5 Tips for Developing a Successful Bet Sizing Strategy in Online Poker

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There are so many strategies for betting, and if you start following all of them, you may lose your mind and get very confused. So, we can say that the real art of gambling is knowing which strategies to choose, and how to use them properly when it comes to betting sizing.

While at this point, we have to ask the most obvious question: Is there the best strategy the players can use to optimize their bet sizing when playing poker or any other casino game?

As these activities are getting more and more popular in the world, especially their online versions, you need to know how to balance your gaming skills and strategies, so you can maintain a good winning row, and never let yourself lose a lot of money. The most-known secret? The art of the right bet sizing, and a little more skills and knowledge, so you can maintain a good result and have control over the bankroll.

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Less-experienced players think that they will have to bet on bigger sizes, but that leads to a huge loss and amounts they can’t afford. So, let’s see how to do that.

1. Learn what is preflop bet sizing

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This is the initial bet you place when you play Texas Hold’em Poker on services like kingjohnnie, and the first one after the two cards are dealt. All the players should place some amount of money, and when they get the cards, they decide if they would fold or go further. But, do you have to raise? How much do you have to raise? If you have two good cards it doesn’t mean the others will be good too. If you get two 10s or two aces, then you don’t need to double or raise the preflop x4. Don’t be too obvious, but don’t forget to raise if you still have good cards in your hands. Your bets must make sense, no matter how strong or weak are the opponents. You should make sure they will follow you because all of them fold, there wouldn’t be anything left for you.

2. How much money?

You need to ask yourself about the frequency of the betting actions you will take in the particular situation. The more frequently you are betting, the smaller the size should be. Remember, you still need to have control over the amount of money you have in the bankroll. Sometimes, if the other players go a lot over the pot, and you think that’s not going in your favor, you can always fold, so you won’t lose the money. Avoid bluffing because sometimes it’s good, but in most cases, it brings only trouble. Filling up the pot will also require higher bets in the future, and the risk is huge – you must be ready to lose money. Also, if you see that the board texture is not dynamic and it’s too dry, it doesn’t mean the opponents don’t have good cards in their hands. Poker is a game of risk, and you have to be ready to take it, no matter what’s bet size you are planning to put in the pot.

3. When to use the different sizes

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Overbetting is when you go over the full pot, and try to make the others follow you, so the pot can be bigger. People do this when they bluff or when they are sure they have a good hand. But, keep in mind that professional players don’t do that because only inexperienced ones are ready to lose that much money at once.

On the other hand, experienced players will only go full pot when they have premium cards in their hands. If they have something that may or may not be good at the end, then 3/4 pot is a good bet sizing, which can be a little bluff and a big expectation. It shows the other players that you may not have the best combination right now, but that it’s pretty potent and can easily turn into a great reward with the next card. One half of the pot is when you are trying to give mixed signals to the other players, to confuse them. It’s the same about 1/3 of the pot. The smaller the bet gets, it shows that there can be good, but still weak cards in the hand.

4. Considering the small sizes as the best option

It lets you have control over the bankroll, but still increasing the pot, so you can get a good reward at the end. Also, smaller portions lead to more bets, and immediate decisions are not always the best ones. Another important thing is keeping the range balanced all the time. When you win a big reward, you can rise, but losing a lot of them can lead to falling out of your league. Make sure you always take care about the money balance and bet sizes, so you can be sure you will keep the professional level on the table, without bluffing or doing bizarre movements.

5. Not falling for pre-made strategies

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They can be good as benchmarks, but we suggest not to use them as an instruction guide when deciding how to play and how much money to invest. Poker is a great option to learn how to use your skills and knowledge and combine them with strategies, that won’t result in huge monetary losses. So, make sure you don’t follow the popular strategies blindly – only take some useful tips from them.


Being a good online poker player depends on your skills, but also your smart decisions. Experienced players always have control over their actions, and know what they do every moment. Also, choosing a good service is a must, so you can be sure everything you do is in your favor, and of course, that you will meet players in your range. After that, it’s all up to luck.