What to Expect In a Spa in Bali

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Bali is a luxurious destination that is full of lavish spas. It became a very popular destination and its popularity is still in expansion. If you are dreaming about the perfect, relaxing holiday, this is the right choice for you. Polite staff, many excursions, and places worth to see, or even boat trips. Do not forget to afford yourself a unique experience of the world-wide popular Balinese massage. Balinese massage is a holistic treatment which involves full-body and deep tissue massage.

What can you expect in Bali?

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Bali offers fun for the whole family. Whether you like to walk along sandy beaches, or either to surf or dive, this is a real heaven. Beaches are amazing and the landscape is outstanding, not to mention the sea world. Many beautiful locations are waiting to be seen and explored by tourists.

When we talk about prices, the most expensive thing is a flight ticket. Once when you pay and reach the destination, the only thing you should do is enjoy it. Especially if you make a reservation in one of many beautiful resorts, you can forget about additional expenses, just relax and enjoy, make some unforgettable moments which will make you come again.

What is a Balinese Massage?

It is a treatment good for muscle relaxing, but also deep tissues and blood flow. The mixture of many methods like stretching, acupressure, aromatherapy, but also reflexology makes it more effective.

The Balinese massage combines various techniques some of which are skin rolling, kneading and stroking, and pressure-point stimulation. These techniques combine aromas from essential oils, leaving the body fully relaxed.

How Is A Balinese Massage Performed?

Aromatherapy is an important component of Balinese therapy. The aroma of the essential oils is therapeutic as it soothes your mind.

The massage oil reduces the friction of the massage strokes, making it a comfortable treatment. Even though the masseur uses strong moves, it is comfortable and not very painful.

Your therapist will completely relax your muscles by using gentle strokes and kneading. This action will relieve your tension and improve the blood circulation on muscles that are near the surface of your skin. The massage session lasts for about one hour.

By choosing Balinese massage, you will do a good thing for your body and soul, by recharging your energy. The essential oils will make you smell nice.

The Advantages Of Balinese Massage

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Take some time for yourself to enjoy and visit the ayana.com to enjoy a variety of benefits. Afford unforgettable moments, the moments that will make you come back. And you probably will. Once you taste the luxury at an attractive price, you will come back as soon as possible. Many things are worth seeing in Bali – old buildings standing and telling their history, beautiful sandy beaches and rocks that stretch along the ocean, diving into the extraordinary sea-world with diving instructors, or sailing on boats and cruisers. For those who like to party, the best parties are on the boat.

What is better than being with cool people, good music and drinks, surrounded only by the vast ocean and endless blue sky? For relaxation, an inevitable thing to do is to try Balinese massage. This unique experience will evoke your senses, by relieving your tense muscles and painful joints.

Aromatic oil is something that will help you feel more relaxed. The massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and stimulates circulation. Balinese massage is used by sportsmen after they got injured or before and after the important game.

To choose the most appropriate treatment, it is recommendable to inform the therapist if you have some injuries, health problems, or even in case of pregnancy.

Sub-division of Balinese Massage

The exotic Bali islands have many spa centers that offer full service and various kinds of massages that improve your body and mind condition.

Types of Balinese massage are:

Sasak massage is recommended to mitigate tiredness, while Lombok massage is the right choice only if you are accustomed to the strong pressure of the therapist. It is recommendable for improving blood flow. This technique combines several methods and techniques. The Balinese Boreh is created by a rice farmer. For the treatment, masseurs use ground spices. The Javanese Lulur Ritual is a traditional treatment intended for the brides-to-be. It is traditional to afford such treatment before the wedding.

At the end of the treatment, it is common to offer some fruits or sweets to the ancestor’s shrine (altar). Balinese massage reduces stress level and fully relaxes the entire body, but it is also good if you suffer from a sleep disorder, headache, depression, or in the case of female, cervical problems, allergy, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

What is the difference between Thai, Javanese, and Balinese massage?

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Thai massage helps in body stretching and muscle loss but also increases flexibility. During the therapy, the therapist uses every part of his or her body – hands, fists, elbows, knees, feet, and legs. Usually, it’s very painful, and if your pain tolerance scale is not high, it is better to choose Balinese. But if you decide to try it anyway, you will feel completely renewed and relieved.

Javanese massage is performed by using hot essential oils. In this treatment, the masseur uses his hands and knees as well. It is an old, ancient technique, and using oil helps in reducing friction. This massage is very pleasant and relaxing.

Balinese massage is performed slowly by using essential oils. An interesting thing about this kind of massage is that the masseur massages even your stomach. It is good for the reproductive system and colon health. It is highly recommendable for someone who had an emotive loss.

Price of the  Massage In Bali?

The cost of the massage in a spa in Bali depends on where and how you want it done. You can choose a free massage treatment that is done in the woods as you enjoy the serene environments of Bali Island. You can also go for an indoor massage, which is performed in the splendid spa lounge.

But one thing is sure, once you try Balinese massage, you will come back again.