Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide

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While they were part of the original Apex Legends hero roster, Bloodhound took a while to truly come into their own. Buffs implemented over the first two years of the game’s post-release development turned this intriguing character into a major contender.

Bloodhound is now one of the most popular Legends around, seeing plenty of use among newcomers and veterans alike. The hero is distinguished by their scouting capabilities and surprisingly deadly combat potential. To make the most of this potential, a Bloodhound player must fully understand the hunter’s toolset. This article will help you learn what you need to know about this hero.

Legend Overview

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As a Recon Legend, Bloodhound specializes in gathering information about its surroundings. This may seem less impactful than abilities that directly affect combat, but actually, timely intelligence is crucial in a game of this type. Bloodhounds can easily evade dangerous situations such as ambushes while tracking down enemies to initiate combat on the hunter’s own terms. The rest of their squad can also benefit from those discoveries. Furthermore, the Legend can call upon a number of versatile combat advantages in decisive encounters. The key to mastering this hero is paying attention to what their senses tell them and timing their engagements just right.

Bloodhound’s Abilities

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The Eye of the Allfather ability scans a wide area ahead of Bloodhound, ignoring obstacles and marking enemies, traps, clues (see below), and destructible containers. Marked targets are highlighted for both Bloodhound and their allies. Enemies remain marked for three seconds, while other targets are tracked indefinitely. It is accompanied by a message alerting Bloodhound to any enemies found. While useful for detecting hidden threats or targets, the ability is hampered by a long cooldown and the fact that enemies know when it is used. As a result, it should be deployed with care, usually when the player is already prepared for a fight.

Tracker passively notifies the hunter about a wide variety of enemy actions that occurred in their field of view. It reveals clues, special symbols connected to enemy movements, object interactions, injuries, weapon use, and more. Footprints are one type of clue, enabling the hero to follow their quarry’s tracks or the latter’s current position. All clues last for a minute and a half after the action. Bloodhound’s player is also made aware of when the action took place. Squadmates cannot see the clues, but they can still be informed via pings or other callouts.

Beast of the Hunt alters the game’s visuals while it is active, turning most of them black and white. Opponents are highlighted with red and allies with blue. Highlighted targets can be seen through the smoke and are much easier to hit at a distance. The Ultimate augments Bloodhound’s other abilities: enemy tracks are likewise highlighted, whereas Eye of the Allfather’s cooldown and activation time are both reduced. The hero’s movement is sped up. Whenever an enemy is downed, the Ultimate duration is extended. Taken together, those bonuses can create an opportunity for a skilled player to take down several enemies.

Finally, like all Recon Legends, Bloodhound can interact with any of the dozen Survey Beacons on the map to learn how the outline of the ring will change next. This information could then be used to reposition ahead of the upcoming round and set up ambushes for fleeing foes. The interaction does leave Bloodhound briefly vulnerable.

Strategy and Tips

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Bloodhound requires a true hunter mentality to play well. First of all, that means paying attention to your surroundings. The assorted clues that they receive can be difficult to parse in the middle of a heated battle, but that is a skill a Bloodhound player must learn to make the most of the tracker’s potential. Knowing enemy positions and movements can be critical for the entire match. For that reason, any relevant information should be shared quickly with the rest of the squad. Bloodhound is a natural fit for the scout role, being able to both avoid danger and provide a lot of useful intelligence with uncommon ease.

Secondly, the hunting Legend must strike a balance between caution and aggression. On the one hand, a scout must be proactive, and their abilities work best with someone prepared to take the offensive. On the other hand, the hunter must not blunder into a battle unprepared. They must use their expanded awareness to identify the ideal moment for an all-out assault. Weakened or distracted enemies are the ideal prey. Once the attack begins, though, the hero must not hesitate. The Ultimate should be deployed for these attacks and its benefits must be used fully. Strafing, scanning, and gunning down targets should let Bloodhound do a maximum of damage before pulling back.

These extra tips should help you develop your Bloodhound playstyle further:

  • Eye of the Allfather should be used sparingly when the Ultimate is not active. It should not be wasted on open areas. Conversely, it would be worthwhile when approaching an area with an abundant cover or one where there is reason to suspect enemy presence;
  • Bloodhounds can be effective in a variety of ranges. A shotgun such as EVA-8 makes perfect sense for close-range ambushes. Yet, an assault rifle like VK-47 offers great utility at a wider range. The highlighting effect works well with sniper or marksman rifles, though fighting at a long distance is trickier;
  • In addition to clues, a Bloodhound player should also pay attention to more conventional sources of information, such as audio cues. They can suggest a direction in which to start tracking enemies;
  • The mobility bonus from Beast of the Hunt has many uses. In addition to chasing down foes, it makes strafing more effective and can serve as means for an emergency escape. It is all the more important not to waste the ability by using it too early;
  • While Bloodhound is a capable initiator, they should still coordinate closely with allies. Properly positioned squadmates can help corner targets or prevent any third parties from getting involved.
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You should now have the knowledge you need to start hunting down rival combatants using all of Bloodhound’s tools. As Bloodhound is unlocked from the start, there is no artificial delay in the way of putting this plan into action. Still, there may be other problems that get in the way, as Apex Legends contains a number of obstacles that can frustrate players.

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