kind items that are not in some museum.

10. Mummers Museum

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Mummers are one of the three main symbols of Philadelphia, besides pretzels and cheesesteaks. These costumed artists have their day on the 31. December every year. Their first parade took place back in 1901. The mummer’s museum was opened in 1976. The museum tells its history in chronical order, but the main part of this museum are costumes which were used since the first parade in 1901 to the present day.