Top 5 Antique Furniture Pieces

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Have you finally decided to give your living room a refresh and decorate it with new items and decorations? Or maybe you are moving to a new home and you feel like it deserves a bit of a “homey” touch since it looks a bit empty or soulless. So, you go to your nearest furniture shop, you look at all those modern styles and colors and they seem like a great investment for your new home or redecoration.

However, this new modern style can be quite expensive, especially when you are buying brand new pieces. Well, increase the limit of your budget, you got all the things you need, but you still feel like your living room still feels empty and office-like. Why is that? What can one do to make their home feel like, well, a home?

For this kind of a situation, we recommend that you start looking for antique furniture pieces. This style is what can bring back the spark to your living room while also being cheaper.

Have you ever bought such an item for your living room? If you haven’t then you probably have no idea what kind of antique furniture you should get and that’s completely understandable. Don’t worry, after reading this article you will be equipped with enough information that will help you make the right decision.

Why should you buy an antique?

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Before we get into a list of the top antique furniture pieces, we probably should expand our explanation or why you should go for this option.

Much higher quality

The number one reason why you should go for this option is that you will be paying for long-lasting quality. Most vintage items have been made by an individual craftsman who has carved the wood or shaped the metal with his/her own two hands. These items are also made from one solid piece of material which rarely has any glue, nails or screws in them. Nothing needs to be held down because it is all made from just one single piece.

Today’s items are all mass-produced in a factory which means that there is no special attention to details from craftsmen like vintage furniture. All mass-produced items go through several machines that attach different materials together with nails, screws or glue. This does not necessarily mean that they are bad quality, but they will not last as long as antiques.

So, if you want to make a life-time investment, vintage is the option you should definitely go for.


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In this day and age, being ecologically aware is very important and respectable. People need to start paying attention to where they spend money, where their garbage goes and start recycling. When you go for brand new furniture, you are effectively paying for the factories to keep working and continue polluting the atmosphere.

Antiques are basically items that have been made many years ago and today they are either recycled into multiple pieces or they have been refurbished to look newer. The refurbishing process is usually just adding oil to feed the wood or to sand off any damage.

Always in style

You do not have to worry about buying a piece of antique furniture and then worrying whether it will fit into your living room or whether it is still in style. The truth is, vintage items will never go out of style and can be combined with both older and modern styles. Check this website to find out about all the different antique styles you can find on the market.

Even if you are still not satisfied with your purchase, you could maybe consider changing the drawer handles with something modern or maybe change the chairs for your antique dining table. In other words, you have the freedom to play with the styles and to make them fit easily into the style of your home.

Its value may grow

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When you purchase a brand new dining table for your home, it loses value with every single bump and scratch. Not only does it lose a lot of value through damage, but through time also. In just a few years, you will not be able to ask for more than $20 for the table even if you paid it several hundred dollars in the past.

It is quite different from vintages. The damage on a vintage piece of furniture does not have such an impact on the price. Old bumps and scratches can sometimes even add to the uniqueness of the item which may raise the value a bit. By buying such a piece of furniture for your home, you are investing in something that might have an increase in value over the years. If you manage to keep it safe and undamaged for ten to twenty years, you might resell it at a very high price if you find the right buyer.

Top 5 antique furniture pieces

Now that we have gone through all the reasons why you should invest in such a piece of work, here are what we think the top vintage furniture pieces you should add to your home.

1. Credenza

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A woodworking craftsman best shows his attention to detail in a credenza by using high-quality wood, decorating it with several pieces of metal and mirrors. The credenza can be used as a cupboard, a bookshelf or maybe even for clothing in your bedroom.

2. Dumbwaiter

A very uniquely styled round serving table that consists of several shelves stacked one over the other. Usually, the lowest shelf is the widest one while tightening as you go higher. These can be used to effectively break the monotony of your living room.

3. Sideboard

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A large sideboard that should either be used in the dining room or in the living room. Most people in the past used it to display their china and silverware while the drawers and cabinets could be used for storage.

4. Partner desk

If you want to make your office in your own home be a bit more personal, consider getting a partner desk. It is large enough for two people to sit opposite of each other and to fit all of their documents and items on the top.

5. Occasional Table

This antique occasional table can be used for multiple purposes, hence the name. Whether you want it to be your bedside lamp table or your coffee table, it is up to you.