Maximizing Small Spaces with Furniture ─ Tips and Tricks for Optimal Functionality


Many of us constantly struggle to find enough space in our homes. When this happens, our first thought is to expand our homes or start a new renovation project to try to get things back to some sort of “normal”. But what is considered normal today in the world of interior design? Are small apartments and houses really so problematic that they offer absolutely no solution for maximizing space?

Well, Interior design experts agree on one fact: there are always creative ideas to help make the most of precious outdoor space, without compromising the character (read: style) of our tiny home. After all, some unforeseen steps can lead to creating a much nicer home look, and it’s certainly not something you should ignore.

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you choose functional furniture that will maximize your living space…

Invest in custom furniture

We know that many people think that this is a more expensive option, but believe us – it is many times more profitable than ready-made furniture. If every centimeter is important to you, we definitely suggest furniture made in the USA, like Loomlan,  that will be made exactly according to the measurements of your living space. This is especially true for kitchens and living rooms or wardrobes.

Match materials and colors


The simplest way to avoid mistakes is to determine the exact color before starting work and buying furniture and sticking to it. If you chose, for example, gray, blue, and yellow colors, the purple coffee table will most likely not fit, no matter how much you like it and how affordable it is.

Pay special attention to floor coverings – regardless of which type you choose, let it extend over as large an area as possible. Thus, the space will appear visually larger and more connected.

Be careful of what kind of furniture you buy

Forget about that large corner sofa that caught your eye, but you’re not sure if it will fit in the living room – it won’t. This is also the most common mistake people make when choosing seating furniture.

Instead, choose a two-seater with simple lines, an original armchair, and stools. You will have equal seating and a nicer, more meaningful living room.

Multifunctional furniture

An armchair that folds out into an extra bed, living room tables that can be folded under each other or stretched out if necessary, a stool that hides space for magazines or your children’s toys – the long list of advantages of this type of furniture probably does not need to be explained or emphasized, but saves space and money are certainly at the top of the list. In this case, Meble Furniture can be an excellent resource for you.

Be careful with decorations!


Small spaces do not tolerate too many details and decorations, so carefully choose the ones you will display and show. In order to save space and gain style at the same time, we suggest you rely on a few simple wall shelves. Decorate them with books, souvenirs, trinkets, and other decorations you like. Even smaller pictures or frames can look great.

Nothing without optical illusions

Who says you can’t cheat a little? Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a great ally. Position several smaller mirrors on one wall or choose a larger one that, in addition to the impression of a larger room, will also give the room a large dose of style. By the way, this is one of the proven tricks that many stylists and decorators use, so why not you?

Minimalist decoration style

Popular in modern and Scandinavian homes, a minimalist approach to your interior could give you the space you long for. This will require a ruthless approach to decluttering your home, and you’ll need to keep your color palette neutral and as light as possible. Simple furniture, clean lines, and hidden storage are key things to consider.

Open shelves

Large wardrobes not only take up space but also feel quite imposing. By replacing some of your cabinets with open shelving, you can increase the feeling of space, and one of the easiest places to do this is in the kitchen.

Replacing upper wall cabinets with simple open shelves can increase the feeling of openness in your kitchen. It will also help to paint the shelves white or at least the same color as the color of the walls.

Don’t forget about the character


Each space is a story in itself, as we often like to emphasize, but we don’t say that without a reason. You can have the most beautiful apartment in the world, but if you don’t feel good there, it’s simply not home.

Make the space your own and give it a dose of your character – then even the smallest apartment in the world will not seem too small.

All these tips and tricks will help you make the most out of the space you have, however, if you’re up to some additional investments when it comes to this, here are two additional tips.

The Attic

Have you thought about turning an unused attic into an additional living space? Many people use their attic space as an additional bedroom, and even fewer choose to create a comfortable living room in this part of the home. Don’t be put off by the thought of sloping ceilings: if you can add lots of skylights and light, you could have an amazing space with a beautiful view.

The space under the stairs

The space under your stairs could become a space unto itself – it just takes a little careful planning and creativity. In this small and strange part of the home, a room could easily be made to store luggage, toys, and seasonal clothes, but also a comfortable corner for reading. Likewise, the space under the stairs could be an ideal solution for creating a small workspace, which is a particularly fun idea for all those who work from home.