What are 5G Cell Towers and How Safe are They 

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The world develops at a mesmerizing rate providing citizens all across the globe with numerous benefits once only being a part of the most lucrative imaginations. Yet, the positive sides do not come without challenges the society has to overcome in order for it to prosper. Some of the novelties to the uninformed are definitely the evolution of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and edge cloud, all potentiated by technological breakthroughs and digitalization. There is not a single branch of any industry that would not be affected by these innovations. For the whole conception to work, networking and connectivity must be at their best, and the process is definitively conditioned by the implementation of 5G cell towers that will serve as routers to modern networks. Yet, we need to determine what they are and whether they are safe for the environment or not.

Conspiracy Theories

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Every time a certain breakthrough of major importance encounters public judgment, certain groups of people tend to disapprove it for God knows what reason, and they, either intentionally or unintentionally, try to sabotage the progress important for the global society. Therefore, when you hear an apocalyptic-like story that makes no sense, remember the case of Galileo Galilei and how he ended up claiming the world was not the center of the universe. Similar things happen to 5G technology and contemporary technological patents that are crafted solely for one purpose, and that is to make the world a more functional realm where obsolete methods are substituted with the ones that deliver what is necessary. Therefore, we urge you to do your homework before accepting someone’s opinion for your own, since living in the era of information implies dealing with a lot of misinformation as well.

What are 5G Cell Towers

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The 5G cell tower is nothing more but a construction used for keeping 5G equipment safe and adequately positioned. There is an explanation why it is necessary to install more 5G supporting structures than it was with the former versions of the same technology. Namely, 5G works differently than its predecessors. In a nutshell, they deliver the same thing, they provide an internet connection to various devices, but in essence, their working principle is utterly different.

The difference you can notice solely by looking at the structures delivering wireless connection is the size. Yes, size matters, so do the numbers. Namely, 5G cell towers are noticeably smaller than the ones used to support 4G, but also all the older wireless supporting structures. What you can also figure out easily if you are lucky enough to live in the area where 5G has already been implemented, is that there are much smaller structures in charge of powering your phone with a wireless signal. Surely, the change has not been initiated for aesthetic reasons, moreover, there is a scientific explanation behind the whole idea. At ZTE 5G you will find additional info on how 5G cell towers function and what they are made of, but also about what benefits this type of innovation has brought to the world.

The amends to the older models has been made in order to utilize different aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, any color that we can perceive is a part of that same whole, and that is why we call it a visible spectrum. Being part of the same thing are the radio waves, and we have been making use of them for quite some time now, even though we cannot see them. The same goes for wireless technologies important for 4G and 5G since they do nothing more but utilizing a segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. As for the 5G, it is important to emphasize that the technology operates on higher frequencies, which conditions usage of the shorter waves. So, the higher the frequency, the shorter the waves. On the other hand, 4G works on lower frequencies, so, basically, it is self-explanatory why different infrastructure is necessary to support the contrasting methods of sending a signal. So, what we end up with is a bunch of smaller but more powerful units, instead of large but less efficient structures. Also, short waves, although powerful, tend to bounce on various structures, such as concrete walls and other obstacles. Therefore, it is essential to install additional structures so the whole connectivity process would go without external disturbances.

Potential Health Issues

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Many stories about the harmfulness of the 5G technology have emerged, especially because the introduction of the new gear coincided with the outbreak of Covid-19. It is out of the question to put the two of the aforementioned into any correlation except for the same period of occurrence, but we should mention another health issue numerous individuals are worried about. Namely, we would like to address a vast majority of worried users that suspect this type of energy transmission might cause cancer. The first thing we should highlight is that cancer might be induced by certain frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum since even radiation falls under that. Unfortunately, exposure to radiation unfavorable to man can cause cell mutation and cancer, but you should be aware that not every part of the spectrum is harmful. One could even cause irreversible damage to their skin if they spend too much time in the sun, due to the harmful effects of ultraviolet beams. When 5G cell towers are in question, we should underline that there is no scientific evidence that they might endanger one’s health. On the other hand, no official reports are saying that they are perfectly safe. The truth lies somewhere in the middle since it is necessary to conduct additional tests over a certain period to prove whether exposure to high frequencies is harmful or not.

Hopefully, we have provided you with a portion of data that will help you get to know how 5G cell towers function, what are they made for and what type of service they provide. As any novelty crafted to assist and facilitate man, they will encounter numerous disapprovals before everyone realizes that they are just a tool envisaged to serve a noble purpose.