Crypto and Bitcoin Trading: Are Women Traders Better Than Men


For over a decade now the world has been fascinated with cryptocurrency, the blockchain that makes it all happen, and the general industry that surrounds it all. It is not often that something changes the world so much and continues changing it, reshaping it even.

Cryptos, most notably Bitcoin as their leader, the first, and the most lucrative of all are here to stay and that much has been clear for years. Numerous people who have not shown much support or care for it have joined in on the fun and become traders. It is a very prosperous career if you do it right and if you know what needs to be done. People from all walks of life have tried it. Many have failed and given up, but those who persevered and worked the hardest became successful.


More importantly, those who realized the potential of cryptos early are still in it, paving the way forward for the next generation and making things easier than how they were for them. The reality of the situation is that it is much easier to do it now than ever before. Still, people are wondering whether it is easier for some than others and what makes certain traders better.

In this article, we tackle the question of who does it better in the age-old battle of men and women. It has been debated numerous times who is better at what and it is never an easy debate. We will try to do our best right here and now and determine if women are better at crypto and Bitcoin trading than men. Read on to find out more and be sure to check out for more.

It Is Not a Gender-Specific Sector

First and foremost, it should be noted that mining cryptocurrency and trading it is not really an industry or sector where either gender can be better or worse. Actually, things are quite similar to certain other sectors like finance in general for example, law, or education.

Perhaps politics even. Anyone who thinks they can do it probably can, but only with enough sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. Just like in most other professions where these things pay off, trading cryptos is both for men and women.


There are More Men

One reason why it may seem that it is not a career or even a hobby oriented toward women could be the fact that there are simply more men in the industry right now. The number of women joining in and being successful is increasing rapidly, but the men will always be in greater numbers. The reason for this lies in the tech and finance industries well before crypto became a thing.

Tech companies and startups that are tightly connected to blockchain and cryptos were dominated by men in the 2000s and before that. Most companies were run by men, most CEOs were men, and it was a career path that more men joined and wished to be a part of. While at a lower degree, the same was true for finance jobs like bank positions, investing, funds, and stocks.

All in all, it can be said that the culture of these sectors used to be predominantly male with very few women per office and company. The same happened when Bitcoin showed up and introduced the world to cryptocurrencies.

Women Approach it Differently

When crypto first appeared, again started by men, those close to it and in some way drawn to it were already somehow involved in tech and finance. Women started joining later, at least those who were not a part of it. As it seems, there will always be more men than women but that does not mean that all men are better than all women at trading.

It is quite the opposite actually as women have proven they bring a lot to the table and have different philosophies and tactics for trading. Women are more calculated, they show a greater degree of self-control and planning. These things are crucial in something as volatile and uncertain as crypto trading. On average, more female traders are successful than males and it does not matter that there are fewer of them around.


Influential Women in Crypto

Dealing with a topic like this, it is important to mention some of the most successful and influential women in the crypto business. They did important things and are now spreading awareness and increasing the number of women in this sector.

Elizabeth Stark is a blockchain entrepreneur and educator, as well as an advocate for an open internet. She is both the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs which is a network client that aims to speed up and increase the scale of the entire Bitcoin network. With her team, she wants to make the blockchain even easier to use than it already is.

The CEO and CIO of ARK Invest are Kathie Wood. Her company focuses on innovations and investment solutions for investors who are looking to grow. She is a huge advocate of Bitcoin and blockchain and any and every innovation that is based on them.

One of the Bitcoin OG and a rare woman who has been there since the start is Lyn Alden. She is the founder of Lun Alden Investment Strategy and has been actively involved in providing investment research for more than 15 years. She is active both in the public and private sectors and her insight is respected and taken into account by everyone who cares about crypto.

Cailin Long is the chairman, or rather a chairwoman of WyoHackathon which is one of the most popular blockchain events that brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto companies. Meltem Demirors is the CSO of CoinShares, a New York and London firm that deals with financial services, alternative assets, and digital currencies. Galia Benartzi, Kathleen Breitman, Jinglan Wang, Arianna Simpson… there are dozens upon dozens of successful, influential, and knowledgeable women in Bitcoin, many of whom started as traders and rose the ranks. While it may be early to say it, the future of crypto and Bitcoin trading could be female, or at least less male than it is now.