Best Approaches towards Writing an Argumentative Essay in 2024

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Identification of some of the best approaches that you can employ in argumentative essay writing and the guidelines to follow for each.

A good argument can be likened to a simple number game where there is a clear winner. An argumentative essay teaches scholars how to present their ideas and thoughts confidently and clearly while at the same time supporting their views with factual information from credible research materials. The general outline for an argumentative essay entails a robust introductory paragraph containing a clear thesis, the body paragraphs supporting the hypothesis, and finally a compelling conclusion.

As a writer, when writing an argumentative essay, you can either choose to pay attention to the advantages or the disadvantages on the topic of discussion. It is essential for scholars to be familiar with the different approaches used in writing argumentative essays, not for the sake of exams, but for life outside school. Argumentative essays teach individuals to state their ideas and after that use credible sources to support their statements.

There are times when scholars are stricken with the need to make a stand and after that use factual information to provide support on their beliefs. Although it is easy to make a declaration on what you believe, it is, however, difficult to develop a justification for your expectations. In case you are stuck doing academic assignments, you may seek argumentative essay help from enterprises offering writing services such as The sole purpose of argumentative essays is to provide facts, which will support your stance, position, or point of view.

There are three types of approaches that are used in writing argumentative essays which include; Toulmin approach, Classical approach, and Rogerian approach. This article will provide the best method for writing an argumentative essay.

Rogerian approach

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Anytime there is an argument, we always think about who will be the winner and the loser. There are some academic arguments, which at times can sound so forceful. In such kinds of evidence, one of the parties involved is wrong while the other one is right.
Unfortunately, the kind of arguments where there are a winner and loser does not exist in all situations.

You may be required to write an essay where you are in a dilemma on which side you will make your stand. In such a case, the Rogerian approach can assist you in identifying a middle ground since the method sympathizes with both the positive and negative aspects of the argument. While using this approach, the writer is required to be as neutral as possible as well as provide credit for the views of the individuals whom they disagree with.

The central concept utilized in this approach is to show that the writer can present both sides of an argument without any form of bias. Apparently, there are no specific formats, which the writer is required to follow. The principal purpose of this type of approach is to appease a tension generating argument. It is basically a negotiating strategy in which common goals are identified, and views that are not necessarily supportive are described in the most objective mannerism in a bid to establish common ground and come to an understanding.

When taking this approach, you need to understand the opposing argument, find common ground, embrace your position, reasonable state arguments for your position, make an outline of the opposing arguments, get in terms with the common grounds, and write a conclusion of your essay with a clear and concise summary giving a statement of your position as well as the standard fields.

Classical Approach

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The classical approach is used by most students, and it requires students to include a thesis statement in the introduction. The conventional approach is easy to write, and it is used by most essay writing companies. According to, this type of approach comprises at least five parts, which include the introduction, narration, confirmation, denial, and finally, the conclusion. There are logical arrangements for the different parts of the essay using the approach. In the introduction, the writer first warms up the readers and thereafter establishes a rapport. In the narration section, there is a provision of a summary of background information, which is relevant to the topic of discussion.

There is the provision of a supportive claim in relation to the topic in narration, and finally, there is the conclusion where the main points are summarized. In essence, the classical approach can be regarded as not only the most basic approach but also the best approach to write argumentative essays since it comprises essential elements of a persuasive essay.

Toulmin Approach

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This type of approach is used in writing polemical arguments. The aim of this strategy is eliminating superfluous arguments while at the same time find common ground within the argument. Content written using the Toulmin Approach should unfold both the limitations and strengths of the argument. Notably, a writer should not use words to make an argument look stronger than it actually is.

When using this approach, the aim is not to win or to lose but to come close to the truth as much as possible and in a realistic way. It would be best if you were not afraid to mention the other side of an argument. You should instead try as much as possible to try and find out what the opposing side is saying about the topic in discussion. Mentioning the other side of the argument is important because readers are not usually swayed by weak arguments.

In addition, including counterclaim will not only allow you to create a common ground with most of your readers but also make you appear knowledgeable since your content will not be biased. If it is your first time to come across this approach, it is best that you first go through the samples written in this format for you to get a clear understanding of how it is written.

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An argumentative essay looks into an idea and thereafter presents both sides of the idea hence leaving the reader with the chance to decide the side that interests them the most. With the presence of different writing approaches, it should not be so difficult for an individual to come up with a good argumentative essay. However, it is important to note that different writing approaches also have varying requirements.

As a result, it is important to settle on a writing approach that suits the content being written. When writing an argumentative essay, the most important thing for an individual is doing your research and thereafter choosing the best approach depending on the selected topic. The three common approaches used in writing argumentative essays include; Rogerian approach, Classical approach, and Toulmin approach.