Pat Robertson One of The 10 Richest Preachers – Net Worth 2024


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Pat Robertson is a leader. A good leader is a pillar and a base of the successful work of every organization. That person should possess certain abilities; have innovative ideas and influence on other people with positive motivation.

Leadership is complex and therefore requires a personality that possesses a number of various skills. I like to say that leadership is art with a very complex guide and that it influences the behavior and work of others. This is why it is so hard to be or find a good leader.

This brings us back to Pat Robertson. He is one of the 10 richest preachers in America and he primarily advocates for conservative Christian ideals. But, who is Pat Robertson really? He said one of his main hobbies is starting companies, and the fact that he is an expert when it comes to financial transactions is a big help.


This shouldn’t be so surprising since he has a degree in law from Yale University and he specialized in tax and corporate law. A bigger surprise is a fact that a lawyer became one of the most known a preacher in America, and you are probably wondering how?

When it comes to religion the biggest influence he had was his mother, who was very religious. During his schooling, his mother constantly sent him letters, and most of them were preachy letters, reminding him that God has a bigger plan for him.

To bring him closer to the religion she even introduced him to another traveling evangelist named Cornelius Vanderbreggen, whose religious beliefs influenced Pat Robertson’s transfiguration and his spiritual path.

Besides his role as one of the top-rated religious leaders, Pat Robertson is also known as a competent businessman, educator, and writer. It can freely be said that he was a visionary because he was one of the first people who realized what kind of power media can provide and how that power can be used.

Back in 1960, he founded the first religion television and production Network Company known as CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) which earned a lot of money. The CBN was listed 25th on the Forbes list, with $ 580 million of net worth in 2018. And his personal net worth is estimated at $ 100 million.

Pat Robertson had a completely new approach when it comes to fundraising too. The term fundraising has different meanings, but most often it means collecting donations from different donors. It can be said that Pat Robertson was a pioneer, in finding out a new way of doing this.


He was the founder of the so-called “Electronic Church”. This means he used the media in the form of a television show, as the main source for fundraising. His goal was based on 700 members, who would willingly donate just $10 per month so that his talk show could be sustainable. Nowadays, this station is worth $42.4 million annually and has far more than just 700 members, but the name of this station remains.

When it comes to business, he certainly needed to analyze the audience for which the show was originally intended for, as well as a way of attracting more viewers, especially when it comes to non-religious audience. In order to attract and maintain the attention of viewers, this show which lasts for 90 minutes has very diverse content, including live guests and featuring news that is mostly oriented around the Christian lifestyle.

As a Christian preacher, he predicted that the world would end in 1982. Lucky for us, he was wrong and he even got a Nobel Prize in the field of Mathematics in 2011. He was awarded for his contribution to mathematical assumptions and calculations, teaching people to be extra careful especially when mathematics is linked to any kind of predictions.


Pat Robertson is known as humanitarian since he is the founder of the nonprofit organization known as “Operation Blessing “. This organization was primarily set up so that the members of the audience group 700 club could help people who needed help by donating food, medications or money.

So far this organization helped more than190 million people all over the world, distributing more than $ 1.2 billion overall. He opened the Flying hospital that currently has a team of 140 members, which includes 28 doctors and 7 dentists. This jet “hospital” contains a surgical area with three operating stations, two dental stations, a minor surgery station, a pre- and post-op recovery area for 12 patients, x-ray and laboratory equipment and a seating section for 67 people.

We could freely say that prompt action is essential when it comes to leadership. Decisive action at the right moment leads to results. Even when there are risks, the actions that are planned must be implemented. A leader does his job in accordance with what he is saying because in this way he builds his credibility.


Pat Robertson is also a founder of a private Christian university in Virginia known as Regent University, previously named Christian Broadcasting Network University. Nowadays, more than 11000 students are studying at this University. The name of the University was designed to reference to a leader or regent, with the aim of high qualified leadership.

Pat Robertson reaches out to millions of people with his television show and his writings. His books are written so that everyone can understand them easily and they help people with finances and investing. His deep knowledge of finance, based on sound economic – and Biblical – principles, has made him a “go-to” resource for millions of CBN viewers.

Through his talk show, you can hear and learn many things, not only about Christianity but also practical things like how to create a budget, how to improve your credit score, maximize your tax savings or plan for the future by funding your retirement. Knowing how big his net worth is, means he knows what he is doing and that his advice may help you grow your personal net worth.