The Art Of Coffee: Factors To Consider When Choosing Beans For Your Cafe


A coffee bean, a rich source of caffeine and antioxidants, is one of the core elements that go into making a great cup of coffee. If you are sipping a cup of coffee that has a rich taste and great aroma, the coffee bean must have been perfect. If you are planning to start your own cafe anytime soon, the right choice of beans is vital.

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Perfecting The Art Of Selecting The Right Coffee Beans

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Whether you wish to own a cafe or not, the nitty gritty of the beans is intriguing for all. So in this article, you will get a list of does and don’ts when it comes to your favorite beverage.

There Is No One Size Fits All Approach When It Comes To Coffee

There is no formula that decides which strain or variety is better than the other. So you must buy a strain which you like. Also, using values like the price as a measure of fine taste, aroma, or quality is misleading.

Sometimes you will be disappointed even with the most expensive variety, yet you may like the less expensive ones. Hence, if you are buying beans for your cafe, pay attention to what your customer’s preferences are, and what you wish to serve to them. It is also important to remember that the bean or its taste is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to the final flavor. The way the bean is roasted or processed has a huge role to play in determining the ultimate taste and aroma.

The Specific Variety

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Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica are the names of some common varieties that you may have heard of. Each one of them has a distinctive intrinsic taste. So depending on your taste, you must choose a variety that gives a nutty, bitter, or sweet flavor.

There are five main criteria to look for when purchasing coffee beans

The Flavor And Aroma

The first and foremost is the flavor. Arabica has a softer tone and often gives out a fruit-like or berry-like smell. The sweet smell of the variety is most likely due to the high sugar content, which is twice as high as the Robusta strain.

The flavors are smooth, and some people associate the taste with chocolates. Conversely, Robusta is more bitter, so many people think it tastes similar to dark chocolate or even whisky.

Liberica coffee has a herb-like and unique flavor. Most people define it as smokey or something akin to whiskey. However, with this variety, there are ardent lovers wholiberica

absolutely love the taste. And on the other end of the spectrum are those who absolutely detest the flavors of Liberica. Liberica has a more intense flavor and aroma as compared to Robusta, and it also leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth

When it comes to Excelsa, some people define the taste as fruity, yet others think it produces a berry-like smell with popcorn-like flavors.

The Shape Of The Bean

If you are to visually describe a bean, the shape is the first thing that you will notice. Arabica has a slightly longer and elliptical shape. In comparison, Robusta has a more rounded appearance.

Liberica beans have an almond-like appearance. And Excelsa is more rounded and smaller in size in comparison to Liberica.

The Acidity

One of the major points of differences between the Arabica and Robusta varieties is the acidity. Arabica has a predominant sour taste due to its high acid content, while Robusta has a fairly neutral taste. The acidity of Liberica is moderate, whereas in the case of Excelsa, the acidity levels are quite high.

The Caffeine Content

Caffeine is the alkaloid stimulant that is present in coffee. It is this chemical compound that makes you more active and energetic after having a shot of coffee. The caffeine content is another major point of difference between the Arabica and the Robusta variety.

Robusta has a caffeine content as high as 2.2%, whereas it is around 1.2% in the Arabica variety. As far as the liberica variety is concerned, the caffeine content is quite low. And for Excelsa, the caffeine content is less than that found in Arabica varieties.

Going For Lighter Versus Darker Roasts

As the name suggests, roasting uses heat to turn the green and tender coffee beans into a dark brown color. The chemical and physical properties undergo a tremendous change during roasting. And hence the final aroma and the flavor are largely shaped by the type of roasting that is used.

Usually, lighter roasts have more distinct or noticeable flavors. If you are buying beans for your cafe, you must be consistent in the taste that you brew. So it is better to use washed beans than naturally processed ones because the former taste more consistent.

Keep An Eye On The Roasting Date Of The Beans


For the best taste, keeping an eye on the date of roasting is vital. It is advisable not to drink coffee that is very freshly roasted. Likewise, if it has been roasted a while back, it is better to avoid those beans. It is best if you drink the beverage four to five days after roasting.


Choosing the right variety and roast (high, low, or medium) of beans are the most important factors that decide the flavor and aroma of the coffee you brew. So before you start your cafe, learn about factors like acidity, aftertaste, flavors, aroma, and caffeine content.

Arabica and Robusta are the more dominant variety. In fact, sixty percent of the beans produced worldwide are of the Arabica variety. However, Liberica has a unique taste. And if you want to give customized flavors to your customers, you must also be well aware of the lesser-known varieties.