5 Best instruments for Developing your Mind in 2024

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Music is surrounding us and sometimes we don’t even notice how many hours of our every day is enriched by music. Many researchers during the years have made extensive observations and experiments in order to see how music affects our brains. Not only that the music we listen, can alter brain waves and patterns, but in the early development of the brain, learning how to play an instrument can be helpful in making new connections in the brain and even make them stronger.

Picking the instrument is very important for further development and proliferation of the nerve synapses, and different instruments can assist in the development of different parts of the brain. -Furthermore, when looking for quality musical instruments, music equipment, and gears, always seek out reliable online reviews that will guide you on your purchase. One great site when it comes to impartial reviews on the top best musical instruments in the market today is Music Critic.


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One of the most popular instruments to be recommended for playing is the piano. This instrument contains the keyboard which requires both hands in order to be played. Training usually starts by making sure that you can hear the music properly. In addition to this, firstly only one hand is being used to play until a certain skill has been acquired. After this, the other hand is being employed in order to enrich the melody being played. If you are interested in pianos, click here to visit high resolution player piano.

This leads to increased hand to eye coordination and develops both hemispheres of the brain. Last to be added to the mixture are feet, in order to increase or decrease the length of notes playing. It has been recorded that in people who play an instrument there are many more links between the left and right parts of the brain, as playing increases the number of connections in the brain.

If you are interested in playing the piano, it is always good to have lessons in order to learn. There are many online websites offering this, but one of the best is Skoove offering online lessons, support and much more.


The next old-time favorite is a guitar. Many well-known artists are using this instrument to perform and this has led to the popularity of it. The other thing that led to the increase in popularity is the ease of making melody on it. Since both hands are used to play it, it involves both brain hemispheres and strengthens the connections between the two. Another great thing about the guitar is that it can be used to perform whole songs without any additional instruments.

This additionally increases the popularity of it. By learning how to play the guitar, you are also learning how to create melody and rhythm which is highly important for making music.


This instrument is so cute and compact, that most people decide to teach their kids how to play it. It is very similar to a guitar and can produce a vast variety of different sounds and melodies. It has been presented as an instrument that is easy to learn. By using both hands to play it, coordination is increasing.

One of the reasons parents recommends this instrument to be bought to the kid who would like to play it, since it does not produce high volume in sound, and it can be soothing for the ears while the kids are practicing.


Not many would take drums as an instrument of choice; they are loud and have a lot of parts which they are composed of, additionally, they occupy a big part of the space. As it comes to these, there are studies that drums can help in cases of anger management and rebel, especially in teenagers. By expressing negative thoughts and directing energy into the drum playing levels of anger decrease.

Difference to the previously mentioned instruments where melody and harmony are learned and applied; drums solely rely on rhythm. Meaning that all those music lessons will be much more fun since there is less theory than in another instrument playing. Additionally, this increases the coordination and puts it at a very high level since both arms and feet are involved in making a sound.  If you are worried about your neighbors and will they complain when you start your jam, there are some innovations in this field. Electronic drums have made this instrument to the one that is quietest.


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The flute of similar woodwind instruments can be a good alternative to the favorites. As you can guess, this instrument does not just involve the usage of both hands and their coordination, but it also includes the lungs and the whole respiratory system. For this instrument, it is essential to increase lung capacity and work on proper breathing techniques in order to produce a proper sound. This practice of proper inhale and exhale has been proven to be beneficial for the ones suffering anxiety; since this can restore proper breathing rate and prevent hyperventilation which can lead to further panic attacks. Additionally, people who experience asthma attacks can highly benefit from learning how to control their breath, especially in situations where slight troubles with breathing occur. These exercises help both the body and the mind and develop other parts of the brain increasing the control over the breathing rate. Although it seems like a hard instrument to learn how to play, skill development goes hand in hand with the development of specific aspects of mind.


Playing an instrument, no matter which one you have chosen can be beneficial, not only that there is a significant improvement of the hand to eye coordination but also, significant brain development has been recorded. Further research has shown that playing an instrument, even for a short period of time can improve development and lead to a decrease in some brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Additionally, hearing is sharpened and some additional research on this topic suggests that people who have had the possibility of carrying genes for hearing loss or had the cases in the family, had better results on hearing tests and extensiveness of hearing loss was decreased. In addition, playing an instrument can lead to a better state of mind and a decrease in aggression and anxiety in people who are prone to these.