5 Back-to-School Promo Campaign Items

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Back-to-school time is always stressful – especially if you’re seeking a higher education degree. If you want to cultivate an intelligent, successful community to do business, you need to provide support to every student seeking higher education at the campuses around you. These efforts will pay off big time and will show the community that you care about its future.

Back-to-school time is one of the most crucial periods of the year for marketing initiatives, so fasten your backpack. Parents look for back to school deals and extra resources as schools get ready to reopen to children.

They not only emphasize a variety of items but also draw attention to the enormous number of available color variations. Therefore, they have the bag for you whether you want to stand out with yellow or choose a more neutral alternative.

What should come first? Make sure your products are top-notch. You can’t have successful back-to-school promotions if you’re pushing the wrong goods. To assist you in this journey, here are five back-to-school promo campaign items you should consider giving out!

1. Pens

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When you’re a student, you work hard to take notes that can help you ace your next project or test. Doing so on a computer is sometimes the norm, but many professors still ban computers in their classrooms.

For this reason, having a quality pen and notepad to take down notes (and contact info from fellow students), is highly recommended. This tactile way of note-taking is also great for making information stick firmly within your mind. Just make sure you go with a pen and notepad combo that will look hip enough, and be small enough that student customers will actually want to use them.

Doing so will ensure you’re preparing them for their monumental educational journeys and will make your company’s memory a highly positive thing within their quickly developing minds as well.

2. Drawstring Backpacks

A quality drawstring backpack can make from 4AllPromos a world of difference to a college student who is constantly moving between classes. You’re gifting the students the blessing of organization and comfort when you give them a free branded drawstring backpack, after all.

The more attractive and stylish you make the backpack look, the more likely students will use them every day that they’re on campus. With this increased use, the amount of public visibility you’ll gain for your brand will increase significantly.

Putting your all into these types of campaigns will vastly increase your chances of finding success, and will ensure that those seeking higher education in your community are properly supported.

3. Folders

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There are fantastic folder types you can use for practically any type of customer you’re trying to advertise to. To keep students happy, go with folders that have extra features, or even upgrade your promotional gift efforts to full-on three-ring binders instead.

These items can be bought in bulk for a budget-friendly price point and will help show the community that you care about local education. Whether you’re buying promo items for high school students, college students, or someone else, you’ll need to carefully consider what features and styles will appeal to your customers the most.

Getting a wide variety of colors and sizes is recommended as well, as it will ensure you maintain a solid level of flexibility as you carry out your campaign. Just make sure to avoid barebones folders, as this could have the opposite effect than the one that you’re intending. And never forget the benefits of quality video production marketing as well.

4. Face Masks

While the majority of the pandemic has seemingly faded, Covid-19 and other diseases are still rampant in crowded communities (especially on college campuses). For this reason, many students still rely on masks to keep them safe and secure (and to protect the health of their fellow students).

By branding face masks with your company’s logo, and giving them out in mass (both to loyal customers and the student population as a whole), you can make the public awareness of your company skyrocket. The positive press you’ll get for giving out masks for free will be incredibly beneficial as well, so be sure to consider this unique promotional gift campaign idea.

If you’re giving out branded face masks on campus, you’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure you’re following the safety guidelines the school requires of your company.

5. Coffee Mugs

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Coffee mugs are ideal for students that are preparing for late-night study sessions and last-minute project completion efforts. If you can help students stay caffeinated, they will remember your support for the rest of their lives.

By pairing the branded coffee mugs you send out with high-quality coffee samples, you will become even more well-known amongst the student body that you’re marketing to. Taking that extra step in terms of quality will always pay off, after all, so never shortchange your promotional marketing efforts in any of your future campaigns.

Keep Your Community’s Education Standards High

Get the kids engaged in what you’re doing for the season since back to school is all about the kids. If you’re genuine about including the kids, why not ask for their assistance in carrying out your advertisements? This might be as easy as you asking youngsters and adolescents what they want to acquire for the upcoming school year.

Target took that action, and the outcomes were fantastic. The store chose to let youngsters run the whole marketing for their back to school push in 2016. From developing and directing Target’s advertisement to make the props and acting in the video, kids and teenagers accomplished it all. The more effort you put into assisting the members of your community seeking higher education, the more successful your community will become. Prosperous communities understand the importance of higher education, and your promotional gift campaigns can make your fellow citizens incredibly intelligent.