5 Best Sites for Watching Movies Online

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Watching movies online is a frugal and opportune way to see the movies you want to see directly from the comfort and luxury of your home. Fortunately, there are many websites where you can watch movies that are entirely legal to use and clean from viruses.

What’s more, there are streaming services that don’t require any sign-up. For a little help, here are the five best websites for watching movies online. Check out these sites, pop that popcorn, and chill. Read on to know more!

Sony Crackle

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If you’re not familiar with how do torrents work check out this post by robots.net, then Sony Crackle can be your solution. This streaming service is an online site that allows users to watch free TV shows and free movies straight from your tablet, phone, or computer. 

Even though several commercial breaks or advertisements pop up during the shows and movies at Sony Crackle, decent video quality and a great selection of programming will undoubtedly have you revisit the site.

For the most part, Sony Crackle has about a hundred full-length, free movies that you can watch whenever you want. What’s more, new movies are always being added from the website. Thus, you can always discover something new to watch. 

The movies offered in this online streaming site are organized or arranged into genres to aid you in finding horror films, crime movies, dramas, Sony Crackle original movies, action movies, comedies, thrillers, and more. 

Additionally, you can classify the movies by recently added or alphabetically. Thus, you can always check back as frequently as possible to know what they have been adding in their free section. Other than that, Sony Crackle lets you watch TV shows that you cannot discover anywhere else. 


Yidio is a notable, distinctive movie streaming site since it functions like a search engine that aids you in discovering where you can get free movies online. Several of them are streamed on the website. However, others are streamed elsewhere.

Additionally, you can use this movie streaming website to look for free TV shows. Just like movies, nearly all of them are merely links that take you to different sites since they are not streamed on Yidio.

There are many ways to look for free movies on this site. Thus, you won’t have any issue determining what film or show to watch next. Yidio sorts its movies into at least thirty genres, such as Action, Documentary, Kids & Family, Drama, Horror, TV Movie, Classics, Eastern, Sports & Fitness, and Comedy.

Also, you can filter movies by their IMDb score and rating. If the results do not suffice, don’t worry! You can filter the results more by recently added or popularity.


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This movie streaming website offers a lot of free movies and some TV shows you can watch online. The best thing about SnagFilms is that there are not many ads popping up. Plus, there are many high-quality films to stream.

SnagFilms offers movies in different genres. Thrillers, Romance, Politics, Kids & Family, Drama, Faith and Spirituality, Sports, Comedy, Health and Food, Biography, Animation, African Movies, Latino, Documentary, Crime, Award-Winning, and more are available.

What’s more, this streaming site keeps some films in collections, thus, allowing you to look for movies that are in the same genre. After starting to watch movies, the site will recommend movies to you based on the movies you’ve watched.


Although Vudu may not be your first option when searching for free movie streaming websites, there are, as a matter of fact, a mile-long list of movies that you can watch today. All you need to do is to be okay with several ads. 

Some of the newest and most recent additions in Vudu include Little Giants, The Final Destination, The Golden Compass, and The Dukes of Hazzard. The best thing about this streaming site is that you can watch films in 1080p, meaning you can watch free movies without sacrificing quality.

You can see which free films are the newest additions on Vudu’s New page. Also, there is a genre section in categories like Family & Kids, Action, Suspense, and Romance.


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This website offers at least forty genres to browse through. Also, there are free TV shows for new and old series, viral videos, and free documentaries. Every film or show you find on this site is 100% free to watch and share with others. 

What’s more, you can sort through the most recent films at MoviesFoundOnline.com and get updated about the latest releases through their newsletter. There are many genres to pick from, and you can browse for films by year.


Watching movies, films, and TV shows from the websites mentioned above are among the many ways of getting free movies. For one, you can download movies without spending any money so that you can keep them for as long as you want and watch them even without an internet connection.