What Makes Vietnamese Coffee Taste so Different – 2024 Guide

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If you’re like me, you most likely start your day by drinking a warm cup of black coffee. However, as time passes, you might have started feeling a little bit bored by the usual filter beverage that you consume, which is why you’ve started looking for some other types to try. If so, you might have come across the increasingly popular Vietnamese coffee.

But, you might now be wondering – what makes this type so different than the usual one I consume? Luckily for all caffeine-lovers, the article below will provide you with the answer you’re searching for. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what makes this particular type different from everything else that you’ve tried so far.

1. The Type of Beans

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The very first thing that you should know about it is that the beans are different. How? Well, most java all over the world is Arabica and there are also Robusta beans that are blended for a wide range of reasons, including the fact that it can influence the price and flavor of the beverage.

On the other hand, Vietnam is the second-biggest producer of coffee, but you should know that the beans produced in this nation are actually Robusta. Now, generally speaking, it does have a lower quality when compared with some other options, but, the beans are mixed with Arabica, which is exactly what gives it its wonderful taste. If you’re interested to learn more about coffee beans and anything coffee-related, you can find a lot of sources online that teaches you how. You can also check out this page for a selection of the best coffee grinders by The Brew Therapy.

2. The Roast is Quite Dark

You should know, java coming from this nation is, in most cases, roasted extremely dark, which basically means that French roast is usual for this type. Since this blend features Robusta beans, roasters most commonly add different things to balance the mixture. What sorts of things? Well, they add cacao, sugar, and butter during the roasting that’ll balance the mixture.

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Although this nation is famous for Arabica, Robusta is also commonly consumed, and people really seem to enjoy the additions to their beverages. Now, you should know, the history of Vietnamese coffee is vast, and if you want to learn more about it, check out https://exploreonevietnam.com/vietnamese-coffee/ for additional info.

3. The Grind is Different

The filters used for brewing this type of beverage are different from the ones you might use at home, and they’ll feature large holes at the bottom. Now, no one really likes feeling grounds in their drink, which is why the grind for this particular type needs to be larger than what you’re used to.

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If the beans are ground larger, they won’t be able to get through the holes of the filter, which means that you’ll have to wait for a little bit longer for it to be prepared, however, trust me, you’ll definitely not regret it since it’ll have a wonderful, refreshing, and strong flavor.

4. The Tools Used For Brewing Are Made From Metal

Vietnamese java is almost always prepared in a traditional way, which is why locals don’t use paper filters. Instead, they use ones manufactured from metal. This is something that doesn’t look like a big difference, however, it is. The filter is called a Phin and it’s a single piece of stainless steel or aluminum. Why is it different?

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Well, a paper filter will, in almost all cases, leave some traces of taste in your beverage, but, one made from metal won’t. Hence, by utilizing a metal filter for brewing this particular type, you’ll get a richer and more powerful flavor, and more importantly, it’ll ensure that the beverage is strong.

5. The Preparation Time is Longer

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As we mentioned earlier in the article, the grind size is different, which means that the time you’ll need for brewing this java type is different too! It’ll take longer for the water to go through a Phin, hence, if you want to enjoy a cup of it in the morning, you should put it on for at least 4 to 7 minutes before drinking it.

Keep in mind, it’ll run less water, hence, it’ll be more concentrated in the end, but you’ll end up with a drink that’ll resemble a double espresso instead of the huge mug you usually drink in the morning. Additionally, the preparation time will ensure that it isn’t weak.

6. There Are Various Flavors

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Of course, every single cup of coffee that you’ve ever had felt different, however, you should know that it does have a specific flavor when compared with some other options on the market. This difference is mostly due to the mixture between the two types of beans.

It’ll also have a fresher taste with a little bit of acidity because of the French roast, meaning that it won’t be too bright either. The bolder taste is one of the reasons why a lot of people love mixing it with milk and ice cubes. Keep in mind, it won’t fill up a large mug, but the strength will make it up.

7. It’s Served Differently

By now, you’ve realized that the brewing method is completely different, which means that the way it’s served is different as well. If you ever visit this beautiful nation, you’ll see that coffee is served in a glass instead of ceramics, hence, you’re drinking experience will be different as well.

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Lastly, it’s served with ice and if you prefer it, warm milk could be added to it, which is quite different from what you might be used to – serving your beverage hot with a lot of milk. Of course, there are different things that could be added, but this will depend on the individual’s preferences.


You probably never tried Vietnamese coffee before, however, if you ever have the opportunity, try it, you won’t regret it. After all, it’ll have a richer taste because of the brewing method, and there are various things that you could add to it, all of which will make the drink taste different.

So, now that you’ve learned how coffee from this nation is different from the one you’re used to consuming at home, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, open up your browser, and start searching for a company that could provide you with Vietnamese coffee, and don’t forget, you’ll need a Phin!