6 Most Beautiful Places And Attractions In Ukraine To Visit In 2024

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There are amazing places in Ukraine that are definitely worth seeing. In every region there are unique locations created by nature or extraordinary architectural constructions. Castles, islands, open-air museums, monasteries and other most beautiful places of Ukraine are collected in our list. Check nccconline.org for more information.

1. Tunnel of Love in Klevan

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In the village Klevan of Rivne region there is an unusual sight, the Tunnel of Love. It is an unusual alley on both sides of which there are trees intertwined with each other from above. The place looks really fabulous, it is beautiful at any time of the year. People from all over Ukraine come here to admire the tunnel and take pictures.

Through the tunnel lies the railroad, which is still in operation. It connects Orzhevsky woodworking plant with the village Klevan. The freight train passes once or twice a day and breaks small branches of trees, which interfere with the traffic. In this way a beautiful arched shape of intertwined trees is obtained.

The Tunnel of Love is beautiful not only in the summer, but also in the fall!

However, this is not all the secrets of the tunnel. The trees along the railroad bed were planted in Soviet times to hide the secret military base from prying eyes. From the combine the streetcar can go both to Klevan and to the military facility. The tunnels are in close proximity to each other.


The Love Tunnel in Klevan is beautiful at any time of year. In the fall, go before the leaves fall, in the winter go with the first snow, and in the second half of May, the alley is all green!

Let’s move on to the most beautiful places!

2. Kamenets-Podolsky Fortress

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One of the few fortresses with a rich history, which certainly belongs to the list of “must visits”!

Some historians say that the fortification structure existed back in the times of Kievan Rus. Maybe there really was a construction here, but the stone fortress appeared much later, in the XIV century. It was erected by the order of the representatives of the Lithuanian Koryatowicz princely family.

The fortress was situated at the entrance to the city, so it was a strategic defensive point. During its existence the fortress survived several assaults and changes of government. In the XV century it was conquered by the Poles, who replaced the wooden walls with stone ones. In the XVII century the castle was seized by the Turks, then it was conquered by the Poles, but after the split of the Rzeczpospolita the building was passed to the Russian Empire.

The castle with towers and other important buildings is perfectly preserved. Every year, thousands of tourists from Europe (except for the pandemonium period) and Ukraine come to Kamyanets-Podilskyi to see the grand fortress with their own eyes.

What to do

In the potter’s workshop you can not only buy a ready-made product, but also make one yourself under the guidance of a master.

In addition to the main attraction in the city there is a mass of other interesting places, so you definitely do not get bored.

3. Dzharylgach Island

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Dzharylgach Island is located not far from Skadovsk and is often called the “Ukrainian Maldives. There are indeed similarities, but it only concerns the clean beach and azure water. You will not find any hotels, supermarkets or restaurants, so people come here not for the comfortable five-star hotel, but for the impressions.

You can start your acquaintance with the island with a one-day excursion.

What you can do on the island

  • Watch the dolphins (early in the morning, they swim closer to the shore)
  • Sunbathe, swim in crystal clear water
  • Meditate, take a break from civilization.
  • Observe wild animals, which live on the island (wild boars, raccoon dogs, etc).
  • catch crustaceans, shrimps, crabs
  • collect beautiful seashells
  • Find a lagoon with swans and a lake in the interior of the island.

The only man-made landmarks on the island are the lighthouses. One of them is still functioning, the other is just a delight to the eye, because it is said that it was designed by one of Eiffel’s students. Near the lighthouses you can get drinking water for free.

In summertime there are several tents and cafes selling local fish delicacies, sturgeon shashlik, fried fish, ukha, beer and snacks.


For a long stay on the island, buy food in advance in Skadovsk.

4. Oleshkovski sands

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Oleshkovski sands are located in Kherson region. This is the largest sand massif in Ukraine, which is more than 150 kilometers long. It is interesting that these beautiful places of Ukraine, about which few people know, have been closed for a long time. During the Soviet era, part of the territory was closed due to the placement of a military training ground for pilots on it. After independence, the exercises were stopped, and the area with the range (about 15 km in diameter) was demined.

In 2010 a natural national park “Oleshkovskie sands” was created. A few years later, travel companies began to organize tours to the desert.

Ukraine is a very diverse country in terms of landscape and the presence of natural areas. Presence of Kherson desert is a proof of that.

What to do in Oleshkivske sands

Here are a few ideas: take an unusual photo shoot, organize a picnic, hike on ecological trails, and ride an ATV

5. Aktovsky Canyon

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If you are looking for little-known places of Ukraine, which are not inferior in their beauty to the foreign nature wonders, you should visit Aktovsky Canyon. It is located in the Mykolayiv region, near the village of Aktovo. The deep river valley with rocks and granite blocks was formed here billions of years ago by the break of a large granite shield.

The canyon also has a second name – Devil’s Valley. There is really something mystical about it, as evidenced by the legends. One legend explains the origin of the name of the river Mertvod, flowing along the rocky shores of the canyon. They say that there used to be a Scythian settlement not far from this place. They sent their kings downstream to their final journey, and therefore the water in the river was considered dead.

At the bottom of the canyon by the river Mertvod

On the territory of the canyon grows about 30 species of different plants listed in the Red Book. You can also watch birds and reptiles here. If you plan a trip in a warm season, you can spend the night near the river in tents. The cliffs look completely different at dawn than they do during the day. If you stay overnight, you can see all the beauty of the nature of these places.

What about the lodging

In the village of Actovo you can stay in a campsite or in cottages. On the territory there is a cafe, showers and a barbecue area.

Excursions and weekend tours to Aktovo Canyon are available from late March to mid-November.

6. Bakota

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Tourist places in Ukraine without infrastructure and almost without hotels are in Bakota. This bay in the southern part of the Khmelnitsky region is located 55 km from the above mentioned Kamyanets-Podolsky.

The delight of staying in Bakota is secured by beautiful landscapes.

The place got its name from the homonymous village. Be sure to visit the rock monastery in Bakota. Such sights are quite rare in Ukraine. First, it dates back to the 11th century, and second, it is located in the mountain itself.

What to do in Bakota

  • Swim in the warm water
  • Rent a catamaran
  • Barbecue
  • go fishing
  • watch beautiful sunsets
  • go on excursion

Useful Information

There are no hotels in Bakota itself, take tents. Also stock up on groceries in advance. The nearest village store is 3 km from the lake. It is better to get there by off-road car. The road is far from perfect, but it makes up for it with the beautiful views and the tranquility around.