6 Best Museums in Boston 2024

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Art is a broad term, therefore, the choice of the best museum is an individual matter. Boston is a city with dozens of museums and it’s not easy to single out some of them as the best. In this article, we will present you some of the most visited museums in Boston.

1. Museum of Science

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The location of this museum is at Science Park. Here you can see several live presentations and over 700 interactive shows. Also, one of the attractions is the 65-million old fossil of Triceratops. In this museum, you can see the anatomy of the human body, on the inside. In Charles Hayden Planetarium, you can observe the galaxies with its stars and planets. Boston Science Museum has something for everyone, you can see animals and all kind of exhibitions. Also, you can take part in some activities, or watch a movie in Omni Theater, with IMAX Dome screen.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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A Venetian castle in the center of Boston, Gardner’s place is now a hall representing her intense, complex set of European, American and Asian art, including carving, portraits, movables, ceramics, and textiles. Guests can walk or relax in a magnificent skylit courtyard overflowed with flowers.

3. Institute of Contemporary Art

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This museum was the center of various events, and some of the most important are the exhibitions of Super Vision, Philip-Lorca di Cornia, Street Level, Anish Kapoor, and many more. Some of the most popular artists, like Salvador Dali, were attendants here. Also, here you could see Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso in the 1930’s.

4. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

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One of the most important events in the history of the United States was the Boston Tea Party. In the museum dedicated to this event, you can participate in various events. Captive for this museum is that he is on a sailing ship. You can literally experience this important event, with all the colonists, throwing tea. For an entire experience, you will need an hour. And this is also an excellent place to take your children.

5. Museum of Fine Arts

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This museum is one of the largest in the United States. Here you can see more than 450,000 works of art. Some of the best pieces in that collection are some artifacts from ancient Egypt, including sarcophagi, paintings from Netherland. Also, there are works from the post-impressionist era, like Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh. There is also art from China and the Rothschild collection.

6. Museum of Bad Art

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Scott Wilson is the founder of this museum, started with a painting Lucy in the Field with Flowers, which he recovered from the trash. Besides this picture, the most popular ones are Bone-Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt, Sunday on the Pot with George, the Motifs and interpretations, etc.