10 New Kinds of CBD Products You Have to Try

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As states begin to ease restrictions on the sale and consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) products, new niches have begun to spring up. This also comes as research on CBD has found that the substance can help ease anxiety, treat seizures, and help patients recover from addiction.

Going beyond its medicinal purposes, CBD can also be incorporated into other types of products. Apart from CBD-infused food and packaging material, companies are also looking for new ways to introduce new kinds of CBD products to consumers.

If you haven’t tried using CBD yet, you can get started with these exciting CBD products that are getting plenty of attention:

1. Sparkling Drinks

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If you want to spice up a cocktail night, try serving CBD-infused sparkling drinks. Sold as mixers, these drinks can be enjoyed on their own. They come in a variety of flavors, the most popular of which are lemon, lime, and orange. A great alternative to soda, CBD sparkling drinks have zero sugar and work well with other drinks, especially gin and Aquavit. Just make sure to look for legitimate recipes that use safe amounts of CBD.

2. Gummy Candy

As kids, we adored gummy candies that came in a wide variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. With CBD gummies, we get the added benefits that CBD brings. If you are looking to satiate your craving for something sweet and get a good night’s sleep, consider ordering CBD gummies from sellers like Joy Organics that specializes in creating CBD confectionery with zero percent THC content across two different flavors, strawberry lemonade, and green apple. To know more, try it first hand and buy cbd gummies using couponns from ShipTheDeal.com to save time and money.

3. Shaving Cream

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Believe it or not, you can order shaving cream that’s tinged with CBD. There are numerous brands offering products like these which are said to reduce burning, itching, and rashes that often result from using a razor. Mixed with other ingredients such as grapefruit and aloe vera, CBD shaving cream also features a moisturizing effect so you will always feel fresh after a nice shave. If you want to swap your store-bought shaving cream with something more organic, opt for one that has at least 200 mg of CBD.

4. Tea

Are you transitioning from coffee to tea as your morning pick-me-up? You can start with CBD-infused tea, which also has relaxation-inducing and detoxifying properties as regular tea. The only difference is that CBD adds extra relief from anxiety and stress. Although it’s not marketed as medication or a food supplement under FDA rules, CBD can help ease the symptoms of people who experience frequent panic attacks and insomnia. The best part is that you can enjoy this beverage together with your favorite tea infusions, including chamomile, mint, and ginger.

5. Coffee

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Aside from tea, you can also add CBD to a hot cup of joe on a Monday morning. Drinking CBD coffee is a relaxing way to start the day. With its stress-relieving properties, it can help you manage the challenges that lie ahead. While caffeine gives you the alertness you need to get a great deal of work done, CBD helps prevent the onset of anxiety that often comes during a coffee high. By swapping a cup of coffee with CBD instant coffee, you can become more productive without the side effects that come with regular coffee.

6. Cosmetics and Beauty Products

The beauty industry is looking into developing products that use CBD for improving skin health. Currently, there are a number of brands selling lotions, balms, and moisturizers that are safe to use on different skin types. CBD is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective way to prevent eczema and psoriasis.

On top of that, CBD is also used in cosmetic products such as lipsticks, concealers, and facial creams. Certain brands such as Flower Beauty have already released color correctors with hemp-derived CBD. Along with vitamin E, CBD can help nourish the skin, eliminate uneven skin tones, and achieve a more radiant glow without the need for surgery.

7. Energy Drinks

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Hemp energy drinks are gaining popularity among sports aficionados. That’s because CBD can help relieve chronic pain and promote faster recovery after a long hard day at the gym. It also reduces muscle swelling and soreness. In addition to CBD, hemp drinks may also contain ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba, all of which can improve your mood and help you stay focused on your fitness goals.

8. Clothing

It may seem unusual, but making CBD clothing is possible through an intricate process of embedding polymer-coated CBD droplets into the fabric. Acabada Activewear has done this to its new line of workout clothes. With friction, the droplets in the fabric are released into and absorbed by the skin.

9. Deodorant

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CBD antiperspirants are also gaining traction to regular consumers as well as athletes. These products are designed to provide a smoother underarm surface. They work great even on sensitive skin. If you have problems with itching and irritation after shaving, consider using a CBD deodorant mixed with essential oils, coconut water, and other organic ingredients.

10. Toothpaste and oral care products

Recently, Colgate-Palmolive has been working on three CBD formulas that can be used on oral care products. Citing CBD’s effectiveness in preventing inflammation, the company has already acquired patents for these formulas in the hope of developing a new line of toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gum with better antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The CBD from these products will be derived from hemp seed oil or Cannabis Sativa oil and should contain less than 0.3% THC content. The company has yet to introduce CBD-infused products, but independent manufacturers like Magic Mint have made the first step in making CBD toothpaste available. Then again, Colgate-Palmolive’s recent venture into CBD will make these types of products available to a wider audience.

Are you looking to experience CBD the first time? There are a lot more ways you can tap into the benefits of this substance. Just be sure to do your research first and get proper medical advice before trying any of these.